How good is the iPad Pro for doing math using an Apple Pencil?


Many of my Paperless Movement members are studying or working in engineering and want to know what apps you can actually use to solve complex mathematical problems. Of course, those apps are very useful to anybody who is interested in mathematics and physics. In one of my last videos, I showed you that MyScript was able to solve some simple handwritten equations. In fact, MyScript even provides a dedicated app for this called Calculator 2. Also, OneNote allows you to add and solve some equations, too. However, that’s very basic.

Best App to solve equations on the iPad using an Apple Pencil

Talking about OneNote, Microsoft published a new free app, called Math Solver, that you can use to learn everything about any equation you can dream on. The app will not only solve the equations for you, but also provides context related references to the type of equation you put in. Let’s have a look at how this works.

How to use Math Solver

Once you open up the app, you are presented with three ways to get your equations, either you scan it from paper using a built in camera or you draw it using your Apple Pencil, or if neither of this works for you, you can use your keyboard to write down the equation you’re interested in. As I’m on the iPad pro, I prefer to use my Apple Pencil. I love the simplicity of the interface. You have a pencil and an eraser, a bin, undo and redo buttons and that’s it. As soon you start writing the formula the app starts converting it in the background to typed text. All of this works through Bing, the search engine by Microsoft, which explains why the app is for free. As soon as you confirm this formula, it gives you the solution. But it also shows you a step by step guide how the equation was solved. If there are different ways to solve this problem, all of them will become available for you to pick from. It also shows you the graph of the formula and all the details you would expect to find.

But here’s what I really like. The app provides me a quiz that will generate related equations that I have to solve via multiple choice. If you struggle to find the right answer, there’s always this button to help you in the bottom left. That will show you the solution and all the steps needed to solve this problem. I think this is awesome. So, for example, if you finished solving the equations you received from your lecturer, you can keep practicing with a click of a button.

How to learn mathematics using Math Solver

I think what makes it even more powerful is that it also brings up related videos that will provide even more detailed information and tutorials on the type of equation you want to learn. They are free to watch and surprisingly high quality. Another great feature is that it shows your worksheets in PDF format that you can download and use for further training. I think this comes in very handy as a lecturer too. Using this app you’ll get loads of inspiration for worksheets and test equations.

In addition to this, you’ll find similar problems discussed on the Internet, for example, discussions and forums and other related websites and articles. Finally, you can share the equation with others if you find this useful for them to know. There’s also a Web version of this app so you can get all the information from any device. You don’t need to download the app for this. However, I really like the fact that I can use my Apple Pencil to write down my equations, which is the reason why I prefer to use the iPadOS version.

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