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What is planned so far

  • Full Access to all Online Courses

    ALL the information you need to go paperless and to boost your productivity at your fingertips. I will show you in detail, the right hardware and software solutions you need to level up your paperless life! This membership site will be updated on a regular basis with new exciting videos, workbooks and much more each month!

  • Member's Area

    For me, this is one of the most exciting parts of the site! This will be the place where we all connect and exchange experiences about everything paperless. YES, you can even invite other members to become friends, like or comment on their posts and even create your own groups. If you like Facebook, you gonna love this section! Because here we can focus on different topics instead of having one stream of question like in our Facebook Group.

  • Live Q&A Sessions with Tom Solid

    I will do regular live sessions where I will answer all your questions you have about going paperless. All those sessions will become available as replays on the website to follow up.

  • Forums

    I do remember, many of you loved the forum I created back in 2018 but had to shut down later on. Finally, they will be back and greater than ever! In the forums, we will build together the biggest knowledge base about going paperless!

  • Free Digital Journal and eBook downloads! (Annual Plan only)

    Members who go for an annual plan will get access to all eBooks and Digital Journals for free!

  • "Free Downloads" Section

    There will be a download section where I will provide page templates, workbooks, wallpapers and much more for download with no extra charge!

  • Free Giveaways and Discounts

    Only as a member of the #PaperlessMovement you will be provided with access to free giveaway contests and discounts (e.g. PaperLike or Apps).

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YES! The new site will be fully optimized to work on all mobile devices. There are also plans to provide a dedicated app for smartphones too!

By launching my first online course, I learned a lot. At the moment I am running three different websites to provide you the content I create. My blog site, my online courses site, and my shop site. My ultimate goal is that the new membership site will consolidate everything in one place. As the online course was very high priced, you will get the first two months of the membership for free!

If you bought Tom Solid’s Digital Journal 2020 already and you want to go for the annual plan, then you will get a discount for the amount you paid for the journal!

The planned release date for the full site is 1st December 2019. However, you will have the chance to get access up to two months before the official launch on a discounted price! Just sign up to be informed once the doors open!

Go 100% Paperless with Us

Key Features inside the Membership:

  • Full Access To All Online Courses
  • Member's Area + Q&A and Forums
  • Live Q&A Sessions With Tom Solid
  • Free Giveaways And Discounts