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Don’t buy any iPad PRO …if you don’t need to!

Video Transcript:

“Those of you who follow me know, that I am using iPads since the first time they were announced back in 2010.

I was doing my Ph.D. at that time and to be frank, the iPad 1st Generation wasn’t much of use for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was amazed by the technology and loved those apps showing me the names of the stars in the night sky. Also, I really enjoyed playing a lot of iOS games back then.

However, it wasn’t much of use for my studies. Yes, I had some scientific papers on there for reading and simple annotation, but this was about it. Using my PC was always a more productive way to get things done.

Since then, I bought several iPad generations and also tried different styluses to take handwritten notes. However, the delay while writing was tedious. So this was never an option for me to ditch my paper notebook for a tablet.

This suddenly changed when I got my hands on an iPad Pro 2017 and an Apple Pencil 1 for the first time.

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So right after I bought my first iPad Pro in 2017, I converted immediately as I was just waiting for this technology to evolve to the performance and quality Apple finally delivered back then! I really loved my new device and all the things that I can do with it.

Also, there were so many new apps, only available on iPads that it was really the perfect time to go paperless with a tablet.

I actually shared a lot of my experiences here on YouTube and in my eBook “Paperless Note-Taking like a Pro”

In order to stay up to date, I also got the new iPad Pro 2018, again in 12.9-inch screen size, as I always thought this is the one I really want to use! It is really a great display size and if you want to replace your Laptop with it, I would recommend getting this size. Why you might want to get a smaller size, I will explain a bit later in this video.

The iPad Pro product line has the biggest displays offer with 12.9 and 11-inch sizes.

While the iPad Air, the normal iPad and the iPad Mini 5
all have Touch ID, the iPad Pro uses Face ID to unlock your device.

This gives it the best form factor amongst the different iPad types.

Furthermore, only the iPad Pro has a 4K camera built-in. However, do you really need it??

I never use my iPad’s camera. I usually use my iPhone for this! And if I need to capture pictures

quickly during presentations from some slides, then the camera quality doesn’t really

matter to me, as long I can read the content I captured.

Also, the iPad Pro is the only one that offers Apple Pencil 2 support. And yes, it is much
more convenient to place the Apple Pencil on top of your iPad for charging. And yes,
the Apple Pencil 2 has a double-tap feature to control some apps with it. But do you need it?

I personally never use the double-tap feature as it doesn’t feel very intuitive to me.

And attaching the Apple Pencil via magnets onto the iPad is not very stable.

It falls off either while carrying around or having it in my backpack. I bought the

ZUGU case to make things more stable and made a video about why this case

is the one you should get for your iPad.

Comparing Apple Pencil 1 and 2 performance-wise, there is no difference between them! Really, they just work
the same. I even prefer holding the Apple Pencil 1 in my hand as it feels more balanced. But this
is my personal opinion.

However, my point here is. Do you really need an iPad Pro? What do you want to achieve with it?
Is it really the screen size? Do you want to make video editing or play performance-hungry 3D games?
Especially if you want to go for the smaller 11” iPad Pro then you really should consider getting an iPad Air instead.

This will save you more than $500. If you go for the normal iPad
you would even save more than $650! And looking at the screen size the iPad is just 0.5” smaller than
the iPad Pro 11”.

The normal iPad starts with 32GB storage whereas the iPad Air and Pro starting at 64 GB. However,
if you are like me and everything is stored in the cloud, then there is no problem having 32GB storage.

The word Air in iPad Air suggests that it is so much lighter than other iPads, and yes it is 200 g lighter
than the iPad Pro 11”. However, it is just 20 g lighter than the normal iPad and 1.4 mm thinner.

So looking at those stats, it is really worth considering to get a normal iPad for $329 compared to $799 for an iPad Pro 11″.

However, looking at the performance, I would go for the iPad Air and spend those additional $150.
The iPad Air and the iPad Mini 5 have the new A12 Bionic Chip whereas the normal iPad has only an A10.

This means getting an iPad with an A12 processor will make it much more future proof and the overall
experience is much smoother on the current iPadOS.

Talking about the iPad Mini 5. This is my secret favorite! I bought it actually just to review it for you guys.
But I realized soon, that I use it much more frequently than the iPad Pro 12.9!

Getting a MacBook Pro made using the iPad Pro nearly redundant to me. Don’t get me wrong here. I love
my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I use it for drawing and drafting. But note-taking during meetings?

I prefer to use my iPad Mini, especially being at conferences.

It allows me to do everything I would do with an iPad Pro on these events.

Such as taking notes, capturing and annotating pictures of slides and surfing

the internet for some information I need, like the agenda or LinkedIn profiles.

But once it is time for networking, I simply put it into my pants pocket. This is not possible with

any other iPad. This makes me so much more flexible during networking events. I hate it carrying around

a laptop or even my iPad Pro 12.9.

You always need to find a space where you can put it down to eat something. As soon as you get some

goodies on those events, you are having a hard time even shaking hands.

Those of you visiting such events know what I am talking about. 🙂

I upgraded my iPad Mini 5 with some accessories to make it the perfect mobile “conferencing” device. I showed you this
in another video already, where I explain in much more detail what I use and why I actually don’t use the Apple Pencil 1
with it.

The iPad Mini has no Smart Connector for a Smart keyboard
though. Which makes sense, as it is too small for a full-sized keyboard.

However, I like using the iPadOS split keyboard feature. Or using my stylus with the swipe keyboard.

But mainly I am using note-taking apps that convert my handwriting, so there is not much need for

me to use a keyboard.

If you still prefer having a hardware keyboard to write with, then you should have a look at another
the video I made about this foldable keyboard.

If you compare the iPad Mini 5 to the iPad Air, the only difference is the display size! The chipset, storage, camera, display quality, and even battery life is exactly the same! I mean it, the SAME!

So, to sum things up.

Which iPad should you get?

If money doesn’t matter to you and you want to use the iPad along with a Laptop then I would suggest going for the iPad Pro 11”. If it should replace your laptop go for the iPad Pro 12.9”. If it’s performance and the Apple Pencil 2
support is not as important for you, as you just want to take some notes, surf the web and watch movies, I would
recommend to go for the iPad Air, or if you looking for the most mobile version the iPad Mini 5.

If you have a very tight budget, then go for the normal iPad. This one is even cheaper than many Android tablets out
there. And you can use the Apple Pencil with. Which is still, THE best stylus you can get on the market for drawing and

I hope this video helps you to get the iPad that is right for YOU. If so, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe
if you haven’t already. And I will catch you up next time or in the Inner Circle.”

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