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The A.I. Tools You Need To Stay Productive In 2022

It’s high time you leveled up your Personal Knowledge Management with A.I.

One of the many wonders of our digital world is the ability to connect with like-minded souls, share ideas, and gain a fresh perspective on something we feel knowledgeable about. A recent Tweet exchange between Tom Solid and Paco Cantero lit a spark in the productivity world. Ticking all the boxes, and from it, a friendship was born.

Tom asked on Twitter:

Twitter Post. Image. Tweet and Response. Topic: AI, Search, Tags VS Folders.Tom Solid (@paperlessmove) Tweet: "Tags vs Folders. Who wins?" Paco Cantero (WORRYbeHAPPY 🚢) @PacocanteroW Replying to @paperlessmove on Jun 18:"I’m on my way to an utopian destination: no folders, nor tags…"

Just look at Paco’s response!

It was an answer Tom wasn’t expecting but has since evolved his thinking.

A.I. and search are the true sorting functions and processes that have the potential to change the way we work. Tools like and Heyday are definitely on to something.

Paco is Productivity’s Top Writer on Medium. He is also the Founder of Worry Be Happy (WbH), he believes that happiness should “occupy” us. We can only reach happiness by looking and “working” at it. Interestingly Paco has found, that a simple phrase, a mere conversation, or a person, has meant great points of inflection for him and his life. He wants to be that trigger for others too. He has already made an impact on Tom and the Paperless Movement® Community. We think he will do the same for you. 

Listen in, as we discover why Paco switched from Notion to Obsidian, to the notetaking app MemX. MemX is a platform that intelligently organizes your notes and data using artificial intelligence.

Discover Paco’s connection is with productivity and happiness, and how AI is a big part of the equation too.

Hit play to listen to the Podcast! Take it all in digest the full blog post below!

Watch The Fully Chaptered Video Interview

Why AI is the next big thing for data organization

Folders: There was a time when folders were once a radical development. A transition from the physical world to the digital world. However, we discovered that when we had something in a folder it was isolated. Not to mention, we are unable to hold the same item in a different folder at the same time.

Tags: Tags were the next development, they allowed us to have the same item in different places. This was a huge step in organizing and managing our digital data. However, the issue still comes in when we have a large number of tagged items. It can be incredibly overwhelming, and no longer serve the intended purpose.

Tagging by context: Paco argues that while you are writing notes, it can be difficult to know what tag to assign or where it should be placed. Being forced to define it or place it in a certain place creates friction.

So what is the future of organizing our data then?


A World Without Tags

Dennis Xu, CoFounder of Mem
Tom’s Solid Feature for Paco Cantero Interview: and MemX

Why Tom Solid loves

After speaking with Paco, Tom tried MemX for the second time. He did it to experiment with the AI aspect of Mem that wasn’t there the first time. And was he taken aback by the results it brought up!

He imported all the data he had on various other note-taking apps and was astounded by the AI. Content he had long since forgotten about but, was now somewhat relevant, was being presented to him in an elegant UI/UX experience.

What was most surprising was that the content from his search was not associated with the search tag he had previously used. Rather, it was contextually connected through topic and relevance.

We know it can be difficult to comprehend how AI suggestions work. But, it was enlightening to see how powerfully driven AI is. Detecting patterns Tom wouldn’t have thought of.

ICOR Symbols for Tom’s Solid Feature for the Paco Cantero Blog Post is: and MemX

I want to get my idea out and I want to retrieve it as soon I need it!

Tom Solid

The Story of Paco Cantero

Paco’s fascination for processes is evident, he’s been coding since he was 8! His past experiences include working for large consultancy companies, such as Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), and Accenture. Around 20 years ago he started his own marketing online agency (Neozink) and has been running numerous businesses ever since. 

Productivity runs at the heart of all his ventures, in particular, his current venture is WORRYBe HAPPY. Paco believes, “ …productivity should be understood as a way of living”. He believes when we know how to deal with data we become more productive, and this fulfillment naturally results in happiness.

Mem X

Paco has been a beta tester and a massive proponent for They are the world’s first self-organizing workspace. They make it easy to capture, share, and make use of your knowledge, helping you re-discover data you forgot you had, as well as make new connections between old pieces of information.

Paco believes this is the future of knowledge management. 

Rather than the limiting approach of adding tags by context, Paco uses his MemX workspace like a bucket, a place to throw all his ideas in. It doesn’t matter what the content is, he simply adds the note, and can confidently recall the information later with ease. 

He compares this process to how our human brain works, and when we are able to create workflows that work exactly as our brain does we can begin to create harmonious relationships with our data, rather than it being scattered and overwhelming.

I don’t like to call it second brain. I always say that I have just one brain, that has two different parts, a physical. And a digital one.

Paco Cantero

Why Mem rivals other Note-taking apps

Tom sees the potential behind Obsidian, especially the graph feature when it comes to connecting and evolving our notes. However, there are major limitations when using Obsidian. It requires a lot of initial know-how to set it up. Plus, when it comes to searching your terms, you need to use the exact word for it to be effective.

With, it is easy to get started. As soon as you start writing something in the search field, suggestions are shown within the window and it is lightning fast. Suggestions are not necessarily linked to your keyed specific tag, Mem will also provide other contextual suggestions too. Let’s face it, we all spend a great deal of time creating and capturing information, that often gets lost in folders or information silos. Mem creates a world where we have access to our information when we need it. Plus, with Mem you can easily discover what your team has worked on too. This helps you to readily build collective intelligence.

Databases are not a good place to store ideas.

Paco Cantero

Tom asks, whether there is a difference between a database and a notebook? Does using Mem make a database for notes redundant?

From a user perspective, Paco believes using database-driven platforms like Notion creates friction. When he has something in his head that he wants to write down, having to go to the destination is an unnecessary step. Using Mem, Paco has a system to capture the items easily and instantly, plus makes recalling an intuitive and automatic process.

Motion the A.I. Calander you need

Another favorite AI-driven tool Paco recommends is Motion. When it comes to productivity, he sees this as a big step for the industry, a realization that we don’t manage projects or tasks. Instead, it is time that we manage. With Motion, you can throw away your to-do lists, calendars, and project management tools, the app uses artificial intelligence to plan your day.

Planning our day takes time, plus plans constantly change. Motion fixes this problem by algorithmically planning the perfect schedule — in seconds. Projects are no longer siloed in a separate platform, Plus Motion prioritizes your work and builds a plan for everyone to finish projects by deadline, automatically.

Why you need to Define your own workflow

Many people ignore the importance of defining their own workflows and instead use the workflows of others. Paco believes in a better option, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by all the information that they have to deal with. We can use AI as a means to improve and understand our own patterns. He doesn’t see AI as a threat, but instead as an opportunity to grow, the better our system is, the better our lives will be.

For Paco, information is not just about knowledge management. It’s so much more, it’s also about goals, how we manage and achieve them, communicating with your team, as well as knowing what we need to do right now. A good system helps us immediately know what’s the best task to do depending on the length of time that you have to perform a task and the type of energy you have AI can combine the data about our physical needs, and emotions and help us to work at our optimal. This is what will actually help us to be happy.

Tom relies on Evernote as a document dump for certain aspects of his business. He doesn’t question how to organize his notes within Evernote, it simply is the destination he needs. Evernote remains the best tool to search through his scanned imported PDFs, and handwritten notes. Tom relies on the powerful search functionalities of Evernote to find the document with confidence and ease. Introducing AI and machine learning would truly spearhead Evernotes capabilities, will this be a direction for the note-taking platform and others?

Where to from here

Where will AI take us? There are already tools to write blogs and social media posts. They have the ability to use your historical data to learn what works and what would be beneficial to your audience. It is great for those of us who love feedback through analytics and KPIs, but what about originality in our content? There is so much potential, but for now, we are excited about tools like Mem and Motion. Ones that can instantly and dramatically boost our productivity, evolve our ideas, and reduce time on those time-suck areas.

Are you ready to take the next leap?

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