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Company description from LinkedIN Profile:
BY pushing technological limits, VIA our apps and developer kits, we ENABLE you to be efficient, productive, and remarkable. We’re an elite and innovative team of experts pushing the limits of digital handwriting capabilities. Our passion is to create the greatest UX (User Experience) as our stellar ratings and industry acclaim will attest. We love challenges. We enjoy making things considered impossible, possible. We keep pushing the limits, everyday.
As a result of our innovation, we have filed two patents that allow us to give you the best user experience. The first is for our vector based inking engine and the second is our heuristic algorithm for palm rejection.

    • Handwriting Recognition: -YES-
    • Multitasking: -YES-
    • Audio Recording: -YES-
    • Best to use for: Business / University
    • Password Protection: -YES-
    • Drag & Drop: -YES- (Pictures only)

All you need to know about
digital note-taking
in one ebook!

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Learn EVERYTHING you need to Know to...

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