Simple. Collaborative. Intentional. – MeisterLabs CEO, Michael Hollauf


MeisterLabs may look like the up-and-coming, new kid on the proverbial tech block, to our US readers, but they’ve actually been around for over 15 years!

Now the thing is, we’re faced with an abundance of options when it comes to productivity tools. And, many fail to check the right boxes. Tools can be complex and overwhelming! Not to mention, with all the buttons and options there are, we can at times, be left feeling unaccomplished or that we’re not using the tool correctly.

Something else you probably didn’t know is: MindMeister is the world’s #1 mind mapping tool, with more than a staggering 25 million users! Basically, if you are unaware of Meister before this enlightening interview, this should be a real eye-opener for you. Meister is a brand to be reckoned with!

Meister already has some fantastic products, and now they are broadening their apps with an all-in-one solution – is it possible? Today, we chat with CEO and Co-founder, Michael Hollauf to find out. We dive into our favorite topics; app integration, customizable tools, and also what makes MeisterLabs stand out from the crowd.

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The New Age of European Tech

European tech companies have undoubtedly now entered the global stage. This is, in a bid to compete head-on with tech made in or originating from Silicon Valley. Granted, the US is still home to 4 times the amount of tech companies worth more than 1 billion USD, so-called “unicorns”. But, Europe is catching up at record speed and breeding unicorns faster than the US ever did.

MeisterLabs is in the ‘soonicorn’ category, meaning they belong to the start-ups whose chances are good to crack the valuation mark of 1 billion US dollars and rise to the league of unicorns.

We did say these guys were ones to watch! What, did you think that was just us hyping them up? Sorry…

We don’t do hype here. Only genuinely helpful, innovative, approved tools and tech!

Tom Solid

What is The Meister Suite

Meister’s trio of productivity and creativity solutions is visually stunning with multiple impressive and intuitive capabilities.

MindMeister: – Create custom-style mind-maps. 

  • Capture your ideas, add context to each topic with links, attachments, embeds, and integrations.
  • With an intuitive editor, it allows you to map your big ideas together with your team, quickly and beautifully, so you can easily create epic mind maps, project plans, and brainstorm collectively.

MeisterTask: – Plan something and get it done. A place to know who’s doing what and when. 

  • Kanban-style project boards are fully customizable 
  • Automate repeating steps in your workflow to increase efficiency and consistency.
  • Time-tracking, custom fields, tags, even a task-limit functionality.

MeisterNotes: – A place for Collaborative Documentation.

  • Support your teams – collect, organize, retrieve and share important information in central knowledge bases.
  • Impressive content creation and editing capabilities.
  • Powerful search function.

The Meister Suite: – Work Beautifully Together.

  • Each tool in The Meister Suite integrates smoothly with the others.
  • Ensure flawless workflows and keep teams working together.
Tom’s Solid Feature for Meister Labs is: Conventions + Intention = Single Source of Truth

Interconnection + Intention = Single Source of Truth

The individual tools of The Meister Suite are robust in themselves. The magic of Meister though, is that they become even more powerful when they are interconnected with each other. With MeisterTask, MeisterNotes, and MindMeister it is far easier to create your very own Single Source of Truth. When we know our workflow conventions, we better understand the tools we need and are thus in a better position to have more informed choices of the tools we want. Also, when we choose our tools with intention and set up the right foundation, we remove friction, and our efforts are scalable – crucially our workflow improves dramatically. 

ICOR Symbols for Tom’s Solid Feature for Meister Labs blog post

Why interconnection of tools is important

Rather than being a clunky all-in-one software tool, Meister’s solution is for each tool in the Meister Suite to integrate with one another to ensure a flawless workflow. Michael believes they have the backend technology in place for this new wave of productivity tools. Using their well-polished native apps to work together creates an end-to-end workflow management system that adds incredible power to your productivity toolkit. 

Tom recounts in the podcast, that 8 years ago MeisterTask was one of the first companies he discovered that incorporated automation. Fast forward to today, these unique features are now industry standard and users have come to expect them in high-end tools and tech. We know there is so much potential we can tap into when we make use of our data and knowledge management. This is because Obsidian and Roam Research offer backlinks and tags. This is so much more than we can ever do on paper. But, with such a competitive marketplace including apps with highly-developed and intricate technical features what makes MeisterLabs stand out from the crowd?

They build products that everyone can use, right away that is MeisterLabs’ purpose. To provide users with tools that require the least amount of learning or technological understanding. Their primary focus is their user base. Through extensive market research, they have come to know their customers and their target audience. Their aim? To give users what they need, and no more. Michael shares their product design process; when deciding on adding new functionality features, they discuss at length what percentage of their users will benefit from this specific feature. As a result, they will only design something that will be of significant help to their core user base. 

We don’t build for developers. We build for the whole company… for marketing teams, finance teams… design teams.

Michael Hollauf

With this perspective, they steer clear of the industry’s ‘simply-stacking-features’ mentality where companies just want to churn out new unfinished, untested releases. They intentionally avoid complex features. Because features for features’ sake is not progress! As Michael says, “even if it’s just one button on the user interface, that is more than they need, it just clutters (the UI/UX real estate) …it gives you the impression there is so much for (them) to understand.”

MeisterLabs Philosophy

Certainly, at the beginning phases of a product, complex features such as tagging or interlinking via backlinks are avoided. They believe it speaks mostly to a developer-oriented community. Instead, their method is about building the benefits of such features, so that the benefits come to the user, without the user having to do the work. Michael believes this is the holy grail, to have technology do the work for us, rather than us having to understand how it works.

When we put something out, we believe in it and we believe it is right.

Michael Hollauf

MeisterLabs, believe in software that provides all the features you need, but none of the ones you don’t. Rather than being an overloaded app with untested, half-hearted features, Meister offers a suite of streamlined, dedicated productivity tools. Providing you more value, with less!

The Meister Magic

  • A sleek tool with native integrations.
  • Provides all the features you need, but none of the ones you don’t.
  • Meister is available in both English and German, (Did you know: German is the mother tongue for over 130 million people worldwide?)
  • Meister servers are located in an ISO 27001 – certified data center in Germany. 
  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Supports two-factor authentication.

MeisterLabs choose to veer from the typical tech business route. They understand all small teams and solopreneurs want, is to get started. But, the nature and complexity of certain popular productivity apps and software can make it hard for them to do so! Meister knows their userbase and intends to stick around and stick up for them. Michael questions why so many tech companies are intent on moving up-market at the expense of every release becoming more complex for the people who use it. Meister are clear on their vision and purpose, and SMEs and medium-sized businesses are where they are at, with their product philosophy.

Simple = Better. MeisterTask is made to be so intuitive – it’s so easy, your team will actually use it


MeisterTask Partner Expert Bjoern Bobach

If you’re looking to dive right in, our brand new Partner Expert Björn Bobach is a certified MeisterTask Premier Expert Partner as well as a certified Personal / Business Coach.

As a MeisterTask expert, he has given more than 50 workshops to teams of all sizes and countless individual coachings. In the community, he gives you a glimpse of what a Kanban-based tool like MeisterTask can do, from the perspective of a personal coach.


At the PPLMVMT we know that keeping it simple does not mean you lack the ability to perform better. Essentially, it means providing all of the features you do need, and none of the ones you don’t. A fundamental aspect of ICOR® Mastery, is for users to understand their business workstreams, priorities, and conventions. This is your foundation. Once you have established this grounding, then you can build, refine and introduce complexities.

Similarly, Meister’s intentional approach is to keep workflows simple. They believe software can be described as simple if the features you need most are so intuitive, that no real training is required to be able to use them. Surely, actually using the app or tool is a clear step towards being more productive.

Interested in a powerful toolkit that drives productivity every step of your journey? Head on over to the creativity and productivity experts at Meister. We hope you are keen to get started with them, if so, check out our member-exclusive discount. Plus we’ll soon be sharing our walkthrough – so keep an eye out!!

We really love MeisterLab’s approach and dedication to their core users. In a crowded productivity marketplace, it’s refreshing to know that a company we seek to use, has such a dedicated and unique vision.


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