Ask any business person what their biggest frustration is, and chances are you’ll find email at the top of their list. Receiving and processing email can add a huge burden to an already overstuffed day.

In my day job, I receive up to 100 emails per day. This adds up to 500 emails per week and 2000 emails per month. Just imagine having this in your physical mailbox. Insane, right?

If you’re familiar with traditional bullet journals, you know that they’re a popular and effective way to plan your workflow and your personal schedule. They are also flexible enough to provide a space to map out ideas and keep personal notes. While keeping a traditional handwritten bullet journal can be effective and fun, you can …

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At, I spend a lot of time reviewing note-taking apps with handwriting capabilities, screen protectors to give you a great handwriting feel, and styluses to write with.
But what about when you just really need to type something?

Free Video Tutorial What you will learn from this tutorial How to setup Assistive Touch How to add custom gestures for fast closing apps How to add “iPhone Shake” button (Undo without actually shaking the iPhone)

Here a review of GoodNotes 5 vs Notability vs Noteshelf 2

Every day in the paperless community, we hear about new technology that promises to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Much of this tech is specifically created to bring efficiency to the classroom and enrich the learning experience.

I constantly talk about note-taking apps on iOS and the iPad Pro, so it was a logical consequence to test the Galaxy Note 9 for my community. Bad idea!

Members of the Paperless Community often ask me what my go-to apps are. Today I’d like to highlight one of my favorites—an app that I use almost every day: Calculator2 by MyScript.
MyScript is the maker of the handwriting app, Nebo. What makes Nebo such a great app is the unique handwriting recognition algorithm it uses. Calculator2 follows in Nebo’s footsteps.

So, how does Microsoft stack up when it comes to note-taking apps? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not a fan of Microsoft OneNote for a couple of reasons.
First you have to log in to use it. Second, you only have OneDrive to synchronize.
However, the latest update from Microsoft has provided another option for taking notes by hand. Microsoft has added handwriting capability to their Office apps.

The handwriting capabilities of Evernote are very limited. Hence a note-taking app that can sync to Evernote would be really useful. And we are in luck, there are three note-taking apps that can deliver. However, let’s see which one you should pick.

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