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GoodNotes 5

GoodNotes 5
Brand: Time Base Technology
Category: Note Taking Apps

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

5.9 3.0 1
  • App Stability 6 / 10
  • Cloud syncing 2 / 10
  • Handwriting 8 / 10
  • Intuitive 7 / 10
  • Multitasking 8 / 10
  • Overall Feeling 4 / 10
  • PDF Annotation 9 / 10
  • UI / Visuals 3 / 10


For an in-depth, review article about GoodNotes 5 please, follow this link.

What is important to know if you migrate from GoodNotes 4 to GoodNotes 5:

  • No Mac version available yet
  • No Autobackup as it was available in GoodNotes 4 (iCloud Sync and manual backup only)
  • Problems when adding pages to big PDF imports such as Digital Journals
  • Migration from GoodNotes4 to GoodNotes5 might mix up pages (seen when migrated Digital Journal with 400+ pages)

What is new in GoodNotes 5 compared to GoodNotes 4?

  • Vertical and Horizontal scrolling available
  • Global Search
  • Brush Pen
  • Page rotation

Features still missing in GoodNotes5:

  • Password protection
  • Audio Recording
  • Still, only full PDFs can be imported (not single pages)
  • No clickable bullet points (task)

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GoodNotes 5 - Details

General Specs

  • Supported Devices This app is available on these devices.
    iPad Pro, iPad
  • Supported Cloud Services Which cloud services are supported?
    iCloud Sync
  • Audio Recording Is it possible to record audio in the notes?
  • Notebook Password Protection Is a password protection available?


  • Apple Pencil Support Does the app support Apple Pencil?
  • Vectorized Ink Does the app use vectorized ink for drawing/writing?
  • Handwriting recognition Does the app support handwriting to text conversion?
  • Handwriting Recognition Languages
    English (US), English (UK), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Thai, Korean
  • Handwritten Equation Recognition Is it possible to convert handwritten equations into plain text formulas?
  • Recognition of Diagram Drawings Is it possible to convert hand drawn diagrams into solid shapes?
  • Handwriting Recognition Accuracy How accurate is handwriting recognition if available?
    Recognizes most parts of handwritten text
  • Straight Lines Tool Does the provide a tool that allows to draw straight lines or simple shapes?
  • Variety of Pen Styles How many options are available to choose from for the stylus?
    3 - 5
  • Change Line Style Afterwards Is it possible to change Style of a drawn line afterwards?
    Yes - colour and width

Multitasking Support

  • Drag & Drop export from Notebook Is it possible to drag and drop parts of the notebook (e.g. written text) into another app?
  • Drag & Drop import Is it possible to drag and drop things (e.g. pictures) from other apps such as a browser?
  • Drag & Drop within the app Is it possible to drag and drop things within the app from one notebook to another?
  • Splitescreen Support Is possible to run the app in splitscreen mode along with another app?
  • Moving Pages to Other Notebooks Is it possible to move pages from one to another notebook?
  • Clickable Hyperlink Is it possible to have clickable hyperlinks in the app?

PDF Annotation

  • PDF Import Is it possible to import PDFs into a notebook?
    Yes - But only the complete PDF document
  • PDF Annotation Is it possible to annotate an imported PDF in any way?
  • PDF Text is Searchable / Selectable? Is it possible to search the imported PDF document and/or select text?
  • Coloured Highlighter behind PDF text? When text within the imported PDF document is highlighted. Is it covering the text or does it stay behind?

Special Features

  • Customize Notebook Covers Is it possible to customize the notebook covers in this app?
  • Import Custom Page Templates Is it possible to import own custom templates into the app to us as cover as a page layout?
  • Bullet points (clickable) Is it possible to insert bullet points that can be ticked off?
  • Automated Date/Time Stamp per Page Is there a date/time stamp per page in the app?
  • Integrated Webbrowser Does the app provide an native webbrowser?
  • Import of animated GIFs Is it possible to import GIFs that show their animation in the notebook?
  • Import Playable Videos Is it possible to import videos that can by played within the note?
  • Import of Photos / Live Camera Picture Is it possible to import photos or take a picture with the camera and save it in the note?
  • Add Individual Tags to Pages Is it possible to use Tags with pages to search through the note books?
  • Add Bookmarks to Pages Is it possible to bookmark certain pages?
  • PDF Outlines / Digital Planner import Is the PDF Outline after importing clickable so that it jumps to the clicked section? This allows import of digital planners.
  • Global Search Is it possible to search for keywords through all Notebooks or only within one notebook?
  • Calendar integration Does the app provide a calendar function?

GoodNotes 5 - User Rating

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  • Rate this Product

  • How stable is the app when you use it?
  • How good or bad are the connectivity capabilities of the app (e.g. Cloud services for syncing with other devices).
  • How is the overall feeling during handwriting in this app with a stylus?
  • How intuitive and easy is it to learn the functions of the app?
  • How easy is it to multitask with other apps through this app?
  • How good or bad do you think feels the app when using it overall?
  • How good or bad do think are the PDF annotation capabilities of this app?
  • How do you like the visual aspects of the app? Do you like the UI?
  • 6 / 10 based on your selection

GoodNotes 5 - Video Reviews

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