How to Get to Inbox Zero Every Day


Every 5 minutes I get a notification of a new email.

Imagine stopping every 5 minutes to look at your email. This kills any type of productivity and focus.

Did you know that if you’re working on something and you get distracted like this, it can take up to 25 minutes to get mentally back to the original topic? With an email notification coming in every 5 minutes, the day would be over before you even know it, and you’d wonder what you even got done.

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Inbox Zero is the answer

Maintaining an empty inbox, or “Inbox Zero”, is the key to keeping your email from growing into a job that feels too big to handle.

With so much email coming in, and even more email still in the inbox, Inbox Zero seems impossible—but is it?

After years of tweaking my workflows, testing all sorts of tools and methods, I finally found the perfect combination of tools and rules that help me to get Inbox Zero EVERY single day. More importantly, it is not only an empty inbox: Everything is organized into tasks that come up on my time-management software when it’s the right time to process it.

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