Apple Notes

Find out why Apple Notes is THE BEST Note-Taking App in 2021! I will show you how Apple Notes is better than GoodNotes 5, Notability, Noteshelf, AND why the iPad and Apple Pencil are better than the new remarkable 2! Most of us take daily notes.  We jot down notes, tasks, and reminders throughout the […]

Flexcil 2

flexcil2 logo

Flexcil 2 is primarily used for notetaking and as a PDF reader. Combining these functions allows you to view the PDF while dragging elements from it to your notes at the same time and organizing them easily. If you are looking for a note-taking app that allows you to do in-depth PDF annotation and allows […]

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Web Inc is a Cleveland, Ohio-based business developing products for mobile apps, browser extensions, and desktop software. Nimbus integrates note-taking, screencasting, task management, and bookmark visualization to help people be more productive and organized. With Nimbus, you can collaborate and share information with your friends and coworkers. Seamlessly keep track of your contacts addresses, […]


Craft is made for the Apple universe. It is the best note-taking app for the iPad if you don’t need handwriting as a must-have feature. Although it supports the Apple Pencil and lets you create sketches or write typed text with the integrated Scribble feature, it is not made for the Apple Pencil. If handwritten […]

Noteplan 3

Noteplan 3 was inspired by Bullet Journals. It uses bi-directional linking to create a network of notes and tasks. Similar to Roam Research. This is another app just for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users. Noteplan 3 uses Markdown plain text files with fast CloudKit sync and integration with iCal and Reminders. What sets Noteplan apart […]

MarginNote 3


When you are looking for a note-taking app that allows you to do professional literature research on the iPad, then MarginNotes 3 is the right tool for you! It allows you to create mind maps by connecting different content parts of your PDF documents. It is so easy to connect the dots between different sources […]


Bear is an app used for writing anything from contacts, to-do lists, and note-taking to essays. At first glance, Bear is a distraction-free note-taking app.  Open it up, one tap and you can start writing. With three sections: Notes List, Sidebar, and the Editor it is easy and intuitive from the moment you open it […]

GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes5 is along with Notability and Noteshelf one of the most common note-taking apps on the iPad with great Apple Pencil support. I especially like its integration with Siri Shortcuts and that I can just select handwritten notes and then drag&drop them into my task manager to convert them to plain text on the fly. […]


Notability Logo

I’m excited to say that the latest update to Notability has been a complete game-changer. This update has skyrocketed Notability into the first place position as my favorite note-taking app. In order to make it onto the list, there were two features I wanted to see inside the Notability app. For a while now, users […]


When it comes to handwriting recognition, then Nebo is the best! MyScript, the company that created Nebo also provides the handwriting recognition engine for other tools such as Notability, GoodNotes5, and Noteshelf.   How to convert handwritten text to typed text in Nebo The big advantage over other note-taking apps for the iPad is, that […]



In my own work, I was faced with this dilemma. I knew I wanted to use a digital journal to organize my workflow. But I wasn’t completely satisfied with the options in digital journals, so I created my own. This digital journal has worked so well for me, that when I told people in the […]