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How To Consolidate Your Tasks With Akiflow

How many tasks have you been given this week, or even just today, and from how many different sources? 

So many tasks to complete, and often allocated to us by different people using completely different apps, tools, or workflows; an email from your Team leader, a ‘to-do’ over Slack, or even on-the-fly requests over a Zoom call. 

How do we manage all these tasks, while staying organized as well as productive? I mean just getting started is at times crippling. But, it is arguably the most important part.

Akiflow is designed to help you execute by making the first step easier and centralizing your tasks to help you get things done without breaking your workflow.

In today’s episode, we chat with Nunzio Martinello, Founder and CEO of Akiflow.
Nunzio, an entrepreneur, co-founded different companies and startups, including Selected in Forbes 100, 30 Under 30 in Italy in 2019, he now has teamed up with equally acclaimed digital entrepreneurs, Sebastiano Favaro and Nicola Possagnolo to create Akiflow.

Designed as a personal planner and a productivity tool, Akiflow is focused on building a seamless experience for individuals to organize their tasks. By combining all the tasks from multiple platforms and speeding up the steps it takes to collect and plan, forming a complete view of your schedule, in one simple visual, calendar workspace.

Having a centralized hub or a Single Source of Truth to capture all your tasks, is the essence of Akiflow.

“Your Task List is infinite,
but your calendar is finite.”

Tom Solid

To listen to the podcast episode, hit play below, or read on for more…

Building a Single Source of Truth

In our latest podcast, we get practical! Tom shares his current workflow setup with Nunzio to see whether Akiflow is a good fit. They also establish whether having a consolidation tool, and an automation process for all your numerous apps can really benefit your productivity system. In the Paperless Movement Community we know that in order to be productive, you need to plan your tasks, and a Single Source of Truth – the one place to collect all your data – is key to achieving this. Can Akiflow help us take our productivity to the next level?

For many of us who work remotely, video calls and Slack messages can be the gold mine! A place where we come up with our best ideas, but these platforms aren’t the place to keep your notes, comments, or create tasks. For that, we need to have a centralized place where we can manage our workflow, for any given topic or task.

Could Akiflow enhance our workflow? Does it benefit us when our beloved tools are in one place? Tune in to find out the conclusion!

“Your Calendar should be your ultimate Single Source of Truth!”

Tom Solid

Is Akiflow for Personal or Team Task Management?

Currently, Akiflow’s prime focus is on the individual’s experience, rather than team collaboration or project management. Their focus is on supporting the user and allowing them to take back control of their own workflow. 

  • Add tasks without being in the app
  • Capture random links and text from the web and turn them into tasks.
  • Consolidate and manage your tasks alongside your calendar with zero effort.

Akiflow’s Email integrations

Productivity aficionados who use the “Getting Things Done” or GTD method, will immediately align with Akiflow’s seamless email integration process. For those who are new here; while reading your emails, do you ever think to yourself “Should I deal with this now?” If so, ask yourself this:

How long does it take?

  • Less than 2 minutes → do it right now!
  • 2 minutes or more → it’s a task! → Push it to your Inbox!

With Akiflow, it is easy to become efficient with your time and achieve Inbox Zero. Once you assign your emails with a label, they will automatically be imported as tasks into Akiflow. A simple concept that really works. We all know that having unanswered emails causes you to constantly check your emails, and always having your account open kills your productivity. You can read more about the benefits of Inbox Zero here, and how to automate your workflow.

Easily switching time zones on your calendar

“By removing the friction for users and avoiding interruptions to their workflow, we can impactfully help users stay in the zone and be more productive.”

Nunzio Martinello

Why is Akiflow not available on Mobile?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know it’s happening soon. What resonates for us at pplmvmt, is Nunzio’s customer-centric approach – making sure Akiflow works as a product first and foremost, then expanding. They are on the cusp of their mobile integration, regularly providing new features, always asking for and responding to feedback. We can totally see why they were Product Hunt’s No. #4 app of the month! In the meantime, they have developed several workarounds to create tasks on the go, so you can check your schedule from your phone. See how here.

Doing one thing great is better than many half-finished solutions

Many apps on the market want, or claim to be the all-in-one solution, the one place where you can do everything. We, at the Paperless Movement, don’t believe this to be possible, nor are we looking for such a shiny tool. Instead, we strongly believe in creating our own productivity system. If you follow the principles of our ICOR Framework to create your own workflow, finding tools is the easy part.

With Akiflow you use the tools that you love, and integrate them into a space that works for you. Being able to build up your own stack of tools is far more beneficial and enjoyable, than being unapologetically forced into a half-baked ecosystem, causing you to reluctantly use it as your single source of truth.

What is Akiflow doing to ensure Security?

With all these integrations, it is crucial to understand how our data is being used. Aikiflow states that data like your tasks or saved Slack messages are stored on your local machine and synced with their servers. Rather than them storing it, for you to access. Read more about their security and privacy policies here.

Connecting apps into one consolidation tool

Did you know that the average company in the US uses 155 apps? Nunzio shares that, if you want your team to be productive in the future, you need a consolidation tool. Otherwise, workers spend more time managing tasks, as opposed to keeping productive.  We at the Paperless Movement couldn’t agree more!

The ethos of the ICOR framework is about App integration, bringing the data of one app to another so they can both work in tandem, together. We believe that having your own productivity workflow which uses app integration, is like building your own customized mega-app, one that works just for you.

We all have one life, 24 hours in a day. So, being productive is about managing a specific area, and all your apps ideally should feed into this single space, your calendar.

“Having your calendar already laid out, organized, and synchronized with your tasks gives you the freedom to get on with it, get in the flow and stay in the flow.”

Nunzio Martinello

Conclusion: Can Akiflow Help Centralize Your Schedule?

Akiflow shows us there are solutions to the chaos of tools out there, and that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to be digitally productive. Just like Akiflow, we in the Paperless Movement have a passion for supporting others, to help make it easier to navigate the digital workspace. So that they are able to leverage this digital world and make it work for them. We are excited to follow the developments of Akiflow.

If you too want to try Akiflow, Nunzio has hooked the Paperless Movement members up with a discount HERE.

It’s easy to think we’ll become more productive by going digital, in fact, it’s actually the opposite! As there are even more options of tools to choose from. What we need are systems and workflows to help us navigate this digital space. 

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