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Were you part of our recent Paperless Movement® Live Interview with Partner Expert – Björn Bobach? One of the best parts about our Live Interviews with Guests is the fact that Paperless Movement® Members get to ask hard-pressed questions directly to our special guests! Fresh out of the interview seat is Björn Bobach – he specializes in MeisterTask. He shared with Tom his mission to develop teams and individuals. Helping them find their path to personal and professional growth. He does this with the help of MeisterTask. If you’ve been following our Interview Series, you’ll know. We delved deep into The Meister Suite with CEO, Michael Hollauf, and we are big fans! Today, we also share a new announcement about the Paperless Movement®, so keep reading till the end!

Björn is a Certified MeisterTask Premiere Expert Partner. We are thrilled that he is able to share his expert knowledge with us here. Plus, he’s also our resident MeisterTask Expert in the community too, so we really get to bask in his wisdom! What’s more, he is also a Certified Personal and Business Coach. Experience in recognized methods such as NLP, systemic and hypnosystemic approaches, as well as solution-focused short-term therapy. The wealth of knowledge he offers along with his understanding, and a genuine desire to help develop people – and teams – is the reason teams he’s coached work better together.

Keep reading! You’ll discover the combination of his credentials and coaching style makes him the ideal person to work with.

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Making your Team Work

Almost none of us work alone. We are almost always part of a team. Unfortunately, more and more teams in business are faced with situations that they simply cannot cope with. This generally leads to the decline of the entire company. Björn applies methods from his coaching experience to the entire team. He helps them build common values and goals that everyone in the team can identify with.

Certified Coaches vs Self-Proclaimed Coaches

When conducting his workshops and coaching practice, Björn’s approach is to always look at the individual. Unlike other coaches, especially those online, where the focus tends to be on the coach and his/her personal achievements. Björn believes instead, it is about the person seeking to be coached. For Björn, coaching is guidance without advice, supporting the individual in finding their own personal path, whether professionally or privately. He avoids telling people what to do. Instead, through frameworks and guiding principles, he is able to assist individuals who find the answers for themselves.

MeisterTask is easy to use and very intuitive.

People who aren’t tech-savvy but who want to become productive with a very achievable learning curve? MeisterTask and The Meister Suite is for you.

In a lot of workshops for companies, Björn has noticed there are at least 20% of people who are afraid of tools and really afraid of learning a new tool.

He says they are often from a certain generation, usually 50 plus. Sometimes there are younger people as well, who he can sense the moment he starts the workshop, they are anxious. They’re afraid they won’t master it. And the amazing thing is. Usually all of them end up using MeisterTask and they love using it. And it’s because MeisterTask is so simple and intuitive to use.

It’s so clear. It’s so focused on certain things that it does really well, that it takes away the complexity of using the tool.

Björn’s Approach

Replacing or introducing new tools and software can be a common thing in the workplace, yet, how it is implemented is often a side thought. Many people get overwhelmed with the thought of having to learn a new skill or software, it’s akin to learning a new language. Similar to our teachings in the Paperless Movement®, Björn’s MeisterTask training and coaching is to make it highly individual and personalized. Once we understand the basics and have frameworks in place it is so much easier to build from these fundamentals. 

Why MeisterTask is Björn’s Tool of Choice

When it comes to improving communication and project management, Björn can help you get clarity and take decisive action. His recommended tool is MeisterTask, however, despite being a MeisterTask expert he is clear, that if you have a preferable tool, then stick with it. For Björn, it’s fundamentally about what works for the person.

MeisterTask can be ideal for many, particularly those who are apprehensive about learning to use new productivity tools. He has taught numerous workshops about how to improve communication and project processes with teams of all sizes and countless individuals too. From his experience, he has found that there are often about 20% of the group who are reluctant about using a new tool and afraid they won’t master it.

However, Björn has found that with the help of guidance and learning the foundations first, usually all of them end up using MeisterTask and love using it too. As MeisterTask is so simple and intuitive to use, and with the foundations and training included in the app, it is a real winner. In comparison to other project management tools, for example, Asana, although there is a lot more functionality, most people just don’t need this level of complexity to achieve what they need to do on a daily basis.

Any tool can be complicated if you don’t have guidelines.

Tom Solid

Importance of Defining Conventions and Guidelines

Sometimes we simply love to look for the next shiny object and are easily tempted to use the latest tools. Another familiar situation we see is: people using certain tools without ever really understanding why they are using them, more often than not, the tool was simply just available. It is imperative to have frameworks and a foundation to make our decisions of choosing and using tools more grounded. In the Paperless Movement®, we encourage everyone to think about the tools they use, and by following the ICOR® Framework, very soon they realize what they actually need, making it much easier to find the right tools for their system. 

With MeisterTask, there is no steep learning curve, it is very easy to understand and use. However, Björn points out that because of the simplicity there also comes a big responsibility; teams now have to collaborate and define how they should use the tool so that they can collectively work effectively. Björn’s suggestion when using a new tool is to reserve time in a weekly meeting to talk about how they are using the tool. Asking, do we need to adjust it? Is everybody happy? What are our rules? How should we use tags? When we collectively define methods of how to use the tools we have, everyone tends to work on the same page.

People often forget when they introduce new tools, they often need to talk about them.

Björn Bobach

Can MeisterTask be used in Corporate setups?

It seems MeisterTask is ideal for the average user but does Meistertask work for corporate companies with 1000+ employees as well? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, MeisterTask Business was created specifically with the needs of enterprises and large teams in mind. It offers sophisticated roles and permissions management, as well as the ability to create team projects and user groups for easier project sharing. 

The Meister Suite vs ClickUp

With ClickUp recently releasing their new whiteboards feature – making it easy to create mind maps plus being able to create tasks within your map, the question is, does The Meister Suite still offer a valuable option? Especially with so many other options around? Björn reminds us of how real ‘app and software overwhelm’ can be for many individuals. The unique feature of MeisterLabs is that each app is robust, whether it is MeisterTask’s task management system, MindMeister’s mind mapping, or MeisterNote’s note-taking app. Each one works extremely well as solid separate tools. They also act as a Single Source of Truth because they are seamlessly interlinked together. ClickUp may have numerous features, however, its blank canvas interface can be quite daunting for those who want to have already built systems in place and just get their team started. You can read more about the individual tools here.

Paperless Movement® Verified Partners Program


Our primary focus at the Paperless Movement® is always to provide highly relevant content and recommendations to our community. Companies that become partners must align with our core values and fulfill our Partner Conventions, only then do we share their product or service as a tool to help our community. This approach helps our community receive the best solutions to their digital productivity challenges.

A great example of this alignment is seen in today’s interview with Björn, where through sharing his knowledge and expertise with you, we know that together we bring even greater value to you and the community. Supporting each other, to make the world more productive. Helping people, and businesses improve their systems.


We have found that usually, people start with the tool, then when things go wrong, they blame the tool. Then, they switch the tool and the loop starts over. And the only constant… they never get anything done.

When we step back and look at our individual basic needs, adopt frameworks and define our priorities, individually and as a team, then progress happens, and fast. If you are looking for some guiding principles to speed up your MeisterTask knowledge, check out Björn’s Masterclass. He does a great deep dive into the effectiveness of Kanban boards and shows you how to visualize your goal, follow up and actually achieve it. Björn and MeisterLab are making a real impact on people, (MeisterLabs have 200 million users and counting!) 

Finally, Training and Continuous Learning are what we strive for here, and if you looking for some support, definitely check out Björn!

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