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Level Up Your Evernote Skills To The Max

Stacey Harmon, Founder of Harmon Enterprises and THE Evernote Expert! Are you interested in “Getting Things Done” (GTD) with Evernote? Stacey is the person who knows exactly how! You can imagine then, how excited Tom was to have the chance to dive into all the nitty-gritty details with Stacey within Evernote. Perhaps the best thing of all: she is one of our incredible Paperless Movement Partner Experts! Dedicated business professionals who grant the #pplmvmt community unfettered inside access. Essentially learning from the very best!

Discover all of Stacey’s tool hacks, gather up all her invaluable information, and as a partner expert who forms part of the community, you can expect her to be a regular guest. This means Tom and Stacey can really focus their topic approach and get straight to the heart of specific and individual issues within Evernote, tackling them head-on.

Stacey Harmon is a productivity coach and top Evernote Certified, Consultant. That tagline alone is impressive enough, but she’s so much more than that. Stacey describes herself as an Evernote Fanatic, Power-User. Evernote has changed her life and transformed how she works. Evernote became not only the most powerful tool in her business arsenal — but also transformed her personal life’s productivity too. Having experienced such a transformational shift, Stacey now thrives on helping others maximize this often under-utilized tool, and helps them organize and transform their frazzled digital lives.

Evernote has been around for a while in the app world, yet it still remains a firm staple within the #pplmvmt Community, and for Tom too. In fact, Evernote is his Single Source Of Truth for scanning hard copy notes, contracts, and invoices. With so many apps on the market, why is this the preferred app? In this podcast, we discuss why Evernote is preferable to Notion for specific tasks. We also dive into the importance of learning how to use Evernote like a Pro, plus the dangers of app-switching!

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Evernote’s mission is to help you remember everything and accomplish anything. It’s a grand mission, but with the simplicity and approachable nature of Evernote, it feels very possible. Evernote is a powerful cloud-based productivity application. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists. Using Evernote properly will help you focus on whatever matters most to you. Plus, as we have discovered from talking to Ian Small, CEO of Evernote, and holding focus groups with avid users, many of us who use Evernote simply aren’t using it to its full potential. This, by the way, is another reason why we in the Paperless Movement Community, feel so privileged to have such great Partner Experts to enlighten us!

In fact, Stacey highlights the following in our Members Masterclass:

The organization level of your Evernote setup is contingent upon how well you understand the tool. Understanding all the skill sets needed to operate the tool at its highest level, will really elevate your workflow.

Stacey Harmon

Tom teaches us in ICOR® Mastery, that workflows are what enable us to enhance our digital productivity and efficiency, but understanding individual tools at a deeper level will help you level up!

What’s more, Stacey relates to David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” method by using Evernote! GTD is about getting everything out of your head and into a work-life management system. Free up your mind and focus on getting things done. Perfect for us entrepreneurs, business owners, and business professionals, well let’s face it, all of us really!

Despite being clearly committed to Evernote, Stacey is constantly asking, “is there a better way?” We love this philosophy! Stacey explains she is flexible, looking to improve the process. Similarly, this is the mindset of the Paperless Movement.

We create our own workflows by using the ICOR® Framework, and then ask: “How can this tool work within my system?” “How can I extend the functionality of this tool to work for me?”

Stacey also poses some interesting points that will get you questioning whether you tend to overcomplicate your workflows and overburden your systems. Instead, there may be a far easier and simpler way to achieve digital excellence and become a Digital Pro™.

But, as Stacey explains, she understands where her tool of choice is excellent and understands where and when it is not. Being flexible with how we approach our tools, taking the time to learn the skill set required to master the tools you choose to use, and applying them within your framework is the key to approaching and leveling up your productivity workflow.

With the number of productivity tools on the market continually growing. And, many claiming to be the all-in-one tool, it is tempting… so very tempting to switch! We get it! But you might not need to. Take Tom’s reason for using Evernote as an example:

Evernote is my Single Source Of Truth for scanning and storing hard copy notes, contracts, and invoices. This is because thanks to Evernote’s powerful search engine. It becomes easy to find these documents later without even needing to manually organize them.

Tom Solid

Why Notion Will Never Replace Evernote

We get many questions about how to switch tools, and which is the best one. “Just tell me so I can switch!” they ask. We test out loads of tools. That’s our job! But, rarely do we advocate a complete switch. If we do make the change, it is done over a period of months. Tom always stresses that you choose the tools based on your specific use case. So, inevitably we’ll need a range of apps and tools, which means your favorite tool needn’t be discarded. The only things that you need to discard are tools and processes that are completely redundant. Remember: keep it simple, stupid, and always refine your workflow!

With the case for Notion vs Evernote, with Evernote’s API and the integration it offers, its powerful search capability, and the ability to work offline seamlessly, Evernote really does have a wide range of powerful special features:

  • Flexible organization.
  • Powerful search feature: Find notes by searching for keywords, even if the words appear in a photo.
  • OCR: Find specific words in your handwritten notes, in whiteboard images, JPEGs, PNGs, and even GIFs with Evernote’s powerful optical character recognition.
  • API: Evernote integrates with your favorite tools: Google Drive, Slack, Outlook, MS Teams, Zapier, Gmail, and more!

How structure in Notion can overwhelm you

People are drawn to Notion for its structure and versatility. Being able to relate one database to another is great. But, we can easily get lost in creating more and more, and often way more than we need. It doesn’t take long for it to turn into a very overwhelming place to be in, one that is no longer serving us. and one that is no longer helping us keep productive. Keeping it simple, is one principle we aim for at the Paperless Movement. Sometimes a simple process is all that’s needed.

As you’ll hear in this great podcast, Tom raises some points about his frustration with Evernote. For him, an Evernote note is just that, a note. Plus at times there feels like a lack of structure and a very real question comes to mind while working: “Where do I place this note?”When there are so many options out there, Evernote may appear limiting. As Stacey discusses, there are plans afoot. You will soon be able to create dynamic notes and have data content blocks that can be moved around the note. We look forward to seeing this! In terms of structure, Stacey expresses a different perspective. Being restricted to a tool that only allows structure can in itself be limiting. Are we creating or wanting a system that is more complex than it really needs to be?

Why Search in Evernote is so powerful

Stacey shares another refreshing view; people may crave structure in their system, but perhaps, what they are really wanting is ultimately to search and find something. Evernote’s powerful search tool alleviates some of that “need,” to store structured data. It’s that all-important question again: “Are we overcomplicating our procedures and systems?”

App switching is killing your productivity

We’ve said this many times before, and Stacey shares this view wholeheartedly too.

I’m not saying Evernote’s a perfect app. There’s no perfect app out there. I’m saying they all have benefits and they all have constraints. You need to pick the one that suits your workflows.

Stacey Harmon

Is Evernote for Big Teams?

Stacey is a solopreneur and uses Evernote for her individual productivity for business and personal. So, it may not be the right tool for somebody who needs communication channels with 50 team members. However, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, who is unable to prioritize the overwhelming volume of tasks, and needs to off-load what is on your To-Do list or brain dump your ideas into a centralized space, then Evernote could be the natural tool for you.

New Calendar integration in Evernote

With changes to the pricing tiers, there really is something for everyone, from Evernote newbies to seasoned users. They have a series of widgets including a calendar widget. This update adds Google Calendar integration to Evernote, allowing you to link events and calendar entries directly to notes and other documents saved in your Evernote. You now can associate your notes or projects with what you’re tracking in Evernote. For example, with a click of a button, you can create an association for your notes associated with that meeting. Plus, Evernote’s Home menu is also more customizable now and includes complete integration for both Tasks and Google Calendar.

Like GTD, using Evernote provides a contextual based system, which is powerful. When we can associate our notes and tasks with events, it becomes more meaningful and results in accomplishing more and therefore boosting our productivity.

Evernote Academy

If you want to dive further, Stacey has expertly provided our Members within the community with a Masterclass to further your Evernote skills. Or perhaps you have a specific project you want to organize using Evernote, then check out her and Evernote dedicated Membership, here Stacey guides you through your personal use case, to help you structure Evernote to actually achieve your desired result.

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