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Missive | Merge Emails with Internal Chats – Think Slack & Gmail but All-in-One

Love it or hate it we all use email. In fact, most of us rely on email communication for our day-to-day business operations. Email empowers us entrepreneurs, to run our businesses from just about anywhere. We are getting better at managing our email accounts, with strategies like Inbox Zero or Inbox Infinity. And, as we know having a system is essential for our productivity.

The current challenge many of us face, is that email isn’t the only form of communication we use. With our teams, customers, and clients we also have SMS, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Twitter, Instagram, Slack… The list goes no!

This is where Missive comes in!

Missive brings all forms of communication together. And, let us tell you, it has been a real game-changer for the Paperless Movement®!

Tom recently spoke with one of their CoFounders, Philippe Lehoux. It was a great LIVE Chat about their plans, and how Missive helps streamline team collaboration. And how it makes it far simpler to level up your customer service game.

As Tom shares, he tried Missive years ago, but never pursued it. But, after recently seeing a review on Layla Pomper’s channel, and hearing her experience of how she is using Missive in conjunction with ClickUp. He gave them another go. And, it instantly clicked! He has now switched from Intercom to Missive, and is a fully-fledged Missive user! It goes to show how sharing how we use our apps in a contextual way, really does inspire our own use case. We think this blog and video will inspire you too.

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

What is Missive

As Philippe puts it, ‘if Gmail and Slack had a child, it would be Missive’! Slack’s internal chat and team collaboration functionality, combined with the solid email application, we all know Gmail to be. That’s Missive.

For those of us who have many conversations with customers as well as internal team collaboration. The tools in Missive help keep track of group communications within the company. This creates a better workflow internally, as well as helps teams level up the quality of service to customers and suppliers.

Getting it right before the hype

Today, we see so many new tools driven by hype and expensive marketing. But, when you make the purchase and check them out… It’s just another Notion copy or some half-hearted replica of a popular app.

From using Missive in the Paperless Movement and speaking with them to their customer support directly. Tom can see they are super passionate about what they do. But passion backed by skill and expertise is what the developers at Missive have.

Even still they’re keen to get it right before any of the fanfare that comes with second-round investments.

As a business that reviews and tests a LOT of tools. The quality, the passion, and their lightning-fast helpdesk is both reassuring for users and a true delight to witness firsthand. You see, Tom had some valid improvement suggestions and Philippe and his team updated the app almost immediately! Now that’s service!

About Philippe and the Missive Team

Philippe’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at the age of 14. He learned to code himself and create websites, and by 15 he was already making money online. He continued to create numerous projects and ventures, and as Philippe shares in the chat, all of them led to Missive and what it is now.

The team of 4 programmers and coders have been working on Missive for the past seven years. For them, Missive ticks all the boxes for the ideal project, with its innovative technology and never-ending potential and challenges. Missive is a solid project that they are fully motivated and excited about. They spent the first three years avoiding innovation and just focussing on the email side, determined to get the details just right – it is clear they still have a deep commitment to developing the app.

What makes Missive stand out

When discussing an email within our team, there is often no proper way to share our thoughts other than sending more emails. Missive endeavors to improve how teams deal with their inbox. By breaking the silos and breathing new life into an outdated process. With Missive, you can monitor your team’s email activity around a team project. Take solace knowing emails are not being buried, replied to twice, or even worse left un-replied. When we can see the internal and external communication all happening in the same thread, it’s a game-changer for improving collaboration, productivity, and resolving customer problems.

  • Missive UI: Missive is popular for its visually appealing interface, with simple icons that clearly communicate its purpose. 
  • Email: Seamlessly merge your multiple email boxes in one place to boost your levels of efficiency. Process far more emails than a standard email client. With shared Inboxes, you can maintain accountability, and collaborate as a team. They can be accessed by multiple coworkers at the same time. Each user maintains a personal account, but they all can send and read messages from a particular shared mailbox.
  • Collaboration: Missive changes the way your team collaborates, it is a fantastic tool for companies that have many internal conversations regarding customer support. No more forwarding messages! With Missive you have the ability to assign, create tasks, and add automation to your workflow, helping you all to stay in sync. 

Why haven’t we heard of Missive?

Philippe admits Missive can be considered hard to find. Many of their current user-base knew what they wanted with an email client application. But, struggled to find a product that met their needs until they found Missive. 

The Missive philosophy has always been to get the product right first, and recognition would naturally follow. They spent the initial three years developing the functionality of the email. The intention: be better than Gmail or Outlook. Marketing their brand just was not on their radar. They are a small company doing very well. They are a profitable business and have now reached $2 million in recurring revenue per year.

Their approach of focusing primarily on the product has literally itself paid off. 

Missive and the Paperless Movement®

Tom shares how he uses Missive in the Paperless Movement® team. He has a number of Missive Inboxes for different aspects of his business, for example; a finance Inbox, and a collaborations inbox. At the moment only one inbox that a fellow team member can access, the rest are allocated to himself. But, he is able to forward and organize his emails to keep track and access them later.

Using the Missive application Tom can also forward plan his business growth. He is well aware that it can be harder and more time-consuming to switch systems when more team members join. But, with methods to easily categorize emails and systems we can easily implement. The Paperless Movement® are ready for new team members to seamlessly fit within our current workflow.

Customer Support the right way

When you look at their feedback, many users love Missive’s tech support. Philippe enjoys seeing customers’ Missive installations, as it helps them understand the issue more clearly and promptly fix, which they are well known for.

They are dedicated to their loyal users, always listening to what their customers are requesting. They prioritize what to focus on based on how many people it will impact. Plus their community is involved with the development of features through a suggestion and voting mechanism.

Is Missive just for Teams?

A lot of Missive users started out as solo users, this is ideal as it is far easier to train individuals before a whole team embraces a new tool. Missive is fundamentally about team collaboration, however, Missive developers were keen from the outset to please the individual users too. They believed if individual users saw Missive as the best email client, they knew they got it right.  

Tom also believes getting it right for the individual first is a key precursor to sharing a new tool with your team, he thinks Missive would be ideal for an entrepreneur, freelancer, individual, or those planning on growing their teams. 

The Missive Road Map

From the beginning, the Missive roadmap has been largely based on customer feedback, organic in nature, and always changing. As Philippe shares their direction is now more focused, one area is the analytics, as this has been hotly requested by many of their customers. They continue to work on improving the UI, speed, plus a new aspect is to improve their task management feature. Again, this has been another popular request by customers that they are keen to improve.

Currently, their task management is not a powerful feature compared to others, but as they have many customers who are heavily invested in Missive, they foresee an improved task management within Missive could make all the difference.


Many of us have not changed the way we view and use email, it can be time-consuming, and hamper our productivity. They have. low-entrance fee compared to other competitors, plus you can try them out for free here first. We are excited that they are one of our verified Partner Experts, and in doubt, we’ll hear more from them. We believe Missive and the team behind the product have a fantastic vision of how email should be and how it should work. Using Missive has the ability to powerfully streamline your workflow, helping you stay focused, without flipping screens. We are certainly excited to make Missive part of our business tool stack!

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