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Get instant access to a growing library of more than a dozen comprehensive step-by-step productivity guides. Guides that I’ve built to help you master critical bottlenecks in your productivity system.

From Digital Note-Taking over Knowledge, Task and Time Management to Workflow Automation, you’ll find something to transform your digital productivity and turn you into an efficient Digital Pro™ TODAY.

Leverage tools in the most efficient way!


Signing up to the Paperless Movement membership unlocks full access to all of my tool-specific courses! These online courses differ from ICOR™ Mastery and Productivity Guides in that they are less about concepts and systems, and more about concrete how-tos and tool-specific trainings.

So, if you’d like to: Mind-Mapping like a Pro with Miro, Use ToDoist effortlessly, leverage Noteshelf like a Digital Pro, Manage your Knowledge with Notion, and loads more, sign up today.

Highly recommend!

This platform includes excellent resources for improving efficiency and productivity in a paperless world. Tom offers plenty of information about tools to help you on your journey, and I find superior merit in his systems approach and emphasis on not just "toying" with technology but really leveraging it for better results. Tom's membership provides outstanding value including 1:1 coaching.

Danielle Heer

Sr. Finance Professional

A phenomenal resource for digital organization!

Tom has seen, first-hand, the productivity and efficiency gains of going paperless, improving note-taking and utilizing the latest tools and technologies available. When Tom launched the membership, I was among the first to sign up! The Paperless Movement community is growing and gets stronger each day. The productivity guides and templates have not only helped personally, but have been an asset for rolling out best practices within my company.

Stefan Diasti

CEO of Raven

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"Those who travel alone, travel fast.
But those who travel together, travel far."

If you just need to learn how to use a tool, sure, my courses will have you using them the best way in no time!

But, if you’d like to level up your entire productivity system with the support of like-minded business professionals, some of whom manage multi-million dollar companies, then join the community to get perspective and feedback on your strategy, tactics, and ideas in a secure and closed environment.

But wait, there is more!

It also allows you to connect with me and other members via direct messaging and to follow other members! Very much like Facebook, but with the advantage of you taking back your privacy.


“I came for a course but, stayed for the community!”

Yianno Koumi


Project Manager


As a Member, you’re granted direct access to me, Tom Solid. And, even though members get to see exclusive BTS footage and they can DM personally, I wanted to do more!

So, every fortnight I hold an intimate group call with community members. In these group calls we chat about how to better their systems and existing processes. Join us and together we’ll find solutions that turn your system bottlenecks into highly effective workstreams.

Awesome engaged community!

Awesome community! Really engaged and the response and expertise from Tom Solid is second to none. Not only does he know his stuff, he is really passionate about it and it shows in every bit of the site. Highly recommended if productivity matters to you.

Dr. Tamer Shahin

Founder of CEO Entrepreneuer

His content is so helpful!

"I reached out to Tom with questions and asked for advice and he has been so gracious with his time and talent when he replies. And he ALWAYS replies!"

Dr. Shannon Tabaldo

Founding Director of the Innovation in Digital Education & Leadership (iDEAL) Institute at LMU

Professional advice from world's leading Experts


The Paperless Movement is here to teach you which tools work best for your digital productivity system. I’ve helped hundreds of business professionals find specific tools, but I started the Paperless Movement to do more.

So, to help you master them, I’ve assembled a range of Partner Experts who are all verified tool specialists, such as ClickUp specialist Layla Pomper, Evernote specialist Stacey Harmon, Business Coaching Expert Tamer Shahin and many more!

They all form part of the Paperless Movement Community where they provide exclusive in-depth videos to get you started on the tool of your choice, in no time.


I continuously go out of my way to pick the brains of Top Excecutives and Experts such as Ian Small at Evernote, Zeb Evans at ClickUp, Stefan Diasti at Raven, and many more.

Becoming a Paperless Movement Member you’re granted access to exclusive live interviews with the added benefit of taking part in and rewatching old Q&As where Members are given 1 on 1 treatment and they can ask guest speakers intimate questions about their tools and methods. 

There is no better way...!

"I think that the Paperless Movement is something that is here to stay. And if you wanna get up and running in a hurry there's no better way to do it than to be a Paperless Movement member and have Tom Solid as your digital guru!"

Rick Haynes

Sales - Hitachi Healthcare Americas

The absolute best site!

Great reviews, timely advice, and a great helpful community. The most important site for your paperless journey.

James Pearce

Engineering Manager

Exclusive discounts for members


Members get exclusive access to “nowhere on the web” discounts for tools and devices the Paperless Movement Community use on a daily basis. The caliber and professionalism of the Paperless Movement Community I’ve fostered allowed me to leverage these discounts.

However, to perserve my unbiased review capability, I am not sponsored by these companies. I do this to provide greater value for my members.

Members get up to 40% OFF products like Paperlike, ClickUp, Snagit, Camtasia, Raven Scanner, and Rocketbooks.

from digitally overwhelmed
to digital excellence

ICOR™ Mastery

The ICOR™ Framework covers all major productivity topics ranging from digital note-taking, document scanning, and management, knowledge management, task and time management, to workflow automation and optimization and builds the foundation of the Paperless Movement ecosystem.


Creative research, digital note-taking, and document scanning have become essential parts of almost everyone’s daily routine. But, this process can be riddled with friction points which is the enemy to your productivity. Identifying effective workflows and conventions for your input, and creating the appropriate automation allows you to use the best tools for each step of this input stage.


Effective Knowledge & Document Management is the ability to identify, organize, store and share information. Essentially, the more time you spend searching for relevant information has a direct impact on your productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to have a system in place that you can follow to control your knowledge management.


To optimize your OUTPUT phase, you will want to create a system that manages your tasks or projects with the least amount of effort, frustration, and resources. Understanding the nature of what you want to accomplish, and identifying which tools will help you manage your tasks and projects more efficiently and effectively, will result in greater productivity.


Streamlining inefficient parts of your day and freeing up your time for big-picture items, is how workflow automation and optimization will help you. By spending more time on actual tasks and reducing the time you spend keeping track of them, will mean you are able to hit your deadlines faster and help you better balance your work:life ratio.

With ICOR™ Mastery
save up to $20,000

Working 8 years as Business Analyst in big industries, and spending +4 years with clients 1-on-1, means I am astutely aware that building a professional end-to-end productivity system takes 40+ hours (personal solutions) and 60+ hours (coporate solutions) of hands-on work.

And depending on the complexity of the solution needed, the state it was in before I was consulted, and the level of training required, this could take months to implement.

But, joining the ICOR Mastery, you will get all the tools and solutions that I used to build highly effective, 100% personalized, and easy to use digital solutions, saving you $20,000+ in 1on1 consulting costs.

*EARLY ACCESS ENDS 27th Jan 2022

Early Access means you will form part of the exclusive group of people who will have their current productivity systems analysed by me so that I can cultivate real life examples of how the ICOR Framework can be optimized to ensure the best results for as many diverse cases as possible.

How this will work:

  • Be part of the exclusive ICOR™ Group coaching calls
  • Receive direct feedback on your current situation
  • Early access to content like:
    • In-depth courses
    • Dynamic productivity system database
    • Interactive worksheets


Should you join before January 27th, 2022, you’ll be an ICOR™ Mastery Founding Member! And to reward you for your early commitment, you’ll be able to join for up to 70% OFF the final price.


  • Get individual feedback on your individual productivity system.
  • Clarify your next steps to level up your digital setup.
  • Tackle your productivity bottlenecks strategically in no time.
  • Our meeting will be recorded and transcribed for you to revisit all the information.
  • We’ll overview YOUR current processes and conventions.
  • Leave with a comprehensive strategy created during our call, for you to reference later.

*yearly and lifetime members only

What members have to say

Stefan Diasti

CEO of RAVEN (Cloud Scanners)

Dr. Shannon Tabaldo

Founding Director of the Innovation in Digital Education & Leadership (iDEAL) Institute at LMU

Rick Haynes

Sales - Hitachi Healthcare Americas

BUT, Is this really for YOU?

Who it is for

Who it is not for

It might seem weird that I'm trying to talk you OUT of becoming a member, but one of the main benefits of being part of the Paperless Movement Membership is having the right people inside. I would much rather you decide that it's not for you NOW, than having you join and find out it's NOT a good fit for you.

Are you a good fit?
Well then, Welcome!

Prices increase in

With the launch of the ICOR Mastery prices will increase significantly. Join our early access program and get pricing grandfathered.



Total Value


$ 2000+


for $49

per month

ICOR™ Mastery


Total Value


$ 22,600+

Join by 27th Jan 2022 to get

up to 70% OFF for life!


for $975

for $780

per year



BONUS: 2 extra 1on1 Coaching Calls with Tom Solid

(Value: $1000)

for $2950

for $975


*Offer ends 27.01.2022

Prices increase in


Lifetime Paperless Movement Membership

By the time you’ve completed payment, you will be granted lifetime access to the Paperless Movement training material (incl. ICOR Mastery), the members-only closed community, 3 x 60 min coaching calls in total, and any future updates to the course at no additional charge. Paperless Movement is the gift that keeps on giving!

Yearly Paperless Movement Membership

You will be granted access to the Paperless Movement training material (incl. ICOR Mastery), the members-only closed community, new 60 min coaching calls each year, and any future updates to the course at no additional charge as long your subscription stays active.

Monthly Paperless Movement Membership

You will be granted access to the Paperless Movement training material (excl. ICOR Mastery), the members-only closed community, new coaching calls each year, and any future updates to the course at no additional charge as long as your subscription stays active.

It depends on different factors.

If you are just getting started with your digital productivity setup you will need more time to go through the course and apply the different steps than if you have already a running system that you want to optimize.

This can take between weeks to several months. Which is the reason, why the ICOR content isn’t accessible to the monthly membership tier. Digital improvement needs committment.

Don’t worry! We’ll work on your setup together which will accelerate its implementation big time!

The beauty of the ICOR™ Framework is that it is tool-agnostic. This means you can pick the tools that fit your needs and still apply the ICOR™ principles in order to make them work together in the best way possible.

However, by applying the ICOR™ Framework to your system, you will learn exactly what tools work best for you and by being an ICOR Mastery member you’ll receive the personal support needed to accellarate the implementation process.

And, you’ll be in great company!

We know you will LOVE the Paperless Movement Membership however, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way shape or form, we have a 14- day-money-back guarantee!

We want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member and you really put what you have learned into action… you will see amazing results!