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Digital Note-Taking



Noteshelf is my personal favourite when it comes to note-taking apps. I use its Evernote Sync functionality and Apple Watch compilation to record audio. Those two features makes Noteshelf unique compared to GoodNotes or Notability. Two other apps, I recommend.

PDF Expert


My go to PDF annotation software on Mac, iPhone and iPad is PDF Expert. I love the fact how they implemented Apple Pencil support and that I can access any cloud drive, store and update my PDFs there.​

Document Management



Evernote was always my document management tool. When I went paperless, I scaned everything to Evernote. Thanks to its OCR everything became searchable. And it works great! I brought it to the next level when I implemented Filterize to automate the organization of my documents. Watch the video review to learn more.

Knowledge Management

Miro Logo


Miro is THE best tool when it comes to mind-mapping. It always depends what you need from a mind-mapping software. But Miro ticks all the boxes for me. Apple Pencil support, Real Time Collaboration, Free Positioning of Shapes, Webclipper and great integration features with other tools.



Notion is my favorite tool when it comes to knowledge management. It just makes it so easy to connect databases with each other that makes building my digital brain extension a breeze. With their recently added backlinking feature, it also does a great job with general note-taking.

Task Management


ToDoist is my favorite task manager when it comes to personal task management. As long as no other person is involved, ToDoist is great. For my team I use Asana instead as it offers a lot more functionalities that I need managing my team.



When it comes to team and project management. There are many solutions out there. In fact, as a team leader, I implemented Asana for my team first. After showing that my team had a 45% performance improvement it was implemented for the whole department. However, for my Paperless Movement team I switched to ClickUp because there is so much more we can do and it just fits my personal need better.

Workflow Automation

Filterize Logo


In order to automate my document management in Evernote, I am using Filterize. It integrates directly into Evernote and recognizes the content of my documents. This way, I can trigger certain actions, e.g. moving invoices to the Invoice folder and apply the tag #invoice.


Pleexy was the missing link between Asana and ToDoist! I use Pleexy to sync my tasks from Asana to ToDoist. This way ToDosit 2-way syncronizes my tasks with my GoogleCalendar! This way I can have a single source of truth, although I use different apps to organize my tasks.

Security Apps

LastPass Logo


My prefered password manager is LastPass. It helps me to organize not only my passwords, but also my payment data, secure notes and addresses for quickly filling forms.