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Here's How It Works

Pick Your Theme

Tom Solid’s Digital Journal Designer let’s you choose between several themes, including a clean, light or a dark-mode theme that’s perfect for nighttime journaling.

Pick Start Date & Length

Your life doesn’t work the same as other people’s, so why would you settle for a static start date on your annual calendar? Whenever you create a new digital journal, pick the month and year you’d like it to start.

Choose Your Format

Everybody uses their iPads differently. Select either portrait or landscape orientation to suit whatever comforts you.

Pick the features you need

Select from a list of useful page layouts make your digital journal even more effective:

  • Monthly View
  • Weekly View
  • Daily View
  • Project Manager
  • To-do List
  • Milestones
  • Moodtracker
  • Select Your Page Layout

    Depending on your work or simply based on your preference, you can choose between graph, dotted, or lined paper.

    You even can choose the line height or grid size that’s best for your needs!

    You can even add a Moodtracker or Hourly Schedule!

    Left Hand Version

    Are you left handed? No problem! Just pick Left Hand Mode.

    Pick your Schedule

    You can change the weekly time schedule so it fits your daily routine.
    (This also applies to the Hourly Schedule on Day view).


    Exclusive Sticker Packs

    These 100+ sticky-note images are the perfect tool to liven up your digital journal. Stick them to your notes to make them visually more appealing or to call special attention to specific entries.

    Exclusive Template Packs

    Choose from nearly a dozen templates to suit your notetaking style. The pack includes templates for organization modalities such as the Charting Method, Cornell, and even a Mind Mapping Grid Template.

    What our DJD users have to say

    Dr. Falko Schallausky
    Dr. Falko Schallausky
    Like it!
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    I designed 3 different journals for 3 different projects. The designing was really easy and also if my journals starts next year I tested them ....and so I can it. The well-thought design and the „intelligence“ with all the links are really good. I like the style having all the information year-month-week-day at the left side of the journal because as a right-hander there is no way to switch by mistake. At the end...I‘m happy with the journals.
    Melissa Cover
    Melissa Cover
    Better than I expected
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    At first I was hesitant to spend money on a journal designer, but after downloading the free demo journal I was hooked. I use Noteshelf already, so this planner was easy for me to get used to using. I customized it the way I wanted it, essentially adding every available feature, and once I opened it I found it to be very easy to use and navigate. I inserted some pages and the navigation links continued working as expected. As the stickies were included in the service I bought, I tried those out and found them to be easy to use and great for a more pronounced visual reminder of something that needs to be done. I like the color scheme used and the fact that a lot of space isn’t wasted in the design, which means I open the journal more often. I’m very pleased with the purchase. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about it sooner.
    Martin Powell
    Martin Powell
    My Digital Journal
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    This website feature is, by far the best way to purchase a digital journal that is customised to my requirements. I don’t need a To-Do section since I use Todoist for all my tasks so that I could remove that from the final design. Choices of format, colour and page designs all give a fully personalised journal for my needs. The journal covers choices of start days and how many months means this system can easily be used to produce unique designs to cover the academic year for students—a suitable gift for the students in your life.
    Dr. Annette Richard
    Dr. Annette Richard
    Read More
    I love it!! I love everything about it!!! I have started using Morning Pages with it, and it is simply designed, easy to use and a joy to write on. I also love Noteshelf. It is the best journal I have ever had. A change, yes, from writing on paper, but when we know better, we do better!!!! Thank you for all of the very hard work you put into this. Also, love the color, and the ability to personalize it. Annette Richard
    Guus Goris
    Guus Goris
    Read More
    Since a couple of years I am trying to work without any paper! I just didn’t succeed in doing without a notebook to take quick notes in meetings. My recent purchase of the iPad 12inch in combination with the Penultimate/Evernote solution made it far better. Until I found out about the paperlessmovement. I purchased the Noteshelf and Digital Journal (as a little guess) and I must say, finally I manage to work without any piece of paper, write notes in PDFs, importing the PDFs in the journal on a day by day basis, find everything back I usually lost or needed too much time to retrieve… Finally I manage to work without any use of paper!!
    Sergio Barral
    Sergio Barral
    Great discovery
    Read More
    Dear Tom. I’ve been several years working without papers and always looking for the best way to organice my work and the best application but never find the perfect one. Discover you and your videos is helping me. I have already read your book and the great news is that I have confirm that NotesShelf 2 is one of the best applications. It is the application that better fits to my needs in my everyday work and also for personal questions. Congratulations for your work. Best regards.
    Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly
    It’s got it all!
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    This journal is brilliant in managing and helping me organise my work. I admit I have a little way to go to fully utilise this journal but I can see the potential, and I just need to work out what suits me. Thanks Tom, appreciate everything you do, your passionate and operate from a good place indeed
    Shane Kelly
    Paul Turner
    Paul TurnerJust what I was looking for!
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    I have been a Day-Timer user since 1980. I like having a daily journal that allows me to record my daily record of events (DRoE’s), keep my timed events and write down tasks. I like to keep additional information with me on projects I have going on. I don’t do much at my age anymore, but I do like to keep up with my life for my grandkids. Your implementation of an electronic journal is just what I needed! I really appreciate the format of page to get from day to any other day in the year in an instant. Thank you! I know it was a lot of hard work and I really appreciate it!
    Cleverly thought out and intuitive!
    Read More
    Great idea. Not been able to find anything comparable on the web after looking far and wide...the linking is very intuitive and my favourite bit is that switching between month and week view is so quick. Have used both 2019 and 2020 calendars now. All in all great utility. Thanks for coming up with this and more importantly sharing with everyone.
    Jeff Mason
    Jeff Mason
    Critical to my consulting business
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    Digital notes taking increased my business efficiency immensely. Being able to quickly search across all notes to find pieces of information to share on the fly with my clients increases my value to them. The layout of the Digital Journal is minimalistic with just enough structure to make organizing notes, To Do, and Projects. Going into my 3rd year using Tom’s Digital Journal and looking forward to many more.

    Get Instant Access to our Digital Journal Designer

    $ 14
    One-Time Payment

    This includes:
    • Create as many Digital Journals as you like*
    • 48 Note-Taking Templates
    • 100+ Stickers pack

    *This One-Time payment will give you UNLIMITED access to the Digital Journal Designer for 1 month. During this time you can create unlimited versions of Digital Journals that suit your needs (but reasonable amounts for personal use only). You can keep the Digital Journals you've created during this time FOR LIFE!

    The Story behind the Digital Journal Designer

    Tom Solid (Dr. Thomas Roedl)

    Founder of the Paperless Movement™

    Back in 2018, I decided to publish my first digital journal for the community to use. The feedback was, and still is, awesome.

    However, as I continued to improve the digital journal based on user feedback, I continuously found myself needing to make compromises between feature requests. Some users wanted the journal to be in landscape orientation. Others wanted portrait. Somebody would want a specific line height for the daily view while another wanted the entire page to be in grid format. Needless to say, it wasn’t possible to accommodate all these requests in one publishable journal. While in the short term I began creating custom journals for individual community members, that clearly wasn’t sustainable.

    So, this idea of creating a Digital Journal Designer (DJD) for the community was born! I teamed up with a developer friend and got to work building a robust application that anybody could use to create the perfect journal, just for them.

    Now, we’re on the second version of the DJD, and I couldn’t be more excited! I want to thank all of you who pre-ordered the first version of the DJD. It’s because of your support that we were able to get here.


    How long will I have access to the Digital Journal Designer?

    After 1 month, your access to the Digital Journal Designer expires. However, you will keep access to the digital journals you already created and the stickers and templates you downloaded. However, you will no longer be able to create new digital journals, nor will you have access to the templates and stickers download section. In order to create new journals, you would need to pay for another month access.

    Will the Digital Journal still be useful if I'm not using an iPad and Apple Pencil?

    Although it is recommended to use your Digital Journals with an iPad and Apple Pencil and a compatible note-taking app (e.g. Notability, GoodNotes 5 or Noteshelf) you can use it on any device with an app that support PDF import and hyperlinks. For example you could use it on an Android tablet running Notshelf too!

    I’m not 100% sure what the Digital Journal Designer is or if it's right for me. Do you offer a trial so I can test it out?

    No, I’m not currently offering a trial. However, I do offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I stand by that guarantee. If you’re not getting what you paid for, just let me know and I’ll make you whole. If you have questions, just let me know. Simply send me an email using

    What does Lifetime Access mean?

    You’ll have access to the generator as long it exists on


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