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We recently had one of our popular live interviews with Business Coach, Haroon Rashid. He is known as the ‘turnaround guy’. He transforms companies that are stuck in a rut into thriving and profitable businesses. Haroon has turned around three multi-million-pound businesses, grown numerous global companies, and helped countless startups make their business idea a reality.

All with a simple methodology. One that you too can apply to your very own business whatever the size or growth stage.

Haroon coaches start-ups to executives, and productivity is always a key component. And he’s also one of our Paperless Movement® Partner Experts! Tom and Haroon both highlight in the interview, that no one is born productive. Productivity doesn’t come naturally, in fact for the majority of us making progress takes real effort. But, as you’ll discover when you have a clear definition of what productivity means. What your strategies and a success mindset should be. Taking action becomes a breeze, and feels less like work and more like riding a wave of momentum created by you.

You are in for a treat, it’s an insightful chat, full of stories, and you’ll discover how you too can turn around your business.

Clarity is King, Simplicity is Queen

Haroon Rashid

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

Clarity is King

We need clarity, and this comes from setting crystal clear goals.

Haroon Rashid

Haroon’s winning formula for business success is based on two principles. Haroon’s mantra is; Clarity is King, Simplicity is Queen. From working with hundreds of people, he knows that we all crave clarity, essentially we all want to do our job well, but when team members struggle, it is largely because of ambiguity. In other words – a lack of clarity. Whether it’s an unclear strategy or plan, or uncertainty about what their targets or KPIs are, when there’s a lack of clarity things get messy. People are frustrated and unhappy. Productivity reduces – Sales decline. Ultimately the business suffers! Ambiguity kills businesses. The solution to this is: CLARITY.

Goal Setting

For some, the idea of goal setting can be a challenge, or simply believe it feels pointless. Perhaps they associate goal setting with failure. Whatever the reason, we urge you to view goals with a renewed perspective, as goals are a great driving force, helping you establish direction for yourself. As Haroon explains, the key addition to your goals is to set a deadline. This is especially important for those that thrive on the adrenaline of hitting a deadline.

If a goal doesn’t have a deadline, it’s a wish!

Haroon Rashid

For those who feel goals are unattainable or even unenjoyable, Haroon encourages us to view goals with the analogy of climbing a mountain. We need to approach the summit or accomplish our goal in small steps. So, rather than focussing on the huge end goal. Look at each ledge or sub-goal and direct our focus there. By just doing one thing or small tasks consistently, we still climb the mountain. It might be little by little but, we’re ultimately getting closer to our highest objective.

Goals help us to focus, and we can apply the same approach to our productivity and workflow. Commonly, business owners attempt to do everything in one go. This is a big mistake! For Haroon, effective productivity is not doing more things, but doing the right things.

This simple approach of breaking things down into actionable steps and focusing on the right things is the key to progress.

Are you busy being busy in your busi-ness?

We see it, again and again, the search for being productive, But, quite often what we actually see is people just being busy, and thinking they’re productive! Naturally, this isn’t a feature to be excited about but rather a means to ask the right question!

It is so refreshing to hear Haroon steer away from the superficial question: ‘what do you need to do to be more productive?’ instead, he asks his clients, deeper insightful questions about their definition of productivity, and about the individual. After all, being productive simply means producing, right?

So, if we’re producing garbage, being productive will just ensure that we produce… more garbage!

Is this really the outcome we want?

Simplicity is Queen

As business owners, there will always be more to do than you can. However, it is important to grasp the realization that you will never be able to do everything all at once. If you try, you won’t be able to execute it to the required level that’s needed to be successful. And remember, not every task is equal in terms of importance or value!

Haroon encourages his clients to avoid unnecessary complexity.

When plans get complicated, the chances of error increase considerably. He recommends your business strategy be simple enough for the whole team to understand, especially as it will be your team executing the plan not you. Instead, focus on core high-value areas at a given time. By narrowing your focus, you immediately remove a lot of complexity. Better still, you spend your precious time on what’s important. Check out the podcast, and listen to the story of how Haroon’s client is now doing fewer hours of work, yet making more profit.

Keeping it Simple with Better Questions

As Haroon states when it comes to business productivity, if you ask ‘good questions’ you will achieve so much more. He believes we can effectively turn our businesses around by asking better questions.

Questions that help us to focus on the right things. You could ask:

  • Which 3-5 things would make the biggest impact? 
  • What would make the biggest difference to the business if you got it right?

Let’s bring it full circle. When we have our goals set – our crystal clear goals, we know where to direct our focus. (Haroon shares more about goals in his Partner Expert Video) Also importantly, it helps to eliminate distraction, we are less inclined to fall for the ‘shiny object syndrome’, or the “maybe-I-should-try-this-new-idea” rabbit hole.

With clarity and simplicity, we know where we are at, it’s a sustainable approach, and, if we do lose track or momentum, we can get ourselves back on track quickly and effortlessly.

Losing sight of our goals is a common pitfall for business owners. We are sure you can relate to the feeling of being super motivated after a video or course, and inspired to take action, but a few days later that excitement fizzles out. We are no longer in that ‘pumped-up state’ and are now less likely to take action. Or you’ve watched a YouTube video on using a Notion template, and are keen to recreate it to be more productive.

But, very quickly the novelty wears off, as you discover it is too complex, and not really suited to your own needs. Having clear objectives, knowing where to keep our focus, and keeping it simple helps us to stay in our lane. This consistency and simplicity is where progress and effective productivity can thrive. 

Who do you need to be, to be productive?

Most productivity coaches ask their clients, “what do you need to be doing?” Haroon opts to ask: “In order for you to be more productive, who do you need to be?” For Haroon, productivity is about integrity and identity.

As discussed, asking good questions can help you really understand what you want or what your role as a business leader means to you and your team. He believes rather than focusing solely on what we need to do, when we start asking “who do we need to be”, we will gain a far clearer insight into what we actually really need to do.

This is such a brilliant reframe!

With this approach there is autonomy, there is no blaming of others or circumstances, instead, it’s a proactive and far more enterprising mindset. One where there is nothing stopping us in our pursuits, with a boost of motivation as a side-effect too!


Effective coaching really does have the ability to transform your business. Haroon has some great methods that can help us shift our mindset. He helps us reshape the views we have of ourselves and helps us focus our desires for our business.

There are many business coaches out there, Tom included, who believe it is crucial to surround yourself with like-minded people to inspire, share and keep your momentum. If you want to join our community you can check it out HERE. If you want to learn more about goal setting with Haroon, check out our exclusive video.

Plus, whether you want to fix, grow or start your business, Haroon’s got your back. You can reach him: here.

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