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“Those who travel alone, travel fast. But those who travel together, travel far.” In short, we learn best when we learn with others! Build meaningful relationships with other like-minded professionals. Get perspective and feedback on your strategy, tactics, and ideas.


Membership gets you access to Dr. Thomas Roedl AKA Tom Solid!

He is a professional Business Analyst and loves analyzing existing processes and finding solutions to turn system bottlenecks into highly effective workstreams.

Tom, his partner experts, and even CEOs of many productivity software and hardware companies help by answering your questions inside the community!


Learn the ins and outs of the latest and greatest note-taking, knowledge, and task management platforms, plus gain little-known insights that will boost YOUR chosen platform’s usability and efficiency.

By signing up to the Paperless Movement membership you’ll unlock full access to all of Tom Solid’s tool courses!


Robust step-by-step guides to transform your digital productivity. These guides help you master critical aspects of your productivity system. From Digital Note-Taking to Workflow Automation, you’ll find something to level up your efficiency and make you a true Highly Productive Pro.


The ICOR™ framework covers all major productivity topics ranging from digital note-taking, document scanning, and management, knowledge management, task and time management, to workflow automation and optimization.

You will get access to all the resources needed to unleash your paperless efficiency in no time!

Highly recommend!

This platform includes excellent resources for improving efficiency and productivity in a paperless world. Tom offers plenty of information about tools to help you on your journey, and I find superior merit in his systems approach and emphasis on not just "toying" with technology but really leveraging it for better results. Tom's Inner Circle provides outstanding value including 1:1 coaching.

Danielle Heer

Sr. Finance Professional

A phenomenal resource for digital organization and going paperless!

Tom has seen, first-hand, the productivity and efficiency gains of going paperless, improving note-taking and utilizing the latest tools and technologies available. When Tom launched the membership, I was among the first to sign up! The Paperless Movement Inner Circle community is growing and gets stronger each day. The productivity guides and templates have not only helped personally, but have been an asset for rolling out best practices within my company.

Stefan Diasti

CEO of Raven

There is no better way than to be an Inner Circle member!

"I think that the Paperless Movement is something that is here to stay. And if you wanna get up and running in a hurry there's no better way to do it than to be a Paperless Movement member and have Tom Solid as your digital guru!"

Rick Haynes

Sales - Hitachi Healthcare Americas

His content is so helpful!

"I reached out to Tom with questions and asked for advice and he has been so gracious with his time and talent when he replies. And he ALWAYS replies!"

Dr. Shannon Tabaldo

Founding Director of the Innovation in Digital Education & Leadership (iDEAL) Institute at LMU

Awesome engaged community!

Awesome community! Really engaged and the response and expertise from Tom Solid is second to none. Not only does he know his stuff, he is really passionate about it and it shows in every bit of the site. Highly recommended if productivity matters to you.

Dr. Tamer Shahin

Founder of CEO Entrepreneuer

The absolute best site for heading down your paperless path.

Great reviews, timely advice, and a great helpful community. The most important site for your paperless journey.

James Pearce

Engineering Manager

Stefan Diasti

CEO of RAVEN (Cloud Scanners)

Dr. Shannon Tabaldo

Founding Director of the Innovation in Digital Education & Leadership (iDEAL) Institute at LMU

Rick Haynes

Sales - Hitachi Healthcare Americas

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"It's not just a framework. It's a philosophy!"

The ICOR™ Framework, developed by Dr. Thomas Roedl AKA Tom Solid, will give you the blueprint you need to get your productivity system to the next level. It is the ultimate framework for streamlining and automating your systems and processes!

Unlike other concepts, ICOR™ covers more than one specific area of your productivity system, such as digital note-taking. Instead, ICOR™ helps you to build your very own end-to-end productivity solution.

Most importantly, ICOR™ is tool-agnostic.

That means you can use the tools YOU love, plus find others that help connect the dots for your workflow.

By joining the Paperless Movement membership you will get your productivity system running like a well-oiled machine in no time!


We know you will LOVE the Paperless Movement membership, however, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way we have a 14 day money back guarantee. We want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member and really put what you learn into action… you will see amazing results!

It depends on different factors.

If you are just getting started with your digital productivity setup you will need more time to go through the course and apply the different steps than if you have already a running system that you want to optimize.

This can take between weeks to several months.

In any case, I recommend joining the community where we’ll work on your setup together which accelerates implementation big time!

The content is a mix of Video lessons, Workbooks, Templates, Written Guides, and tools.

The beauty of the ICOR™ Framwork is that it is tool-agnostic. This means you can pick the tools that fit your needs and still apply the ICOR™ principles in order to make them work together in the best way possible.

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