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"We don't do hype here.
Only genuinely helpful, innovative, approved tools and tech!" – Tom Solid

our partners

Our Verified Partners align with
our core values

Our primary focus is to provide highly relevant content and recommendations to our community.

If a company aligns with the following core values and fulfills our Partner Conventions, we’ll share their product/service to help our community to foster the best solutions to their digital productivity challenges.

Customer Centric


  • put each customer at the heart of our organization
  • build and nurture relationships with our community
  • support customers responsively so they feel heard
  • use Customer Feedback to continuously optimize our value
  • foster a like-minded and dedicated community

Solutions and Technology


  • only use high quality well established, secure and reliable tools, and tech to run the Paperless Movement
  • use cutting-edge Design and Technologies
  • retain control over the content we create and opinions that we have
  • are in the tool-agnostic business, providing members solutions to their digital productivity problems

Tom Solid is a Thought Leader,
not an Influencer

We welcome constructive debates, comparisons, and healthy competition but do not ‘plug’ third-party products for the sole purpose of entering into a financial quid-pro-quo.

Paperless Movement Partner Conventions

Who can become a Partner

  • Companies of devices and tools used by Tom Solid in his own ICOR® Setup
  • Companies of devices and tools used and recommended by existing ICOR® Members
  • Companies of devices and tools approved by Tom Solid according to the ICOR® standards.
    • Reliable and well established
    • Customer-Centric Support
    • Highest Security Standards
    • Transparent Development (frequent community updates about changes and plans on what is next)

Who Can't become a Partner

  • Random reach outs with no understanding of the PPLMVMT Mission, Core Values, and Aims.
  • Companies that we feel can’t provide enough value to our PPLMVMT Community.
  • Companies that just want to increase revenue by audience coverage and not by building actual customer relations and high-quality solutions for their customers.

We welcome constructive debates, comparisons, and healthy competition but do not ‘plug’ third-party products for the sole purpose of entering into a financial quid-pro-quo.

We do accept payments for specific content creations that bring value to the PPLMVMT community (e.g. free tool courses, tutorials, tools, etc.).

We do NOT accept payments for any opinion-based content (e.g. review videos or posts). 

We don’t accept payment to create specific content published through any of the PPLMVMT platforms and social media from companies and individuals who are not official PPLMVMT partners.

If you think you or your company is a match,
let's have a call to get started with the application process!

In this call, you’ll have the chance to present your or your company’s tool or device directly to Tom Solid, Founder of the Paperless Movement®.

Please be aware that your offering needs to align with the Paperless Movement®’s core values and conventions to be considered for a partnership.

If Accepted, SHOW IT OFF!

As a verified PPLMVMT Partner Company or Expert, you are, and only then, eligible to place the official PPLMVMT verified Partner badge on your website, to show your partner status with and the Paperless Movement®.

For example in your website's footer:

We are #notsponsored
BUT as a verified Partner
we'll become your official Affiliate

This means your tool/device will become eligible for banner ads on our free content (e.g. blog posts). It will be indicated that this product is a verified Paperless Movement® partner.

Gain exclusive access to the PPLMVMT Community

Help our members find the best solutions for their (digital) productivity (ICOR®) setups and learn from the feedback given in our discussions, what your tools need to provide in order to become the best solution.

We have strict community guidelines for our verified partners that you can read HERE. This is to protect the privacy and security of our closed and exclusive membership community. Unfortunately, not following these guidelines will lead to an immediate removal of your verification status and a ban from the PPLMVMT community.

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Overview of the Paperless Movement® Verified Partner Ecosystem

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