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Business Process Automation Without Knowing How To Code – Use Make

We hear regular announcements of tech giant acquisitions of start-ups and enterprises. So, it was of great interest and insight to hear further details about the latest news from Make (formally Integromat). Tom spoke with co-founder, Ondřej Gazda about the beginnings of their integration platform, their goals, and their steadfast determination to build the best visual automation platform on the market.

Despite initial offers from the likes of Salesforce and Zendesk, the co-founders refused and kept focused on their expertise, talent, and unique product.

Listen in and read further as we discover what finally prompted an eventual acquisition. We also learn what it this means for the automation brand, and just why Make is trusted by thousands of fast-scaling organizations around the globe. People like Tom, who is an avid fan and user too!

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

Make’s Story

Over ten years ago, Ondřej and his co-founder, Patrik Šimek were running a successful and profitable daily-deals website. In this company, they were optimizing and automating their workflows and processes to full effect. It was when they saw a mutual company operating at a much larger scale but, doing everything manually that they recognized a space in the market.

Ondřej and Patrik also happened to work for the owners of the Gamezone game portal. Where they were outsourcing developers and coders to banks and insurance companies, who were building custom integrations for them. As Ondřej explains every project involved repetitive tasks, and this led them to question, how could they optimize this monotonous process.

How could they combine their ideas to build a tool that actually helps people lessen their work? How could they give their end-users – i.e. the software’s actual users – the ability to take action?

It started as a tool to connect different third-party services. Now it’s about building

Ondřej Gazda

You can set up a map of your automations

Make allows you to build visual workflows. You can actually see the apps, data, and the conditions involved in your functions.

What drew Tom to Integromat initially now Make was the ability for him to be able to visualize his workflow. Seeing his entire workflow laid out in front of him was and still is, a real bonus. Especially, when it comes to improving his productivity systems. Tom shares how he loves Make’s UI and the ability to map one’s automations.

He relishes the fact that he can see the data packages flowing through visual representations of his data flow. When you can see your workflow at a glance, it makes it so much easier to edit, delete, or change for the better. Something he never understood about Zapier was that you cannot rearrange stuff and its clunky UI/UX.

The Make Approach

The co-founder’s vision has always been to enhance users’ work-life, avoid repetitive tasks, and simply make mundane tasks easier. They knew this would mean their product would have to be created as a no-code solution. As gaming enthusiasts, the idea of making it playful and interesting also allowed for the tool to evolve. One of the most exciting aspects of Make is this pioneering idea. Create the program graphically from the beginning so that people could imagine how their data would flow. To make it visual, enjoyable, and straightforward for both the technical and non-technical user. 

Let’s give the end-users, the tool’s actual users, the ability to automate!

Ondřej Gazda

Make vs Zapier

From the beginning, Make has always been very customer-centric. They regularly speak with their customers and avidly listened to their stories to identify their needs and problems they might have. Do this allowed them to see how innovative their users were, and how they were really leveraging the user interface. It was both inspiring as well as increadilby great feedback. What began as a tool to connect different third-party services, soon became a means of creating, building, and assembling.

In combination with the complexity of what the platform offers it’s users, Ondřej shares that the visual aspect of Make has been their biggest advantage. It’s a unique asset compared to other integration platforms. It allowed users to go beyond simple automation. And create automation systems, workflows and processes. Make is more than a no-code integration platform, it allows anyone to create unique solutions to any workspace challenges. 

Acquisition Offers

With their disruptive approach to automation, Make began to get acquisition offers in, as early as 2018. Companies saw Make’s potential but wanted to implement it for their own software. There were offers from Celonis, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Ui Path. However, it was always the same story; to get the technology and to absorb the team, but never the product. People just didn’t see it’s potential. Ondřej and Patrik however, maintained their vision and goal. To build the best visual automation platform available. They wanted their creation to get to the top, and so they always replied with a solid no. 

Their resistance, persistence and belief in their product paid off. Three years later, Celonis approached Make again, with a much more supportive deal, that would not disolve the automation platform.

It was an offer we couldn’t refuse! So we accepted.

Ondřej Gazda

Thus Integromat evolved into Make. Which now operates as a standalone business unit within the Celonis group. Make retain the autonomy to achieve their goals and visions, they’ve now just got the financial support to level up their game. Exciting things are happening! 

Make-ing the Name Change

From listening to customer feedback, they recognized the name ‘Integromat’ was a confusing word and difficult to remember or spell right. It originally came from the combination of ‘integrations’ and ‘automation’. As Make users were evolving beyond the world of integrations, they too wanted to evolve with them. Ondřej says, ‘Make’ felt like a much stronger brand name. It’s easier to say, plus it’s less likely to be misspelled!

The Future of Make

Make have been hard at work with their tech side. They are now currently in the midst of releasing educational content through their new Make Academy. Make are also focusing on building and enhancing their Partner’s ecosystem, helping to make the onboarding phase easier.

They themselves recognize that there can be an initial learning curve to using Make. Using it to its full potential can be a daunting challenge to some. But, with powerful apps and tools this tends to always be the case. So, having Partners and Specialists like Alex Sirota (A Paperless Movement Partner Expert) will help users see the almost unlimited possibilities Make has to offer. Sometimes we need a little helping hand from the tech experts.

Make will also soon be launching a marketplace where Partners will be able to sell packages with templates.

A Special Offer!

There is also a very generous offer of 3 Months of Make’s Pro Plan with 40,000 operations (worth $102 in total) for FREE! If you become a Paperless Movement Memeber. This is a really awesome offer.

So, whether you are a developer or not, automation is here to stay, it is here to empower the choices we make, and to make your life easier too. You can also get started for free here.  

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