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Automatically save the content you research with Heyday

Do you have 30+ tabs open in your browser? Are you afraid of forgetting something interesting you saw today, that might be useful in a week, a month, or a year from now? We’ve all been there! Not to mention all the noise or things to remember from the numerous apps, we think are helping us keep on top of our data. For Sam DeBrule and Samiur Rahman, the Co-Founders of Heyday it was the same. They both felt overwhelmed with the information they were taking in on a daily basis. They felt even more overwhelmed, by the systems they relied on to organize it. 

There are incredible innovative tools and apps on the market. However, the issue is that many are designed as standalone apps. Apps built in silos! A far more efficient way for tech businesses to grow would be for companies to work together. Where they build tools and apps with the purpose of integrating and connecting with each other. This not only enables business growth and opportunities but, also hugely benefits the user. Users can then focus on creating their own personal stack of tools without having to compromise their choices or preferences.

A fellow Paperless Movement member gave Tom the heads up on Heyday! This made him very keen to speak with the co-founders and find out more about their tool. Listening to the podcast, and reading the blog you’ll discover, Tom sees the great potential of this tool! It has the potential to connect the dots that are missing in your workflow!

We think you’ll be excited to find out how!

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

Cutting through the Noise

There are many of us who just don’t enjoy the process of organizing things or hitting “Inbox-Zero”, yet still have a deep desire to be efficient and productive. Samuir recognized that productivity tools that were designed to help him be creative, were often designed to reward people who are more detail-oriented or super organizers. That certainly doesn’t sound like most of the creators we know.

Simply faced with the idea of learning to use a new app, organizing your data, or importing your settings and preferences is a lot. Not to mention the need to set up a whole new workflow structure at times, is just too much time wasted for people trying to build momentum and get things done.

Sometimes we even miss out on the fundamental benefits we were looking for in a tool in the first place. Simply put, some interfaces ask too much from us! And in doing so, they instead, zap away our energy and delay our work in the process. Sam and Samiur’s combined passion, drove them to be a part of creating the next generation of intelligent products, powered by machine learning and neural networks. This dive pushed them to create Heyday. Imagine Heyday as your very own information organizing assistant that does the work automatically!

Heyday can make reMarkable 2, remarkable again

Many members know Tom loves the reMarkable for the way it allows you to take notes in a non-distracting manner and because it is THE device that gets you the closest to feeling as if you were writing on paper. But, people also know from his very controversial video, that the reMarkable 2 has a major downside! It sadly doesn’t sync accurately and efficiently to Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, or any Drive really. Thus in order to make your notes searchable, you have to take a really roundabout approach. This usually involves you needing to duplicate the notes you write in order to save a newer version. This means the notes you take can become really disconnected from your workflow.

BUT from talking to Sam and Samuir, Tom discovered, that by using Heyday’s built-in capabilities including their OCR feature, Tom’s handwritten notes taken on his reMarkable, can become discoverable on Heyday too! This means notes taken can be leverageable in his workflow, and find purpose in his operations – boom!!

What is Heyday?

Heyday is a productivity tool and browser extension that collects, connects, and organizes all your research, and it’s all done automatically. Heyday saves the content you view and resurfaces it when you need it. For example, every time you search on Google, Heyday checks to see if you’ve researched the topic before. If you have, their search companion resurfaces the data you’ve already seen, and likely forgotten, and brings it to your attention like an extremely useful, smart assistant. Quietly working in the background, Heyday sifts through previous relevant data and will appear with a panel sharing the information that is relevant to you. 

It is busy indexing and then resurfacing useful content for you without you having to actually think about it. Heyday is a machine-learning tool that takes action!

It’s not just for search engines, Heyday helps you grab the knowledge nuggets you’re viewing on public domains or websites. Heyday also helps you save sections of articles and tweets. It basically saves every tab you’ve ever opened – even your YouTube videos are all being indexed. It also ties in context with your private information, like your Google docs, or words locked away in documents and emails. Conversations on Twitter, Messenger, or Slack, also become searchable. Securely gathering context across the different places to then resurface all that context back to you, without you actually having to go into Heyday and search for it.

How Heyday works

Heyday is machine-learning-based tech. It uses ambient signals to pick up factors such as:

  • How much time you spend on a certain page.
  • Did you reference the content in other places?
  • Were you adding information to a GoogleDoc or a note? 
  • Did you add a Heyday star or highlight content on the page?

All these behaviors are signals or active actions. These snippets get stored away, but also crucially, indicate to Heyday that this particular page is important to you and thus will rank it accordingly. 

Our goal is to automatically take care of saving a lot of things and then resurfacing that for you without you having to actually think about it.


Forget Centralizing Your Tools – there’s a better way!

It’s commonplace for us to be using numerous tools at all times. And, faced with such an abundance of options when it comes to productivity tools. It’s no wonder people are digitally overwhelmed. But there’s another issue; having different places to store information also leads to disparate data, and let’s not forget the time it takes to locate your information!

Heyday has been designed to help people feel connected with all their content. The vast majority of times, in the productivity app world, the answer to the numerous tools and apps we use is to centralize our information into a single tool. Heyday has a different view.

Heyday acts less like another additional app, instead, they are a layer to your tools that allows you to stay connected to them all. So, even if you’re using seven different platforms, apps, or tools. Heyday seamlessly integrates with your current workflow, so there is no need to learn about a new app or do something new. Heyday just runs in the background, doing its thing.

Who is Heyday in Competition with?

When people talk about the competition, they might think, Heyday looks like it’s in competition with Docu, Evernote, Notion, Rome, or even Obsidian. But what they hear from the people using and paying for their product is that these are not Heydays competitors. The people they serve are in fact people who don’t enjoy spending time organizing those systems. Instead, what Heyday is competing against is; having a hundred tabs open in your browser and leaving it that way.

What we’re working on helping you do is: not forgetting about things… stopping you from needing to email links to yourself, or God forbid using the bookmarks bar.


These are the things Heyday believes itself to be in more direct competition with. Heyday is competing to become the easiest way to remember things versus, being the most robust way to create a system that aids in your memory.

Integration is the Key

Heyday recognizes the importance of connecting your tools, however, their approach is different. Rather than seeing themselves as a direct integration platform, their approach comes from the perspective of their users. Heyday has been designed to act as a “layer of glue” to your workflow. So, it no longer matters what app or tool you use, if you have your files in Dropbox or Google, or if you have conversations in Slack or Twitter, Heyday sits on top of all of these platforms. Everyone can use whatever app, or program they enjoy but can still feel like everything works seamlessly together.

ICOR and Heyday

In ICOR® Mastery, Tom insists upon creating your own personal productivity workflow, using the tools that work for you. Heyday is built to be an addition to your setup, helping you stay in the flow, and supporting your knowledge management. It also means you’re not tool-dependent. If you wanted to opt for another app or migrate to another tool, Heyday can accommodate you with whatever you need. This is liberating! It can really help connect the dots with your efficiency and productivity.

A Shared Brain

It is Google’s job is to optimize the best sites for everyone, no matter what they choose to search. Heyday is the filtered more personalized version, they provide content that is a reflection of your interests and behavior, and so makes it ideal for creating your very own knowledge management base. In the podcast, Tom asks: “How can we utilize this method of condensing and gathering information? Is it possible to share this knowledge and merge our information with other like-minded people conducting similar searches?”

Sam and Saniur’s reply to Tom is: “It’s been a popular request. And we’re working on creating a Shared Brain.” This will be a place where users can come together and pool their findings, readings, research, and complex search results. That way teams can collaborate and research more cohesively. They go on to say that Heyday users feel reassured and see the value of remembering and resurfacing relevant material. They are also keen to share this newfound way of researching with others. 

We look forward to hearing more about this in the future!

Data Security

Heyday cares about your privacy, and as you’ll hear, they go above and beyond just the normal standardized generic promises. They have deliberately set up their business in a way that all their incentives are aligned with their users. They individually encrypt all your data in transit and at rest, so that you’re the only person who gets to see it. You can read more about their security values here.

We set ourselves up, so that we had no incentives to sell your data or leverage it. Also, to secure it in a way that if someone was targeting us, they wouldn’t be able to easily get access to it.



Heyday acts as a powerful functional layer that fits seamlessly in your workflow, eliminating the busy work associated with maintaining a productivity tool/app. It makes it easier to remember the important things. So, if you are one of these people:

  • Someone who doesn’t enjoy spending time organizing systems.
  • A person who struggles with too many open tabs in your browser.
  • Someone who grapples with emailing links to themselves constantly.
  • Or worse still, someone who actually uses the bookmarks bar in their browser!

Check out Heyday it’s definitely the tool for you!

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