How good is the iPad Pro for doing math using an Apple Pencil?

Many of my Paperless Movement members are studying or working in engineering and want to know what apps you can actually use to solve complex mathematical problems. Of course, those apps are very useful to anybody who is interested in mathematics and physics. In one of my last videos, I showed you that MyScript was […]

Google Photos: Are Your Images Safe?

Photo by Nicolas Ladino Silva

Remember the days of film cameras? If you wanted to take professional quality pictures you needed to lug around a heavy camera with the biggest, most expensive, lense. Then you carefully set up your shot and blindly snapped your pictures.

The you had to wait for the film to be developed before you could see if your effort paid off in a photo to remember or one for the trash can.

Today, we each have a top-of-the-line camera right inside our phone. The resolution is great, you have zoom and lighting features, and you don’t have to wait for film to be developed to see how your pictures turned out.

With a camera always at our fingertips, we have gone photo crazy. Snapping pictures of our cat, the food we ordered from the food truck, and our kiddies in the bubble bath.