reMarkable 2 vs iPad and Apple Pencil

As many followers of the Paperless Movement know, the reMarkable 2 has been a hotly debated product! When it comes to digital note-taking, many of us want that feeling of writing on paper. We want that flawless fluid feeling, it makes writing easier, and the reMarkable 2 really does tick this box. We also know […]

How To Use Todoist to Track Emails, Notes, and Tasks From Other Apps

If you’re looking to be more productive, keeping task management software is a great place to start. And among the many to-do list apps in the market right now, Todoist continues to be the number one choice for various reasons—from smart language recognition to cross-platform support. Still, it might not cover all parts of your […]

How good is the iPad Pro for doing math using an Apple Pencil?

Many of my Paperless Movement members are studying or working in engineering and want to know what apps you can actually use to solve complex mathematical problems. Of course, those apps are very useful to anybody who is interested in mathematics and physics. In one of my last videos, I showed you that MyScript was […]

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Web Inc is a Cleveland, Ohio-based business developing products for mobile apps, browser extensions, and desktop software. Nimbus integrates note-taking, screencasting, task management, and bookmark visualization to help people be more productive and organized. With Nimbus, you can collaborate and share information with your friends and coworkers. Seamlessly keep track of your contacts addresses, […]

MarginNote 3


When you are looking for a note-taking app that allows you to do professional literature research on the iPad, then MarginNotes 3 is the right tool for you! It allows you to create mind maps by connecting different content parts of your PDF documents. It is so easy to connect the dots between different sources […]

Apple Pencil Alternatives – What you NEED to know!

Do you want an Apple Pencil but have a limited budget? Are you looking for a stylus for taking notes on your iPad? You want a stylus and you know what you want to use it for, but you don’t know which one to buy, an Apple Pencil or a cheaper alternative. Read this review […]

Pleexy | How to Synchronize Todoist with Your favorite Project Manager

How to Automate Your Personal Task Management System and Get Real Work Done If you’re anything like the average knowledge worker, you might start your day with laser-like focus, ready to take on your most important project — only to get side-tracked by a Slack notification 10 minutes later. From this point on, your productivity […]

Best Mind Mapping Software 2021

I’ve been searching for the best mind mapping software for a long time. I’ve tested them all:, MindMeister, Milanote, MindChat, SimpleMind, iThoughts, MindNode, XMind, Mindly, LucidChart, Cardflow, Coggle, and Grafio 4. You would think after testing so many apps, I would’ve found one that could meet all of my requirements. But each one of […]

Best Productivity Systems 2020

How do you go from struggling to a highly productive professional? The answer is fairly simple–use productivity tools on a daily basis. These tools have helped me immensely in organizing and jotting down ideas for my business and in my private life, too. Let me share some tools that I know and personally recommend. Remember, […]


When it comes to handwriting recognition, then Nebo is the best! MyScript, the company that created Nebo also provides the handwriting recognition engine for other tools such as Notability, GoodNotes5, and Noteshelf.   How to convert handwritten text to typed text in Nebo The big advantage over other note-taking apps for the iPad is, that […]

Best Paperlike Screen Protector for your iPad and Apple Pencil

I tested loads of screen protectors (and tempered glass) on my iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhones. Either, most of them were very bad to put on (could not avoid air bubbles) or they reduced the responsiveness of my, input resulting in bad user experience. But finally, I found THE matte screen protector that rules them all. PaperLike!