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Members of the Paperless Community often ask me what my go-to apps are. Today I’d like to highlight one of my favorites—an app that I use almost every day: Calculator2 by MyScript. MyScript is the maker of the handwriting app, Nebo. What makes Nebo such a great app is the unique handwriting recognition algorithm it uses. Calculator2 follows in Nebo’s footsteps.

What is the MyScript Calculator2?

Using the Calculator2 app is as simple as opening the app and writing an equation on the screen of your iPad with your Apple Pencil. When you finish writing, Calculator2 will convert your handwritten equation into text, while at the same time giving you the solution to the math problem.

It’s great and easy to use. I like to use Calculator2 alongside my favorite note-taking apps, such as Noteshelf2, Notability or GoodNotes4. This is possible by opening both apps in the iPad’s split screen mode (available since iOS11) and then adjusting the screen sizes to fit your preference. There is a copy and paste feature that allows you to copy your equation inside of Calculator and then paste it directly into your note-taking app.


What is new in MyScript’s Calculator2?

With the release of Calculator2, there have been some improvements compared to the first version which was already a great app. You still handwrite your equations on the screen, but they’ve added a button at the bottom of the screen that says calculate. Now you can take your time, or even pause, while writing your equations, and the app won’t calculate what you’ve written until you press the calculate button.

If you prefer the automatic calculating feature, it is still available in Calculator2. You can turn it on inside the settings tab.

The delete function in Calculator2 seems to be a little more responsive than it was in Calculator. To delete what you’ve written simply draw a line through the text, or just scribble it out.

Another nice feature in Calculator2 is the ability to switch your work from fractions to decimals with the touch of a button.


Can Calculator2 replace my hardware calculator?

Of course, you expect a calculating app to find the end solution to an equation. One of my favorite features of this app is its ability to find a missing value within an equation where the end solution has already been provided. This extra capability lifts this app up to a higher level than that of a simple calculator.

The drag-and-drop feature inside Calculator2 allows you to select the solution of an equation and move it to another location on your screen so you can continue making more calculations.

And last, but not least, Calculator2 allows you to drag-and-drop an equation into your note-taking app like Calculator did. With Calculator, the equation would be copied as an uneditable image. But with Calculator2 you can actually edit the numbers of the equation while inside your note-taking app.


Who you should use Calculator2?

Calculator2 is a must for anyone who does math on a daily basis. It has all the capabilities of a calculator with the ease of being able to write by hand. You can move equations into note-taking apps where they can be used as part of a document, or even saved for later.

This app is also great for quick calculations on-the-go, like when you’re at the grocery store.

I just can’t say enough good about Calculator2. It is one of my everyday-use apps. I have found it indispensable in my journey toward going paperless.

However, it is worth to mention, if it comes to more complex calculations as you do in studying math or physics, then the Calculator2 reaches its capabilities very quickly.

Have you tried Calculator2 or another type of calculating app? Share your experiences with the community by leaving a comment below.


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