The Getting Things Done Method: Your Ticket to Productivity

Getting Things Done (or GTD for the die-hard devotee) is a personal productivity system created by David Allen. GTD is one of the most popular productivity methods out there. His book by the same name has been a top seller since it was first published in 2001.  But this isn’t just any old productivity system. […]

How To Use Todoist to Track Emails, Notes, and Tasks From Other Apps

If you’re looking to be more productive, keeping task management software is a great place to start. And among the many to-do list apps in the market right now, Todoist continues to be the number one choice for various reasons—from smart language recognition to cross-platform support. Still, it might not cover all parts of your […]

How to use the KISS Method for Productivity

We’re always looking for ways to be more productive in the amount of time we have each day. There are systems and tools that solve problems we face in our daily work that are meant to help us get more done in less time. But sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things by adding tool upon tool, system upon system.

Productivity App Overwhelm And The Myth of Multitasking

As a matter of fact, according to Statista, in 2017, there were 2.8 million apps for download on Google Play, and 2.2 million to choose from in the Apple Store! There are literally millions of apps available that claim to organize your life and boost your productivity. Trying to analyze your tasks and responsibilities, and […]

Busy vs Productive: There is a Difference & How to Make the Shift

I know how it feels. That’s how things felt for me, not too long ago. Home, family, work, and the Paperless Movement keep me going from dawn until dusk. Things at my day job were particularly busy. Some of my responsibilities as a team-lead are: troubleshoot, delegate, answer questions, problem solve, answer emails, answer phone […]

Make More With Less: How Minimalism Can Help You Get More Done

What is minimalism? Minimalism is a way of living life with fewer possessions, by thoughtfully choosing which things to allow into your life—and which things to get rid of. This includes the things in your home, office, relationships, food, schedule, downtime activities, and work. Minimalism isn’t just about owning less (although that is the effect […]