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You’re not alone! Share your concerns, thoughts, and ideas with bright, open-minded people just like you!


Unlimited access to all our tool-specific courses PLUS the courses we create in the future! They’ll teach you what’s not in the tool manual!

Productivity Guides

20 productivity guides. Become a master in: note-taking, information, task and time management, and workflow automation. Become a master in productivity!

Partner Workshops

Inside the membership, you’ll find Partner Experts who are tool-specific specialists. They’ll provide you with in-depth videos to get you started on the tool setup of your dreams!


Be part of our regular Group Talks Sessions with highly experienced people who are excited about the world of productivity. Ask questions, discuss doubts, seek guidance, and improve your skills!

Exclusive Discounts

Access member-exclusive “nowhere on the web” discounts for tools and devices! For example: Get 30% OFF ClickUp, 20% OFF Paperlike Products, $35 OFF a Raven Scanner purchase, and more!

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Danielle H
Danielle Heer
This platform includes excellent resources for improving efficiency and productivity in a paperless world. Tom offers plenty of information about tools to help you on your journey, and I find superior merit in his systems approach and emphasis on not just "toying" with technology but really leveraging it for better results. Tom's membership provides outstanding value.
Sr. Finance Professional
Stefan Diasti
Tom Solid has seen, first-hand, the productivity and efficiency gains of going paperless, improving note-taking and utilizing the latest tools and technologies available. When Tom launched the membership, I was among the first to sign up! ICOR® Mastery has been an asset for rolling out best practices within my company.
CEO of Raven
Rick Haynes
I think that the Paperless Movement is something that is here to stay. And if you wanna get up and running in a hurry there's no better way to do it than to be a Paperless Movement member and have Tom Solid as your digital guru!
Sales - Hitachi Healthcare
Dr. Tamer Shahin
Awesome community! Really engaged and the response and expertise from Tom Solid is second to none. Not only does he know his stuff, he is really passionate about it and it shows in every bit of the site. Highly recommended if productivity matters to you.
Founder of CEO Entrepreneuer

Your Questions Answered!

The Paperless Movement®‘s main goal is to empower business professionals to get more work done with better information management.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by information and you’re not evolving in your projects or achieving your goals.
  • If you’re constantly switching from app to app without getting results, feeling frustrated, anxious, or even angry, simply fed up with your situation and need a way out.
Then the ICOR® Mastery Course, which is included in the Paperless Movement® Membership, is the right answer for you.
We’ve thought deeply about what goes into the ICOR® Mastery Course, and in doing so, we’ve designed and developed a course that goes directly to the point.
  • It teaches you how you should face information management.
  • How to deal with it and move forward with your projects and tasks in order to accomplish your goals.


But there is so much more that you’ll unlock by joining the Paperless Movement® Membership:

  • Community
  • Tool Courses
  • Productivity Guides
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Partner Expert Workshops
  • Ad-Free Website
  • and much more that will be added on a regular basis!
From Minute ONE of when we started designing the Paperless Movement® Membership, we believed that it HAD to be created as an investment for you, not an expense.
We don’t want to waste your time or make you feel like you’re losing your money.
We want you to join the membership and say: “Wow, that’s great! These guys really improve my life!”.
We don’t say this to brag or flex.
It’s just us telling you our aims and what we want your outcome to be.
We want to have a deep impact on how people work.
We want to be life-changing.
We believe we can improve people’s work and lives by telling them how they can deal with information, and how they can achieve their goals easier and faster.
Those are our ambitions. That’s what we’ve worked hard for, for all these years.
That’s why the Paperless Movement® Membership should always be seen as an investment, something that’ll help you earn way more money than you invested, based on how you improve your information and task management.

Monthly and Annual Paperless Movement® Membership

You will be granted access to the Paperless Movement® content and any future updates to the membership at no additional charge as long as your subscription stays active.

The Paperless Movement® Membership is focused on solving the problems related to information and task management for business professionals who deal with information and projects daily: CEOs, entrepreneurs, team managers, team members, and so forth inside any kind of business, no matter if they are 1-person businesses or big corporate conglomerates.
However, we think everyone should join this membership.
We live in the Information Management Era.
Those who know how to deal with information and tasks, especially in a digital setting, are the ones who’ll succeed in this life.
If you’re looking for shortcuts or “quick fixes”, then this is not the place for you.
We take information and action so seriously that we’re sharing with you a membership solution that took us decades to develop, and we will continue polishing it because information and action are forever changing.
It is always evolving and improving thanks to the new processes we think up and design or due to new tools that come on the scene.
But that’s the fun part of it!
Yes, you’ll need to invest time to see results, but this is the first membership of its kind that focuses on delivering what you need to know in as less time as possible!
For example: By dedicating just 100 minutes to our ICOR® Mastery Course, included in this membership, you’ll know the basics of ICOR®, and will begin to improve your overall performance!
If you’re not interested in doing that, then this membership isn’t for you.
But, we can guarantee you’ll save tons of time by joining the Paperless Movement® Membership because that’s one of our main goals: to save you time.
Why drag out concepts that can be explained in 2 minutes?
Paperless Movement® Membership is not something that is built once and stays there forever.
Our approach to this membership content is that you master it and adopt it as a way of life.
Our goal is to consistently update the membership with new content and to refine it to make it your go-to source for all of your productivity life.
That is why this is a recurring subscription.
But you do have the option to cancel at any time.
No problem.
We back our program with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Here is how it works: Participate for up to two weeks. If you no longer feel the Paperless Movement® Membership is right for you, send us an email to within 30 days from your date of purchase, and we’ll give you a full refund.
We’ll ask why it didn’t work for you, so we can improve it, but you’ll get a complete refund without any additional questions.
If you didn’t find your question replied to, in the questions above, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to
We’ll quickly reply to you!


First off, the course is BRAND NEW.
We don’t simply take YouTube videos and piece them together to create something teachable, from old material.
Secondly, the ICOR® Mastery Course has been designed, developed, and actionably synthesized to ensure all concepts, approaches, and steps can be easily consumed thanks to order, structure, and a logical sequence.
Everything is aimed at helping course takers understand concepts, processes, and techniques in the shortest time possible.
On top of that, it’s full of pragmatic content that’s not easy to find elsewhere.
Tom Solid and Paco Cantero’s ICOR® Talks, for example, bring crucial concepts to the table that you can consume in a relaxed routine because they’re centered around chats between two good friends who overcame productivity challenges in daily business and who have lived what you’re experiencing right now.
Last but not least, by buying the ICOR® Mastery Course you get access to the Paperless Movement® Community, a community with hundreds of like-minded and unprejudiced people who can help you by listening to your concerns and giving you their honest opinions based on how they solve the exact same situation.
You may say: “Sorry, I simply don’t believe you can give real added value in such a short amount of time. How can I trust you? What’s behind that 100-minute offer?”
We’re business professionals like you.
We know how critical time is for you.
You don’t want fluff.
You want direct solutions to the problems you’re facing TODAY.
You want things you can implement right NOW!
That’s why the whole Paperless Movement® Team has worked relentlessly for years to synthesize all the content in the ICOR® Mastery Course, only selecting the best of the best, carefully curating, thinking, designing, editing, adding, removing, and developing every detail of the course’s content.
Our 100-minute promise is a fact.
It’s our unwavering commitment to only providing you content with true value that enables us to make such an extreme promise.
It’s a commitment we’ve shouldered.
By the end of the course, you’ll look at information and task management from a totally different perspective, and it’ll happen within that 100-minute time frame.
The course consists of 20 videos which average 5 minutes each all with easy-to-digest information, where we distill all our experience and the conclusions we’ve drawn over almost 4 decades of dealing with INFORMATION and ACTION (projects and tasks).
You’ll learn and understand ICOR®’s foundational core in that amount of time.
BUT, this 100-minute approach doesn’t mean these 20 videos are the only content we’ve included in the course.
We highly recommend that you go the extra mile by consuming and enjoying all the bonus material.
The entire ICOR® Mastery Course consists of:
  • 20 ICOR® Mastery Video Lessons. The CORE of ICOR®, completed in 100 minutes.
  • 20 Magic Slides. Every lesson is presented and condensed for you onto one slide!
  • 20 Inspiration Sheets. Guides for you to use while taking notes, as you go through the course. These will help you to start building your ICOR® setup immediately.
  • 20 ICOR® Talks (5 to 20-minute videos). Tom Solid and Paco Cantero chat about techniques, concepts, and approaches you can use to take each lesson to the next level!
  • Tool-specific Sessions. This is an evergrowing tool section with simple tutorials, full courses, partner workshops, hacks, member use case walkthroughs and walk-throughs that showcase how to apply ICOR®’s Principles in real life, with real apps!
PLUS more additional content to sink your teeth into, such as:
  • Dumb ideas that work. These are additional things we include in certain lessons that may seem nonsense at the beginning but, if applied, can become life-changing!
  • Key concepts. Explanations of important concepts to further consolidate your knowledge.
  • Hacks. Mental models you can easily implement right away.
  • We don’t go very deep into apps. ICOR® is a tool-agnostic framework. This means, we just use tools in the course as examples to help you understand the concepts, mental models, processes, and techniques we explain. But don’t worry, we got you covered! If you want to go deeper into specific tools, we provide a big library of Tool-Specific Courses inside the membership.
  • We don’t share the exact system and architecture of apps you have to implement because, once in the course, you’ll understand that this is actually something that is 100% personal to how you operate. You have to design and implement a system that works exactly how your brain works. You’re unique. So is your most optimal system. We really dive deep into explaining how you can create your very own, personalized system, but it’s YOU; you are the one who needs to develop and implement it.
  • Deep theory. We leave that to the academics. We only explain theoretical concepts we consider to be critical to better understanding how to put things into practice. We’re pragmatic and direct people like we believe you are. We only share things that work!
  • Consumed but not implemented. If you think you’ll consume the ICOR® Mastery Course and do nothing afterward, you’re in the wrong place. You need to put what you learn into practice. This is not about passively consuming content. This is about taking action! Solving real-life problems! Fixing real issues! We HELP YOU A LOT, but you have to put your action into it too.
  • Long boring lessons and repetitive narratives. Your time and commitment are simply too valuable.
The ICOR® Mastery Course is a self-paced course.
You’re free to decide how and when to consume the content.
We know you’re more than responsible enough not to need a fixed schedule.
We do, however, recommend consuming the course this way:
  1. Start with the basics. Go through all the 20 ICOR® Mastery Video Lessons. That’ll take you 100 minutes. When finished, you’ll get ICOR®‘s whole picture.
  2. Go the extra mile. Go deeper and start consuming all the bonus material on each lesson worth 1 hour each.
Dedicating 4 weeks to ICOR® this will allow you time to think and deeply understand the concepts.
You’ll also be able to try and implement them step by step without suffering anxiety or feeling rushed.
But that said, IT’S UP TO YOU!
It’s a self-paced course, after all!

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FREE ICOR® Kickstart Guide!

Discover ICOR® and

Boost your Productivity


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