Don´t Make This Etiquette Mistake At Your Next Business Meeting

Meeting with Laptops
As tech gets better, laptops seem to get smaller, lighter, and faster. This makes it easier than ever to bring one along to a business meeting to take notes. But are they welcome? The general consensus in company culture is, no. A quick online search will bring up articles and debates about proper note taking etiquette in business meetings. And the etiquette guides say laptops in meetings are a no-go.

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Why aren’t laptops welcome in business meetings?

  • The screen of the laptop is a barrier, blocking the view between you and the other people in the meeting.
  • There is no way to tell if you’re paying attention, or just checking your email.
  • The clicking sound typing makes is distracting.
  • Looking into the laptop screen means there is little to no eye contact with the speaker, or with the other people in the room.
  • It causes feelings of disengagement and discomfort.

What it boils down to is, laptops in business meetings are alienating. The person sitting behind the laptop usually has their eyes down and they’re typing away. It’s hard for the presenter to know if the note taker is listening or goofing off.

The goal of a meeting is to solve problems as a group. When someone in the room isn’t engaged in the meeting it takes away from the feeling of camaraderie. The other people in the room feel uncomfortable, and will be less likely to participate in the meeting discussions.



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