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Tom Solid - Founder of the Paperless Movement® and developer of ICOR®

Helping each other to improve

"Those who travel alone, travel fast. But those who travel together, travel far."

If you’d like to level up your entire productivity system with the support of like-minded business professionals, then join the community to get perspective and feedback on your strategy, tactics, and ideas in a secure and closed environment.

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Access ALL of Tom Solid’s tool-specific courses (existing and future ones)!

These online courses are about concrete how-tos and tool-specific training that you won’t find in their manuals.

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effective System!

We are in this together!

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Bi-Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with Tom Solid.

  • Get direct feedback on your individual productivity system inside the community and our Bi-Weekly Group Coaching calls.
  • Clarify your next steps to level up your digital setup.
  • Tackle your productivity bottlenecks strategically in no time.
  • We’ll overview YOUR current processes and conventions.
  • Leave with a comprehensive strategy to level up YOUR productivity system to the max.