How Going Paperless Can Give You a Better Job


I spend a lot of time thinking about the ways that paperless technology affects my life and the lives of my friends inside the Paperless Movement.

Going paperless affects our home life through less clutter and better organization, and it affects our work life through better security and increased productivity. These areas are easy for me to see because I use paperless technology every day. The other day it occurred to me that being paperless helped me get a better job; and maybe it could help you get a better job, a promotion, or just plain old recognition at your current job.


Let me explain:

I worked as a Validation Expert in a small team for 5 years. My work was very complex and multidisciplinary. My team’s complex projects were chaotic because of the fast-paced, demanding nature of the industry. We desperately needed a way to communicate and coordinate our work across several different departments. 

Being a tech-loving guy, I looked outside of the traditional business solutions for project managing, to task management tools and other software solutions in order to increase my team’s effectiveness. 

My line manager gave me the chance to build a ticketing system I had in mind. It should handle and manage all the tasks we receive daily from the business nearly fully automatically and assign it to the right people in the team. I built this on my own, based on a special version of Sharepoint and I created workflows based on our special needs. Unfortunately no “out of the box” tool could deliver this back then. The software solution I created led to a 60% increase in my team’s productivity with the same headcount. This became visible as I also implemented a tool to get statistics on our team’s performance. But it also helped to identify bottlenecks in our workflows which helped to further optimize— that did not go unnoticed. My ability to implement new and effective solutions in my role at work led to advancements and promotions.

As you can see on my LinkedIn profile, I switched my job position from being a Validation Expert and team member to being a Business Analyst and team leader in the IT department where I continue to optimize business processes. I implemented Asana as the task management and collaboration tool as it has the most diverse feature set that can handle our complex workflows and projects.

I could see a direct link between the fact that I was going up the ladder in my company solely due to my affinity to task management tools and other software solutions to improve team efficiency.
I don’t believe that my experience in my day job was an isolated event.


The demand for employees with knowledge of basic and advanced paperless technology is growing.

Whether you’re looking for advancement in your current job, or applying for new work, showing you can keep up with the latest digital workflow solutions will give you an edge when considerations for pay raises or advancements are being made.

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