Effectiveness And Efficiency – The Secret Ingredients Of Productivity

In today’s world, life moves fast. We all seem to be searching for better ways to get things done so we can have more time and still be productive. When we decide to focus on increasing productivity, there are two other words we need to consider to help us get the most out of optimizing our performance. These words are effectiveness and efficiency.

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In the world of optimization, I often hear people use the terms effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity interchangeably. While these words are all related to optimizing overall performance, each has its own specific meaning. 

Understanding the true meaning of each of these words can give you an edge when analyzing your life for places you can optimize your performance. 

To put it simply, effectiveness is doing things that bring optimal results; efficiency is doing things in an optimal way; and productivity is your output as a result of your effectiveness and efficiency.

These terms are not simply productivity jargon that can be interchanged. Each of them can be measured, which means they each offer a place where you can focus your efforts to improve.

Let’s take a look.

What is Effectiveness?

Effectiveness is the degree to which you are successful in producing a desired result. When you take on any endeavor, you usually have an objective. Effectiveness is comparing what you can get done, with what you actually got done.



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