Why You Cannot Use Just One App to Manage Your Productivity

Many members inside the Paperless Movement® tell us they’re trying to find an app to manage all their productivity system. They think if they just have one app to run all their processes, everything will become easier because: It seems logical, but… we always tell them they’re wrong. It’s not by going that way that you’ll overcome […]

5 Easy-to-Implement Rules to Quickly Create Smooth Workflows to Get Your Work Done

At the Paperless Movement®, we’re constantly receiving messages from people telling us their workflows don’t run smoothly. They’re affected by obstacles or being interrupted. Sometimes, they’re broken or they simply don’t exist. That generates negative emotions such as chaos, anxiety, frustration, and, even, the sensation of being unproductive. Maybe you’re suffering this too. Maybe you don’t know how to […]

How to Stop Having All Your Digital Information Scattered All Over the Place

If you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you’re suffering from scattered information. You take meeting notes in your tablet. You write down thoughts that come to your mind in your phone. Some other times you’re attending a call and write some tasks on a blank sheet, a notebook, or your task manager app on your […]

ClickUp vs. Notion: Which One Is Best for Project Management?

What is better for productivity: ClickUp or Notion? This is one of our frequently asked questions in the Paperless Movement® Membership. Of course, it’s ultimately about personal preference, but seeing how the Team Paperless Movement® uses it can help you see how it’ll fit within your productivity system too. That’s why, at The Paperless movement®, […]

How Many Apps Should You Use Not to Go Crazy with Information and Tasks?

How Many Apps Should You Use Not to Go Crazy with Information and Tasks_

You’ve just installed another cool app that’ll save you time and money. It’s the one that will allow you to, finally, stop fighting with your information and tasks. It’s that “all-in-one”, change-your-life kind of app! So, why are you still hanging around the app store? It’s because this app doesn’t cover all your expectations, does […]