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Take Better Professional Notes with Notud

This week we take a look at what’s going on Downunder! Tom sat down with CEO and founder of Notud, Bruce Cohen. Notud is a purpose-built cloud-integrated, digital handwriting note-taking software. Designed especially for professionals, based in the South of Australia, right next to Melbourne.

Handwriting note-taking apps are a common conversation in the Paperless Movement® community. The majority of us use them to stay on top of our digital productivity. Especially, because we still value the impact and benefits of writing our notes by hand. So much so, that many of us use workarounds. Just to ensure that our beloved handwriting note-taking apps function the way we’ve set them up, outside the app itself. Whether it is Notability, GoodNotes, or even Apple Notes, our information is usually stuck inside the tool. We cannot seamlessly connect them to our Single Source of Truth, or final destination – the place where we actually want to collect this information. Today, it’s time to step away from your current workaround. We are super excited to share that there is another way….

Something to take note of: Notud currently have over 70,000 signups from over 100 different professions all around the world. And, their users have taken over a massive 20 million notes! 

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Or, take it all in digest the full blog post below!

How Notud Files work

To get the best benefits out of our handwriting apps. In other words: not to lose any of the information we have taken the time to write down or list. We always suggest to our members that they should first define their conventions. They need to write their handwritten notes, and then build in the time to process these notes into the final destination. Whether it is bringing notes into a CRM platform or compiling it into wherever your information finds true relevance.

With Notud, you’re essentially closing this gap. You are removing the step of manually processing your information later in order to get it to the final destination. Not only is this a massive time-saver, but also productivity-wise, you remove friction from your workflow.

This is huge!

Structure your Notes with Notud

As Bruce discusses with Tom, he knows that converting to a digital method of working is crucial to have a functional structure for your files. This is especially the case for professionals working in the consultancy and face-to-face industry. When face to face with your client(s) and working at speed, finding specific notes needs to be a seamless process. Notud is designed to be a dedicated note-taking app. Your very own filing solution, helping you find and retrieve notes quickly and easily.

Notud automatically files your notes and it also has the ability to store your notes where you need them. It simply exports files from Notud and saves them to your current software. Files now have a link to a specific filing system. These links are connected to relevant data, plus they are in a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) too – their final destination. 

Notud is not just note-taking, it’s also the filing system.

Bruce Cohen

Notud is Browser-Based

One of Notud’s most exciting features, which is not possible with any other note-taking handwriting app, is that Notud is browser-based. This means we access our notes from any device that we prefer to use. Switching platforms is no longer an issue, whether Windows or an iPad, we can access the same notes, and keep using our beloved Apple pencil. 

The second impressive feature is that it connects with Xero and Zapier. Being able to connect to Zapier opens up limitless options. The real reason why this is special is that we now have the potential for automation! We can potentially add our numerous notes directly to our CRMs, SSOTs, or other knowledge databases.

The impact of good note-taking in a professional setting

You’ll discover this from the podcast. Bruce understands and knows the impact of good note-taking in a professional setting. With a background in physiotherapy, a profession that involves being in person with your clients or patients. Rapport and trust are key components and active note-taking during sessions plays an integral part in the consulting process. Bruce wanted to provide professionals with the ability to continue to take notes in their preferred way. Plus, gain the benefits of being paperless at the same time. With no options available on the market, he set out to create an online handwriting app for professional note-takers.

Notud for professionals

Notud was developed for small business professionals. For them to have an easy way to take client notes quickly and accurately, without the hassle of filing and struggling with storage space issues. For practitioners in the medical field, effective clinical notes mean your note-taking is brought to a different level. There are many compliance-based issues to be considered as well. Not to mention the professional and technical responsibilities medical practitioners are bound by, whilst writing notes.

Bruce shares, that handwriting is the preferred choice for many of these types of professionals, due to speed, ability to easily annotate notes and improved recall. It’s also seen to be extremely rude or insensitive to be typing or tapping away while patients are opening up to you as a professional. Handwriting their notes allows professionals to maintain rapport, eye contact, and positive body language, all elements needed to be presented as an enhanced clinician and operate in a manner that elicits patient experience and respect. 

Applying ICOR® with Notud

You’ll hear from Tom’s excitement, the handwriting application, Notud, ticks many of the ICOR® Mastery fundamentals. Notud, combines the INPUT and the CONTROL stage.

Handwritten notes are the INPUT stage, and the in-built filing system of your notes, helping us to manage and easily retrieve our knowledge, is the CONTROL stage of ICOR® Mastery. This combination is awesome, as we no longer need to manually transfer notes taken by hand to their destination. It gets better too! With Notud, you can use Zapier, to create automations, for example, begin creating tasks from the notes you’ve made, this is ICOR’s OUTPUT and REFINE stage. 

With these foundations in place, we can begin to build up our end-to-end productivity systems where nothing gets lost along the way.

Tom’s views on Notud

Tom had the opportunity to put his tech-geek-tester hat on.

He shares in the podcast his experience of using Notud, and gives his honest thoughts. Tom tested Notud, and compared his experience to Apple Notes, Notability, and GoodNotes. He shares that there was a subtle latency with his Apple pencil. Bruce goes on to explain he and his team are aware of this issue and explains that it is because their servers are located in Australia. They are based in Melbourne and are currently in the process of scaling their servers overseas. This will mean that performance levels and international latency issues will be solved.

Tom is impressed with the response, especially as the lag did not truly hinder his experience, it was merely his expert eye picking up on subtle differences. However, Tom sees the immense potential Notud has to offer, and the distinct value it can provide for the end-user.

OCR & Current Notud Search Methods 

By utilizing OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Evernote, is still one of the only tools that allow us to scan and search through our handwritten notes and PDF files. Tom believes OCR to be such a powerful feature, that he knows this would be a game-changer for any handwriting app. You can read more about his thoughts on global search and how the reMarkable 2.0 fails at this.  As Bruce explains, currently the core purpose for Notud users is to create and find the notes they have taken, with a structure that they are used to. The current search capabilities of Notud allow this.

Notud is a standalone application and can be used without any integration. As a browser-based model, users can create their contacts, launch a template and file it against that contact whether handwritten, typed, converted to text, or dictated.

When using it as an integrated app, you would log in through the named app, open Notud, and see your notes within that client file. They’re filed according to the name of the note. Notes can also be searched by date and time, plus filtered by template type too. Notud users today are finding their notes quickly, which is great, as ‘searching’ is a key feature for clients, as many clients may have tens of thousands of notes, so creating appropriate filter’s that return results without getting too many results is essential for business professionals using Notud.

Notud for Teams

There are also options of using Notud as a Team. You can have multiple Notud accounts and access them with the same login. You then have the option to have different Contacts and Notes allocated to Teams and staff with access to specific Teams.

We are also very excited to announce that Notud has become one of our Verified Tool Specialists and is a Partner Expert with the PPLMVMT Community! If you are interested in finding out how you can integrate your Notud handwritten notes with your CRM check out the Paperless Movement. To connect your notes to 3000+ applications using Zapier, check out the deep dive, Bruce from Notud has made especially for the community. To try Notud for free, check out their site.


In the Paperless Movement® Community, we love discussing what tools and apps work for each of us, often sharing our own productivity setup. Inspiring insights always amaze us as it helps us navigate the mass of apps on the market. We can experiment ourselves for our own use-case. Notud can be used quite specifically. But it’s an app we can envision many professionals benefiting from.

Tapping at a keyboard whilst with a customer is inappropriate for many professionals.

Having a means to securely capture and structure our professional notes, file and access them is a step in leveraging the digital landscape, whilst not destroying our own workflow, and benefiting the client experience too is to us at PPLMVMT, a true win-win!

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