How to Write Emails With Your Stylus

Tom Solid

Tom Solid

Do you remember the video in which I showed you the MyScript Stylus Keyboard? Well…the keyboard is no longer available on the AppStore. This is a REAL shame as it was awesome! And it was free. What alternatives do we have now?? Lets find out.


As I always say, the MyScript Handwriting algorithm, which is also used by GoodNotes4 and Notes Plus for handwriting to text conversion, is the best! Hence, me and my #PaperlessMovement
community have been “shoked” when MyScript announced via Twitter and direct message, that they took the Stylus Keyboard off the AppStore!



Many of you have been searching for alternatives, and there is not much to find on the AppStore. Except the Mazec Keyboard by MetaMoJi. Fun fact, this keyboard is ALSO using the handwriting algorithm that MyScript provides to app developers. So this might be a reason, why MyScript took it off the market as MetaMoJi is offering the same thing (see the hint in the apps legal notices below).

It is also very interesting, that version 2.1.3 of the mazec keyboard was released beginning 2017 and the next version just before MyScript took their app off the AppStore. With this new version MetaMoJi added the following updates:

  • Hide the Globe icon for iPhone X
  • Improved Apple Pencil usability
  • Updated handwriting recognition dictionaries
  • Bug fixes

It seems to me, that this was done in preparatioin to take over the spot of the MyScript Stylus keyboard.


Things people complained about using the MyScript Stylus keyboard was that they accidently hit the delete button while writing, deleting everything. This is no longer the case with the mazec keyboard. Especially if you are using the Apple Pencil, the app is now rock solid. One big difference is, that you now write down what you want and then “send” it to the text field. It is also no longer possible to strike through the text to delete it or just add letters in between to correct words. This was one of the best features of the MyScript Stylus keyboard. However, mazec offers you plenty of options that MyScript didn’t offer, such as arrow keys to move in your text and selection of what you are writing (numbers, letters both etc.).


If you buy the mazec handwriting keyboard for its quite heavy price, it comes with only one language. There are 11 other languages available, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Polish. However, you have to pay extra for each language. This can become very pricy if you are multilingual. That said, it is a very good application that is stable and does what it says.


As mazec by MetaMoJi is the only alternative to date for the discontinoued MyScript Stylus Keyboard, it is the one to go for if you want to write your emails and iMessages with your stylus. It is working very well and even my sloppy handwriting is recognized very well. If you are using Nebo and your handwriting is converted properly, you can be sure it will work with mazec too, as it uses the same algorithm. What is really missing, is the gestures, like strike through or inserting letters as you know it from the MyScript Keyboard or Nebo.

Tom Solid

Tom Solid

Dr.Thomas Roedl, alias Tom Solid, is the founder of the #PaperlessMovement. Tom, founded the #PaperlessMovement while working in the complex industry of validation and data analysis.

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