How to build a Digital Journal Like a Pro

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This course will answer the following questions:

  • How do I plan and structure my Digital Journal?
  • What Program should I use?
  • How to get the correct page size for the Note-Taking app of choice?
  • How do I create complex single page templates quick and easy?
  • How do I build Hyperlinks to jump any page or website I like?
  • How do I get and prepare Stickers to add to my journal?
  • How do I easily change the design and content of 300+ pages at once?
  • How do I export my Digital Journal so that I can use it in my Note-Taking app?

Customer Reviews

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Very useful course

Managed to recover the access to my course, due to a change in the website. Happy to to be able to get access again to this very useful course on how to build your own digital journal.

Great Course

A great course, easy to understand and fascinating to watch.

Digital Journal

One of the best journals I've seen. Very easy to use and very practical.

Easy to Follow Step by Step Guide

This is an excellent course that gives real insight into building your own tailor made journal in an efficient way. Tom’s ‘tips and tricks’ make this course worth its weight in gold!

Great Quality Course

The first part of the online course has great quality. Tom’s approach is showing exactly how to accomplish a certain effect, but showing it concise and once. This means that Tom covers all aspects that really matter in detail without repeating himself (like is done in numerous free youtube video’s). The navigation sidebar in the online course helps to easily find parts of the tutorial for reviewing.

The software that is being used to build the planner is microsoft powerpoint which is an excellent choice. Tom is showing a fantastic feature of using “masterslides” which enables you to make a change to one ‘button’ that will affect all other buttons that are the same at the same time saving tons and tons of extra work.

I highly recommend this online course if you plan/wish to build a journal/planner with hyperlinks yourself. Tom offers lifetime updates to future yearly-planners, so I recommend buying the course including the template, which could save you a lot of time building a yearly planner.

As a final note I need to mention that Tom offers excellent customer service; I had quite a few question relating to this product and he answers to all of them to my satisfaction.

I hope the second part of the course will be released soon; no doubt it will have the same great quality.

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