There’s No ALL-IN-ONE Productivity App. Here’s How You Can Fix That.


The growing number of apps that provide a standalone solution will make you feel like a kid in a candy store

You might have one app for note-taking that uses a handwriting function with a stylus and another app for to-do lists and appointments. And even another app for storage, project collaboration, or work-sharing.

When we add more and more apps into our daily workflow, we start to find complications. Apps with overlapping functions start competing with each other. Because they both have a similar job, we forget which app we used for which project.

For example, your favorite note-taking app can also have a reminder function and your favorite calendar app might also have a reminder function. You certainly don’t need two. So which one do you use? Which one did you use? Did you even remember to set that reminder?

Further complications arise when some apps integrate with each other, while others don’t. And some apps can do one job great, but we like a different app for another job that the first app can do, just not as well.

Is your head spinning yet?

How do we keep track of all these apps? Isn’t there one mega-app out there that can just do it all?

It can be tempting to think that someone should come up with an app that can do it all.

But as tempting as that sounds, imagine what it would be like.

An app that covered all of the possible needed functions would end up being as big and complicated as an entire operating system. And it would have the glitches and bugs that go along with being big.

Not to mention, each function of this imaginary mega-app would be watered down at best, because the company who created it would have their focus spread over dozens of areas.

When an app serves one main purpose or several related purposes, the developers can focus on making it the best possible solution for the problem it solves.

So what is the best solution for app overwhelm, if it isn’t a mega-app, or just embracing the chaos?

The answer is integration.

When it comes to using your favorite apps to their highest potential, app integration is the key.

What is app integration?

App integration is bringing the data (and/or function) of one app to another app so they can both work together. (Kind of like building your own customized mega-app.)

When your apps communicate with each other you won’t have to play the part of the data entry middle-man. Manually going back and forth between your apps to make sure all of the data is congruent can be a recipe for disaster.

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