Verified Partner Badge

As a verified PPLMVMT Partner Company or Expert, you are, and only then, eligible to place the official PPLMVMT verified Partner badge on your website, to show your partner status with and the Paperless Movement®.

This partner badge must be linked back to the following URL:

Partner Company/Expert Community Guidelines

As our Partner Company or Expert, you are eligible to join the closed PPLMVMT community and engage with our members for the sole purpose to help them find the best solution for their productivity setups.

Our Verified Partner Companies and Experts also agree to the verified Partner Community Guidelines as follows:

Annual Reverification

Every year your verification status will be renewed. Your PPLMVMT Partnership Status will be re-verified by means of a critical re-evaluation according to our Verification Conventions. It is a mandatory review, however, due to the nature of SaaS and Device companies and Tool Experts constantly evolving their offerings we reserve the right to start a re-evaluation process before your annual renewal date. If changes made to your product offering no longer align with our Verification Conventions you or your company could end up relinquishing your PPLMVMT Partner verification status.