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Visually focus on your work, not the tool! With Walling

Are you a business owner with a tonne of ideas? Do you regularly brainstorm to come up with new ones? Forever acquiring ideas, which means you continuously build your own knowledge management bank? 

We have been urged to try this next app from within the Paperless Movement® Community. And we’re so glad we did! What’s more, we got to speak with the app’s founder, Ahmed Elmasry to discuss it deeper. If you haven’t guessed it, we’re talking about Walling streamlines the process of collecting and planning your content ideas, so all your ideas are visually organized and managed in one place. Not only is it more visually appealing, but it also helps you move from ideas to action faster!

We all likely have our own project management and task management app, so why another one? As you’ll discover Walling, is more than this, the app possesses a new way to manage your projects. Whether you are a Project manager, a developer, someone managing a team, or need a more creative system than the traditional linear apps, Walling may just be the ticket to get your creative business ideas flowing and in the right direction.

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What is Walling

Walling is a visual space to organize your ideas, plan projects, or collaborate with your team or clients. It also allows you to visualize your ideas in different ways; whether tables, Kanban view, lists, or a mood board. However you want, and all in one place. It’s by no means just a personal beautiful space. You can use your Wall to present your ideas to your client. You can also generate a public link for anyone to see as well. 

The Backstory

Ahmed started Walling with the mission to give teams and professionals a more flexible platform to manage their ideas and tasks. He found that current project management apps have pretty much the same format. They are solely focused on managing tasks within the same linear and rigid layout. For Ahmed, the best tool to write down his ideas and collect inspiration and files used to be Google Docs. But Ahmed needed a far better way, so he created Walling. A visual space that made it easier to collect his ideas as well as organize the ideas and tasks at hand. 

Leverage the data you collect

At first, Tom saw Walling as another knowledge management system but soon discovered it is far more. It’s a place to leverage the data you have collected. It also acts as a task manager and project manager too. Tom always advocates having a single source of truth. He can see how such a platform can allow you to accomplish this visually.

The other stand-out feature for Tom is the bottom-up approach. With Walling, you collect your ideas first and then create relevant tasks. Starting with the project or tasks can often be a harder approach, as we often are unsure of what we need to do. For many of us, our tasks evolve whilst we’re collecting our information. Having a visual map can be of great benefit to how we actually work. 

Walling vs other Project Management tools

Ahmed believes that when you look at other project management tools on the market, they haven’t really evolved. They look and function very similarly to each other. With a typical project management app, when it comes to organizing ideas or tasks. Ahmed says you are essentially organizing the title of the task or idea by clicking on the title to add a description, assigning it to someone, adding a due date, or posting comments. But with Walling, everything is plotted out right in front of you. Plus, with tools like Asana or, you still need a different tool if you want to organize ideas or inspiration, especially if you’re coming from a creative background.

Walling has a fresh approach to project management. It’s focused on managing and organizing ideas first and then tasks, rather than solely focused on managing tasks. 

Many of us have more than one idea, with Walling you can organize these numerous thoughts side by side. Your tasks are easily manageable too! Usually, our tasks evolve while we’re collecting information, so having a quick means to covert our ideas to tasks as well as being able to visually map them out is a massive benefit.

Who is for?

Many small teams use Walling to organize all their tasks and ideas without using a different project management app. However, if you are ready to try out Walling, Ahmed advocates sticking with your current tool. He understands the friction involved when a team has to switch to a completely new tool. So, regardless of your current PM tool, to experience Walling, Ahmed suggests using the app for a specific area of management and organizing your ideas to see its exciting potential.

Walling’s Unique features

  • Visualize your data in different ways. 
  • Advanced OCR technology makes your uploaded images searchable. Find them any time by just searching for a word.
  • Do a lot more with your Walls and Bricks outside of Walling. Look out for the release of Walling’s API this year.
  • Get all your ideas and tasks out of your head! It is easy to collect several ideas and organize them now or later.
  • Simply double click anywhere and start writing. It balances the freedom of a whiteboard and the organization of a typical project management tool.
  • Invite your team to your Walls to collaborate with you in real time. They can add their own ideas and leave comments. Share a public link to your wall to share with everyone!
  • Add due dates to your ideas and tasks to stay on top of the work you undertake. Assign bricks and track their progress.

Walling and Trello

As we can see, Walling has been built to be a step up from the typical project management apps. To get a real-life understanding, imagine using Trello to manage your tasks. In Trello, you are limited to organizing and managing tasks generally within one board. With Walling, you have different sections for different ideas. These sections can be visually organized side by side and you can add more sections. For instance, you could have one section for ideas, another separate section entirely for more ideas, and another section for tasks. Plus maybe more sections for files and resources. With, options suddenly feel limitless!

In a Nutshell

Walling’s key feature is its visually pleasing approach to managing your information.

With your ideas, notes, tasks, and all components of your work visually organized side by side, Walling empowers you to step back and see how everything fits together. It allows creatives the chance to be more productive and achieve more with their ideas!

Its frictionless approach to converting and constructing tasks makes it incredibly practical. In this aspect, it can easily supersede current project managers like Asana.

When our process is seamless, it’s easier to use, hence we’re more inclined to use it. Keeping it simple is fundamental when it comes to improving productivity. With Walling, it is a great way to get all the ideas out of your head so you can focus on one thing.

Hello to structured ideas and being more productive!

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