All you need to know to master digital note-taking

  • Do you own an iPad and an Apple Pencil, and are overwhelmed by the vast variety of note-taking apps offered?

  • Have you already found the right app, but want to learn more about note-taking techniques?

  • Do you want to learn how others have successfully gone paperless?

Then this book is for you!



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Maybe you’re just looking for a quick guide to help you to decide which iOS note-taking app to use, or perhaps you’re looking for in-depth tutorials. Check out these three different buying options. I’m sure you’ll find one package that suits you best.

Kindle Version

  • Liftime Updates
  • Note-Taking App Guide
  • Pro Tips
  • Note-Taking Strategies
  • Equipment Guide
  • User Stories
  • Digital Journal 2019
  • Note-Taking Templates
  • 10% PaperLike Discount


  • Lifetime Updates
  • Note-Taking App Guide
  • Pro Tips
  • Note-Taking Strategies
  • Equipment Guide
  • User Stories
  • Digital Journal 2019
  • Note-Taking Templates
  • 10% PaperLike Discount
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  • Liftime Updates
  • Note-Taking App Guide
  • Pro Tips
  • Note-Taking Strategies
  • Equipment Guide
  • User Stories
  • Digital Journal 2019
  • Note-Taking Templates
  • 10% PaperLike Discount

What does Lifetime Updates mean?

Note-Taking Apps mentioned and explained in this eBook are updated on a regular basis. And so is this eBook! This also means if there is something new, e.g. new equipment, new methods or new apps that should be mentioned in this eBook, than you can be sure that it will be included in a new version. And you will receive this updated version for FREE!

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I am so convinced that you will be satisfied with the quality and quantity of information in this eBook, that I am offering you a 30 day money back guarantee!

Tom Solid

Author spotlight

Dr. Thomas Roedl, alias Tom Solid founded the #PaperlessMovement while working in the complex industry of validation and data analysis. Tom’s daily goal is to excite people about the possibilities they have when going paperless. His long-term goal is to be engaged, and to help the world to go green while using clean energy so that paperless devices are powered with sustainable resources.

Dr. Thomas Roedl (Tom solid)

What others Are Saying about the author


Tom is addictive

His reviews of all sorts of Paperless tools are thorough and I enjoy hearing his own opinions about how he uses a particular app or device. I really haven’t thought about how easy and invaluable going paperless could be until I saw one of Tom’s videos.

Rhonda McKown

Safety Standards and Technology


Tom is an engaging speaker

Tom talks more like your next door neighbor. He loves the benefits of using technology to go paperless. His reviews cover the features of the technology, good and bad, at very helpful depth. I count on his reviews to help guide me in my search for the optimal user experience.

Newell Eastland

Senior specialist security compliance


Tom is a true inspiration

His most friendly approach, wit and style is such that listening to him review applications and technology is like sitting at the kitchen table listening to a family member speak of their discoveries and experiences.
I particularly like his honesty, down to earth approach, his humour and his passion for all things tech.

Dario Amara

Chairman Collier Homes


I am proud to be in Tom’s contact network

I've been watching Tom's videos and reading his blog related to productivity and I think he is doing a great job helping many people for "paperless culture” based on, for example, good annotation software and good hardware tools, it's important this evolution in our culture, very important.

Javier Martin Payen

PMO Manager

What you will get:

With this eBook you will get unique information, tips, tricks, and hidden features about paperless note-taking culture, such as what equipment, apps, and note-taking strategies to use. You will also be able to read community stories from people all over the world telling you how they went paperless and what they use.

The note-taking apps described in this eBook are updated frequently. To cover this, the eBook will be updated every time a major update for those applications is released. Once a new version of the eBook is available you will be able to download it for FREE


eBook Content List

Chapter 1 - History of Handwriting

Learn why handwriting is still the best way to take notes when compared to typing with a keyboard.

Chapter 2 - Note-Taking Strategies

Learn 6 Note-Taking strategies that will help you to take notes like a pro. Fast and focused. Never miss important information again.

Chapter 3 - Why to Use an IPad for note-taking

Learn the reasons why the iPad is the best tablet for handwritten notes to date, and why an Apple Pencil is the must have stylus.

Chapter 4 - Why you should use a screen Protector

In this chapter you will learn that protecting your display from scratches is not the reason why I use a screen protector. With the right screen protector you can get as close as possible to a paper like feeling writing with your Apple Pencil.

Chapter 5 - Why you should start a digital journal

Digital journaling is THE new trend when it comes to taking handwritten notes. There are several reasons to start one. What are they, and how to install a digital journal in your favourite note-taking app will be part of this chapter.

Chapter 6 - Why you Won't Ever Need A Keyboard Ever Again

You can, of course, use a keyboard whenever you’d like, but in this chapter I will show you how you can use your iPad and Apple Pencil instead of a keyboard. You’ll never have to type out an email or iMessage again!

Chapter 7 - Note-Taking Apps

This book will give you in-depth information about the big five (Notability, GoodNotes4, Noteshelf2, Nebo and Notes Plus) and other apps such as One Note and Apple Notes. You will also learn more about the companies behind those apps.

Chapter 8 - Pro Tips

This chapter will teach you shortcuts when using your favourite note-taking apps, and how to master multitasking. This will level you up to become a true paperleses note-taker pro.

Chapter 9 - User Stories

Do you want to learn what real people who are a part of the #PaperlessMovement use on their daily paperless routine? Read their stories and get valuable insights what worked and what did not on their journey to go paperless.


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