Video Transcription: “All right, this is an easy one. Just hold your Apple Pencil like this and clap your hands and it’s gone, and as soon as you clap your hands again, it’s back. That’s an easy one. I have even something more exciting, which is actually the new iPad OS 14 update coming …

New Scribble Feature in iPadOS14 will change EVERYTHING Read More »

I tested loads of screen protectors (and tempered glass) on my iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhones. Either, most of them were very bad to put on (could not avoid air bubbles) or they reduced the responsiveness of my, input resulting in bad user experience. But finally, I found THE matte screen protector that rules them all. PaperLike!

If you’re navigating a busy life, (and who isn’t these days?) you need some kind of a system to plan and organize your tasks and events.

Traditionally, paper planners have been the tool of choice when it comes to planning and staying on track. They offer calendars and spaces to take notes, at minimum. And they get more fancy from there, including color-coding and stickers to help further organize a multifaceted schedule.

You might remember that I was showing you the MyScript handwriting calculator app back in 2018 on YouTube.

Just recently Microsoft published a free app, that can do even more!

Watch the video to learn more.

If you like to take handwritten notes on a tablet, then this post is for you!
We will look at the best note-taking apps for your iPad using an Apple Pencil or any other stylus that you prefer to use.

The ability to live a paperless life is becoming easier and more convenient every year.

We’re surrounded by digital tools and technology that make living paperless easier than using paper.

Are you looking for the iPad that is right for YOU? Then look no further as I compare all of them in this post.

Digital bullet journals are a great way to organize your life and get control of your workflow.
Using a well-designed digital bullet journal with a note-taking app gives your digital journal the functionality it needs to truly be something that has the power to change how you run your daily life.
The question of which bullet journal to use and which note-taking app to pair it with can get confusing. No one wants to invest in several versions of each to find out what works best.

The new Fujitsu Scansnap iX1500 scanner is the successor to the long-time favorite ix500, which has had little competition until now. That is until recently when a company from Houston, Texas reached out to me to review their new Raven Scanner. Is this scanner a worthy competitor?

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