reMarkable 2 vs iPad and Apple Pencil

As many followers of the Paperless Movement know, the reMarkable 2 has been a hotly debated product! When it comes to digital note-taking, many of us want that feeling of writing on paper. We want that flawless fluid feeling, it makes writing easier, and the reMarkable 2 really does tick this box. We also know […]

Make your ideas a reality with Clover

Clover is a digital notebook that blends notes, tasks, whiteboards, and a daily planner into one streamlined app. This is what Co-Founder, Tom Giannattasio has to say about it.

Workflows, Systems & Processes With ClickUp Expert Layla Pomper

It’s a delight to welcome back: Layla Pomper. We are proud to have her as one of our Partner Experts inside the community. We all know she is one of the greatest ClickUp Experts worldwide! Partner Experts like Layla in our community, who are excited to share their experiences with us, are such a privilege. […]

Nine Snagit Screen Capture Tips You Need To Know About

In our latest chat, we sat down to pick the brain of Snagit’s very own Daniel Foster. Many of the #pplmvmt community know that Tom is an avid fan of Techsmith and particularly Snagit, for its screen recordings features and its other add-ons. In this podcast, discover how Tom Solid is rendered speechless and blown […]

How To Consolidate Your Tasks With Akiflow

How many tasks have you been given this week, or even just today, and from how many different sources?  So many tasks to complete, and often allocated to us by different people using completely different apps, tools, or workflows; an email from your Team leader, a ‘to-do’ over Slack, or even on-the-fly requests over a […]

The Getting Things Done Method: Your Ticket to Productivity

Getting Things Done (or GTD for the die-hard devotee) is a personal productivity system created by David Allen. GTD is one of the most popular productivity methods out there. His book by the same name has been a top seller since it was first published in 2001.  But this isn’t just any old productivity system. […]

How To Use Todoist to Track Emails, Notes, and Tasks From Other Apps

If you’re looking to be more productive, keeping task management software is a great place to start. And among the many to-do list apps in the market right now, Todoist continues to be the number one choice for various reasons—from smart language recognition to cross-platform support. Still, it might not cover all parts of your […]

How to use the KISS Method for Productivity

We’re always looking for ways to be more productive in the amount of time we have each day. There are systems and tools that solve problems we face in our daily work that are meant to help us get more done in less time. But sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things by adding tool upon tool, system upon system.

Don’t Make This Etiquette Mistake At Your Next Business Meeting

Why aren’t laptops welcome in business meetings? The screen of the laptop is a barrier, blocking the view between you and the other people in the meeting. There is no way to tell if you’re paying attention, or just checking your email. The clicking sound typing makes is distracting. Looking into the laptop screen means […]

Productivity App Overwhelm And The Myth of Multitasking

As a matter of fact, according to Statista, in 2017, there were 2.8 million apps for download on Google Play, and 2.2 million to choose from in the Apple Store! There are literally millions of apps available that claim to organize your life and boost your productivity. Trying to analyze your tasks and responsibilities, and […]

Task vs. Project Management: Which do you need?

Everyone I talk to in business today is busy. Even as things have slowed down in physical office locations, technology has allowed us to stay connected to continue to get work done. Add in video meetings with business colleagues, friends, family, doctors, and school teachers and it seems we really haven’t slowed down much. This […]

How to Stay Productive with the Pomodoro Technique

One of the hottest topics on the internet is time management. It seems like we all need a way to manage our time for greater focus so we can stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.  While getting more done in less time might seem punishing, it’s actually freeing. We’re not talking about […]

How good is the iPad Pro for doing math using an Apple Pencil?

Many of my Paperless Movement members are studying or working in engineering and want to know what apps you can actually use to solve complex mathematical problems. Of course, those apps are very useful to anybody who is interested in mathematics and physics. In one of my last videos, I showed you that MyScript was […]

Optimize Your Output With Timeboxing

Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? It’s the adage that says work expands to fill the time allotted. And Temporal Motivation Theory—have you heard of it? It says that time is a critical and motivational factor when it comes to getting things done efficiently. So how does this apply to us? What it means […]

Daily Planner, Bullet Journal, Digital Journal – What is the difference?

Naturally, since people use all of these planning devices to organize tasks and information, there is bound to be some overlap in functionality. But what are the differences and which will serve you best? I’ll break down the similarities and differences between daily planners, bullet journals, and digital journals, and leave it to you to […]

Paperless Organizing Knowhow: Tags vs Folders

We’ve always needed methods to help us optimally store and retrieve information. Anciently, perhaps it was learning songs to help recall life-saving knowledge and important historical events. We progressed to ink and paper of some form, but since access was limited, it wasn’t too hard to organize or locate it later. More recently, we moved […]

The Zettelkasten Method. What is it and is it right for you?

We have access to more information than ever before. While this can be good for reducing the amount of time we spend searching for something, it can also leave us buried in a mountain of information with no way to organize and make sense of it. If you’ve ever had to manage a large volume […]

There’s No ALL-IN-ONE Productivity App. Here’s How You Can Fix That.

The growing number of apps that provide a standalone solution will make you feel like a kid in a candy store You might have one app for note-taking that uses a handwriting function with a stylus and another app for to-do lists and appointments. And even another app for storage, project collaboration, or work-sharing. When […]

Busy vs Productive: There is a Difference & How to Make the Shift

I know how it feels. That’s how things felt for me, not too long ago. Home, family, work, and the Paperless Movement keep me going from dawn until dusk. Things at my day job were particularly busy. Some of my responsibilities as a team-lead are: troubleshoot, delegate, answer questions, problem solve, answer emails, answer phone […]

Best Mind Mapping Software 2021

I’ve been searching for the best mind mapping software for a long time. I’ve tested them all:, MindMeister, Milanote, MindChat, SimpleMind, iThoughts, MindNode, XMind, Mindly, LucidChart, Cardflow, Coggle, and Grafio 4. You would think after testing so many apps, I would’ve found one that could meet all of my requirements. But each one of […]

Best Productivity Systems 2020

How do you go from struggling to a highly productive professional? The answer is fairly simple–use productivity tools on a daily basis. These tools have helped me immensely in organizing and jotting down ideas for my business and in my private life, too. Let me share some tools that I know and personally recommend. Remember, […]

Creative Research: Connecting the Dots using Mind Maps

Research is a big part of life. Even if it isn’t a part of your job, you will still have times in life where collecting information on a topic can give you an advantage in making decisions or preparing for your next move. In my own life, I research new tools, work concepts, topics for […]

Make More With Less: How Minimalism Can Help You Get More Done

What is minimalism? Minimalism is a way of living life with fewer possessions, by thoughtfully choosing which things to allow into your life—and which things to get rid of. This includes the things in your home, office, relationships, food, schedule, downtime activities, and work. Minimalism isn’t just about owning less (although that is the effect […]

Why You Are Still NOT Productive

Everyone is talking about productivity apps these days. To be productive sounds great, and to have an app that does it for you, a dream come true. But many people confuse being productive with being busy. I wrote a Productivity Guide about this called BUSY VS PRODUCTIVE: THERE IS A DIFFERENCE & HOW TO MAKE […]

Single Source of Truth: What it is, and why your business needs one

As people produce work in “silos”, duplicate information is created: duplicate process, duplicate pieces of content, and so on. As more people or projects come into the mix, multiple data silos are created as well as competing versions of the truth. Which process is the standard? Which verbiage is within the company brand? Which template […]

Effectiveness And Efficiency – The Secret Ingredients Of Productivity

  In the world of optimization, I often hear people use the terms effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity interchangeably. While these words are all related to optimizing overall performance, each has its own specific meaning.  Understanding the true meaning of each of these words can give you an edge when analyzing your life for places you […]

What Makes Digital Handwriting so Popular AND Healthy?

You’d think that as tech advanced, old ways of doing things would fall out of use. But that hasn’t been the case with writing by hand. Writing by hand with a digital device (sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn’t) is popular. In a world where digital tools have out-moded our organization tools of the […]

Best Paperlike Screen Protector for your iPad and Apple Pencil

I tested loads of screen protectors (and tempered glass) on my iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhones. Either, most of them were very bad to put on (could not avoid air bubbles) or they reduced the responsiveness of my, input resulting in bad user experience. But finally, I found THE matte screen protector that rules them all. PaperLike!

How To Go Digital: Upgrade Your Paper Planner

If you’re navigating a busy life, (and who isn’t these days?) you need some kind of a system to plan and organize your tasks and events.

Traditionally, paper planners have been the tool of choice when it comes to planning and staying on track. They offer calendars and spaces to take notes, at minimum. And they get more fancy from there, including color-coding and stickers to help further organize a multifaceted schedule.

How To Go Digital: 7 Ways Paperless Work Makes You More Productive

Paper has been a major part of work life since we traded the horse and plow for business attire. When it came to productivity, the person who had a good system for mastering the stacks and piles of paper was the most productive worker. But the master of the “day planner” is at a disadvantage […]

Why is a paperless office good? Here’s what to tell your coworkers

Paperless Office

If you’re working in an office that runs primarily on paper, you’re at a disadvantage. And that disadvantage will only get worse as time goes by. As companies convert to paperless processes, it will get more difficult for paper-only offices to keep up the pace. 

Thanks to the effectiveness and efficiency of paperless technology, the competition will have more efficient processes, better customer service, quicker communication, faster document processing, more efficient billing, and on and on and on. 

How Going Paperless Can Give You a Better Job

Better Job

I spend a lot of time thinking about the ways that paperless technology affects my life and the lives of my friends inside the Paperless Movement. Going paperless affects our home life through less clutter and better organization, and it affects our work life through better security and increased productivity. These areas are easy for […]

8 Reasons To Go Paperless

The ability to live a paperless life is becoming easier and more convenient every year.

We’re surrounded by digital tools and technology that make living paperless easier than using paper.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 vs. Raven Scanner – A Worthy Competitor?

The new Fujitsu Scansnap iX1500 scanner is the successor to the long-time favorite ix500, which has had little competition until now. That is until recently when a company from Houston, Texas reached out to me to review their new Raven Scanner. Is this scanner a worthy competitor?

How to Get to Inbox Zero Every Day

Ask any business person what their biggest frustration is, and chances are you’ll find email at the top of their list. Receiving and processing email can add a huge burden to an already overstuffed day.

In my day job, I receive up to 100 emails per day. This adds up to 500 emails per week and 2000 emails per month. Just imagine having this in your physical mailbox. Insane, right?

Why Digital Bullet Journals Are Better Than Using a Pen and Paper

If you’re familiar with traditional bullet journals, you know that they’re a popular and effective way to plan your workflow and your personal schedule. They are also flexible enough to provide a space to map out ideas and keep personal notes. While keeping a traditional handwritten bullet journal can be effective and fun, you can […]

Best Smart Keyboard For iPad Pro + Apple Pencil Case

Smart Keyboard

At, I spend a lot of time reviewing note-taking apps with handwriting capabilities, screen protectors to give you a great handwriting feel, and styluses to write with.
But what about when you just really need to type something?