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The following courses,
and all future courses, are included in the Paperless Movement® Membership


Apple Notes is a free note-taking application that is available on any Apple Device (iPad, iPhone, Mac). This means it is a powerful tool that allows you to create your own information system for staying organized.
In this course, you'll learn how to use ToDoist like a Digital Pro™. It's all about setting up ToDoist in the best way possible to leverage its key functionalities in order to apply a derivative of Getting Things Done®.
This course focuses on Mind-Mapping and Diagramming using Miro. This course aims to help you develop all the skills needed to leverage Miro for developing concepts, creating workstreams, and connecting the dots of complex thought processes.
Noteshelf is a note-taking application that is available on any Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac) and Android. This means it is a powerful tool that allows you to create your own information system for staying organized.

ICOR® Mastery Course FAQs

First off, the course is BRAND NEW.
We don’t simply take YouTube videos and piece them together to create something teachable, from old material.
Secondly, the ICOR® Mastery Course has been designed, developed, and actionably synthesized to ensure all concepts, approaches, and steps can be easily consumed thanks to order, structure, and a logical sequence.
Everything is aimed at helping course takers understand concepts, processes, and techniques in the shortest time possible.
On top of that, it’s full of pragmatic content that’s not easy to find elsewhere.
Tom Solid and Paco Cantero’s ICOR® Talks, for example, bring crucial concepts to the table that you can consume in a relaxed routine because they’re centered around chats between two good friends who overcame productivity challenges in daily business and who have lived what you’re experiencing right now.
Last but not least, by buying the ICOR® Mastery Course you get access to the Paperless Movement® Community, a community with hundreds of like-minded and unprejudiced people who can help you by listening to your concerns and giving you their honest opinions based on how they solve the exact same situation.
You may say: “Sorry, I simply don’t believe you can give real added value in such a short amount of time. How can I trust you? What’s behind that 100-minute offer?”
We’re business professionals like you.
We know how critical time is for you.
You don’t want fluff.
You want direct solutions to the problems you’re facing TODAY.
You want things you can implement right NOW!
That’s why the whole Paperless Movement® Team has worked relentlessly for years to synthesize all the content in the ICOR® Mastery Course, only selecting the best of the best, carefully curating, thinking, designing, editing, adding, removing, and developing every detail of the course’s content.
Our 100-minute promise is a fact.
It’s our unwavering commitment to only providing you content with true value that enables us to make such an extreme promise.
It’s a commitment we’ve shouldered.
By the end of the course, you’ll look at information and task management from a totally different perspective, and it’ll happen within that 100-minute time frame.
The course consists of 20 videos which average 5 minutes each all with easy-to-digest information, where we distill all our experience and the conclusions we’ve drawn over almost 4 decades of dealing with INFORMATION and ACTION (projects and tasks).
You’ll learn and understand ICOR®’s foundational core in that amount of time.
BUT, this 100-minute approach doesn’t mean these 20 videos are the only content we’ve included in the course.
We highly recommend that you go the extra mile by consuming and enjoying all the bonus material.
The entire ICOR® Mastery Course consists of:
  • 20 ICOR® Mastery Video Lessons. The CORE of ICOR®, completed in 100 minutes.
  • 20 Magic Slides. Every lesson is presented and condensed for you onto one slide!
  • 20 Inspiration Sheets. Guides for you to use while taking notes, as you go through the course. These will help you to start building your ICOR® setup immediately.
  • 20 ICOR® Talks (5 to 20-minute videos). Tom Solid and Paco Cantero chat about techniques, concepts, and approaches you can use to take each lesson to the next level!
  • Tool-specific Sessions. This is an evergrowing tool section with simple tutorials, full courses, partner workshops, hacks, member use case walkthroughs and walk-throughs that showcase how to apply ICOR®’s Principles in real life, with real apps!
PLUS more additional content to sink your teeth into, such as:
  • Dumb ideas that work. These are additional things we include in certain lessons that may seem nonsense at the beginning but, if applied, can become life-changing!
  • Key concepts. Explanations of important concepts to further consolidate your knowledge.
  • Hacks. Mental models you can easily implement right away.
  • We don’t go very deep into apps. ICOR® is a tool-agnostic framework. This means, we just use tools in the course as examples to help you understand the concepts, mental models, processes, and techniques we explain. But don’t worry, we got you covered! If you want to go deeper into specific tools, we provide a big library of Tool-Specific Courses inside the membership.
  • We don’t share the exact system and architecture of apps you have to implement because, once in the course, you’ll understand that this is actually something that is 100% personal to how you operate. You have to design and implement a system that works exactly how your brain works. You’re unique. So is your most optimal system. We really dive deep into explaining how you can create your very own, personalized system, but it’s YOU; you are the one who needs to develop and implement it.
  • Deep theory. We leave that to the academics. We only explain theoretical concepts we consider to be critical to better understanding how to put things into practice. We’re pragmatic and direct people like we believe you are. We only share things that work!
  • Consumed but not implemented. If you think you’ll consume the ICOR® Mastery Course and do nothing afterward, you’re in the wrong place. You need to put what you learn into practice. This is not about passively consuming content. This is about taking action! Solving real-life problems! Fixing real issues! We HELP YOU A LOT, but you have to put your action into it too.
  • Long boring lessons and repetitive narratives. Your time and commitment are simply too valuable.
The ICOR® Mastery Course is a self-paced course.
You’re free to decide how and when to consume the content.
We know you’re more than responsible enough not to need a fixed schedule.
We do, however, recommend consuming the course this way:
  1. Start with the basics. Go through all the 20 ICOR® Mastery Video Lessons. That’ll take you 100 minutes. When finished, you’ll get ICOR®‘s whole picture.
  2. Go the extra mile. Go deeper and start consuming all the bonus material on each lesson worth 1 hour each.
Dedicating 4 weeks to ICOR® this will allow you time to think and deeply understand the concepts.
You’ll also be able to try and implement them step by step without suffering anxiety or feeling rushed.
But that said, IT’S UP TO YOU!
It’s a self-paced course, after all!