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Going Paperless has never been so easy with Raven Scanner

This one’s for you avid Paperless Movement fans out there! Today we speak to a familiar face, one of our favorite CEOs, Stefan Diasti of Raven! He’s a regular name in the PPLMVMT Community. And for good reason. Raven is heavily aligned with our ICOR® philosophy and mission. They are passionate about helping individuals and businesses go paperless with a simple, seamless, user-friendly, and personalized workflow. And, their flagship Raven Scanners and Raven Cloud offerings are a sure-fire way to accomplish this. 

As you know the Paperless Movement is not a sponsored platform, and we never will be. But through our research, due diligence, and constant testing of products and apps (which is no mean feat). There are, from time to time, companies we encounter that share our values and align with our mission!

Usually, they are companies that are:

  • 110% customer-centric
  • Focused on and aligned with innovative business
  • Currently disrupting the industry they’re in
  • Using their platform to leverage and enhance user’s digital capabilities

So, when we find companies like Raven, we really want to shout about them from the top of every rooftop! For those Raven Scanner fans, Stefan shares some exciting new announcements, and for those of you currently on your paperless journey, whatever the stage you’re on – there are some solid gems to look out for here.

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

Award-winning Scanners

Raven products are designed, developed, and supported by a team of tech enthusiasts. Raven’s innovative approach continues to disrupt the document scanning and document management industry. Their Raven Scanner and Raven Cloud solutions are quickly becoming the preferred brand chosen by businesses and households alike! Their Raven Pro Document Scanner recently won the 2022 Outstanding Innovation Award from Buyers Lab (BLI). This was for the Outstanding Digital Transformation Solution for small and medium-sized businesses!

They really are serving the digital community by doing what they do best – applying technology to make lives better. This is a company to get behind. We are super excited and privileged to be sitting in the front row seat hearing straight from the CEO. So what is coming next for Raven? Read on and you’ll find out.

What are Raven Scanners?

Raven thrives on trying to make cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone. It’s a tool for those who want to be efficient in both their work and personal life. Stefan describes Raven’s sole purpose: helping businesses and households become digital and providing them with a well-thought-out solution to go paperless. This is our mission too – and we love this about Raven! We know the easy part is usually ditching the paper notebooks etc. But, in order to keep productive and stay efficiently paperless, we have to be able to establish workflows. We need to manage and maintain them, so that we can really propel ourselves to new heights in this digital world.

If you’re aspiring to become paperless, having a digital scanner in your house or place of work is an essential piece of equipment. Raven’s brainchild Scanner makes scanning files an easy task. It is super easy to convert paper documents into searchable and actionable digital documents. They have products for all budgets. So, no matter your chosen device, you are able to digitize your workflow with incredible ease and speed. Regardless of where you are on your paperless journey.

Speed differences between Raven Scanners

Speed is the primary difference between the original and the Raven Pro Scanner models. The original offers a massive 40 pages per minute scan speed. The Pro jumps to an incredible 60 pages per minute.

Automating Task creation using Raven Scanner

There are infinite ways to leverage your Raven Scanner, for example, did you know you can automatically create a task to pay an invoice by just scanning it? This is such a great, time-saving feature. Tom shows his Paperless Movement members here, how to set up the Raven Scanner so it sends the scanned document directly to ClickUp, set a due date, and assign the assignee to the task, all automatically.

What is the Raven Cloud?

Once you have digitized your documents, what then? We see many people getting frustrated when they become paperless. At times they just resort back to paper notebooks. They often don’t get past the Input stage – the collecting part. Think of all the digitized documents we have now amassed through our fabulous scanner, we now need a method and a secure place to manage these documents. With options like the Raven Cloud, you can safely store, manage, retrieve and share your digital documents all in one place.

The Raven Cloud allows you to:

  • Search Documents with its AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR). Able to detect printed text as well as handwriting for all documents within Raven Cloud, making your documents completely searchable.
  • Advanced Search – this capability enables rule-based, in-depth search of content and custom data within files and folders.
  • Combine files – incorporate multiple files into a single document to easily share, print or export.

Raven understands that we all have different use cases for our documents. So they provide a service that includes some fantastically well-researched features, and in a move that shows true confidence in their product, there is no pressure to use Raven Cloud. Users may already have other platforms that are embedded into their ecosystem or business. Raven doesn’t believe they need to replace their workflow, instead are here to help integrate their scanner into what they currently use. They stay agnostic to the destination of your scanned documents.

Raven Scanner is a true, versatile one-stop solution for getting your documents into the desired destination.

Stefan Diasti

Now. The moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Here is the exclusive 7-Part Scoop:

1) Neat integration with Raven Scanners

As emphasized in ICOR® Mastery, we recognize that each person’s workflow is different, we all have different use-cases. So, when it comes to incorporating a digital scanner into your workflow, we have unique needs for what we want to do with our files and data. For those with accountancy needs, you may require a full financial document management and bookkeeping solution, or your destination may be Microsoft365, whatever the use-case Raven has an option for you.

Raven are well known in our community. They are also known elsewhere for going above and beyond with their customer feedback. They actively listen to suggestions with the aim of providing additional value. As a result of customers reaching out, their latest collaboration is with Neat; a bookkeeping automation and financial document management company for small businesses. Neat was previously a hardware and document scanning company but, decided to strategically exit the hardware business and focus on the software side. With this new partnership, Raven and Neat bring together the industry’s most highly rated document scanners with Neat’s cloud-based bookkeeping and document management software. Raven, being Raven wanted to give Neat customers the full experience, and now offer a seamless standalone solution that doesn’t require the use of a computer. How NEAT is that!

2) Clio and Amazon S3 buckets are coming to Raven Scanners

Stefan reveals another integration that is soon to be released. They will be partnering with Clio, a cloud-based legal case management software. They are super excited to be the only scanner that’s directly integrated with Clio without a computer being required.

Raven, as always is ahead of the game, they recognize that customers are getting more sophisticated, and their needs are changing. With this, Stefan also announces they will soon be adding Amazon S3 buckets support too. An Amazon S3 bucket (or Simple Storage Service) is an object storage offering, a public cloud storage resource available in Amazon Web Services.

3) Zapier integration coming to Raven

With so many developments afoot, it was good to hear one of them includes their Zapier integrations. That’ll come later this year, we can’t wait for the possibilities this will bring! Raven are also working on an auto-tagging capability that will automatically apply document tags that can help you auto-categorize. Plus in the pipeline are plans to integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce, plus others in the future too. These truly are exciting times!

4) Raven Cloud Automation

Tom suggests to Stefan his personal wishes for new Raven features, including a way to auto-tag and the better naming of documents. With Raven’s current innovative systems in place like their OCR, Tom requests the ability to categorize or tag certain terms in the background before the document is sent to a different platform. Stefan shares that they are currently working on auto naming documents, which will be coming out soon and we wait with anticipation and bated breath to see what happens with Tom’s suggestions!

5) Scanning books with Raven Scanner

Stefan shares with us that new Raven products will soon be launched. There truly are scanners for every budget and use case. For those on their paperless journey, desk space is sometimes an issue. Not to worry, the Raven Compact is a fantastic fit. Its compact size makes it easy to go paperless, whether at the office, at home, or on the go. With scan speeds of up to 20 pages per minute, this scanner is built to handle documents, business cards, receipts, and more. They will also soon be releasing a flatbed scanner. This is designed for bound books or delicate or thick documents that can’t go through the scanner feeder.

6) Scan Creditcards with any normal Raven Scanner?

Raven Scanners are designed to support the majority of document types including standard paper, heavyweight paper, business cards, ID cards, and even credit cards. Yep, you heard that right, credit cards are safe to go through the feeder unit!

7) EU Availability of Raven Scanners

We were delighted to hear in the podcast directly from Raven Scanner’s CEO that Raven products will soon be launching and available to buy in Europe, so no more high shipping costs!

…the [Raven Scanner] has changed our business, NO COMPLAINTS!!!

Giannakis Koumi (PPLMVMT member)


The workplace of the future is changing, more so in the past few years, and good quality scanners are proving to be much-needed effective tools. We hope you have been inspired by the potential of digital scanners and can see how this tool is a game-changer for those wanting to go paperless. For those who are interested in buying a Raven device go HERE. Or if you are a PPLMVMT Member, we have an exclusive $35 discount, which members can access here.

It’s been a joy to hear what is coming up next for Raven! There are so many faceless tech companies out there that can learn a lot from Stefan and his team at Raven. Knowing our voices, as customers are being heard and acknowledged, is a true mark of a great – forward-thinking – business. They also make pretty phenomenal products too!

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