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How to use Apple Notes like a Pro

How to use Apple Notes like a Pro

Created by Tom Solid (Dr. Thomas Roedl)

Last updated November 7, 2022

What you'll learn

How to Quick Access your notes
How to add Videos, Audio and Images to your Notes
How to convert your handwriting to typed text
How to scan and organize your paper documents

Who this course is for

Beginner to Intermediate Apple Notes users


Any iPad and Apple Pencil


Apple Notes is a free note-taking application that is available on any Apple Device (iPad, iPhone, Mac). This means it is a powerful tool that allows you to create your own information system for staying organized. Tom Solid uses Apple notes for temporary notes, which eventually end up in his knowledge management system.

However, if you want Apple Notes to become your go-to source for information that you collected, then this course is for you! Tom shares all you need to know to leverage this tool to its fullest potential.

As a busy business professional or educator, you probably find it hard to create and organize notes in an effective manner. Tom was able to set up Apple Notes for the new age of note-taking, and now Tom wants to teach you to do the same.

Thousands of people who have watched Tom Solid’s Apple Notes videos on YouTube have been asking for a course like this. And now it is finally available to YOU! So let’s get started!

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