When it comes to handwriting recognition, then Nebo is the best! MyScript, the company that created Nebo also provides the handwriting recognition engine for other tools such as Notability, GoodNotes5, and Noteshelf.


How to convert handwritten text to typed text in Nebo

The big advantage over other note-taking apps for the iPad is, that Nebo converts your handwriting in realtime while you are writing.

  1. As soon you start writing it will show you what it would look like once you convert it.Nebo Review - Realtime Text Conversion
  2. A simple double-tap with the finger will convert your handwriting into typed textNebo Review - Converted Text

Nebo converts handwritten math formulas into plan text

In addition to handwritten text recognition, Nebo also recognizes your handwritten formulas and even completes the calculation for you.

If this is something you are doing on a daily basis and you do very complex calculations, I recommend checking out Math Solver by Microsoft which is for free and has a lot more options and educational features.

How to convert diagram sketches into PowerPoint diagrams

Besides math conversion, Nebo has another unique feature, that allows you to draw basic diagrams with your Apple Pencil and then convert it into proper shapes. This way you can even export it to PowerPoint in which you can further edit and optimize your diagrams to your likings.