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Nine Snagit Screen Capture Tips You Need To Know About

In our latest chat, we sat down to pick the brain of Snagit’s very own Daniel Foster. Many of the #pplmvmt community know that Tom is an avid fan of Techsmith and particularly Snagit, for its screen recordings features and its other add-ons. In this podcast, discover how Tom Solid is rendered speechless and blown away by value bomb after value bomb, Daniel drops, and all of his “cheat code” level insights.

Yes, there are plenty of screen capture tools and snipping tools available on the market, so why such a fuss about screen capturing?  So, what difference can Snagit’s screengrabs make to your workflow?

Well, Snagit lets you quickly add additional context, share images, GIFs, or videos across your preferred platforms as well as capture your screen and camera. It’s a simple-to-use tool with a tonne of features, and today we get to explore all the hidden Super Smart Snagit gems.

Daniel is a Snagit Power User who is passionate about finding new ways to accelerate people’s work and pulls no punches when sharing his favorite tips. He is the strategy lead for Snagit, helping define the future direction of the product. He has been doing tech marketing, communication, and blogging since 2002 and has worked on the product itself since 2015.

So, what exactly has got Tom so excited about Snagit? He claims it’s one of his top five productivity tools! Let’s see what Tom has been banging on about, for a decade now.

To listen to the podcast episode, hit play below, or read on for more…

Watch The Fully Chaptered Video Interview

Let’s cut to the chase, today we delve deep into time-saving hacks. We know proficiency comes when we eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks. So, the big question is, how can Snagit enhance our workflows? And, is it worth the price?

Perhaps we should start with why you should use screen capture or screencasts in the first place…

How many times do you see something on your computer screen that you want to share with a team member or contact? Perhaps you’re someone who copies the URL and pastes it into an email, along with an unintentionally lengthy description, explaining where you want them to find the point you’re trying to make. Do you honestly think this is the best use of your time or theirs? Most importantly, is this a sustainable means of communication?

This is where screen capturing quite simply can make your life easier! With visuals, you can show someone exactly what you want them to know, rather than relying solely on your words. Which let’s face it, usually struggle to convey the correct tone, importance, and/or urgency!

Privately, if Tom needs to know how to fix something, instruct a new course, or explain how to use a new tool or software, he tends to make use of quick infographics and send them a short video presentation.

In fact, it’s proven that:

Two out of three employees complete tasks better when instructions are provided to them visually, and they also absorb information 7% faster!”

Source: Techsmith

With a screen capture and screen recording tool like Snagit, you’re able to communicate more clearly than with text alone, by using it functionally. Essentially, you transform your communication with your team, and communicate more clearly with your customers and clients!

Ramp up your productivity! Listen and discover amazing shortcuts to accelerate your workflow, batch process images, and how you can use 9 Super Smart Snagit Features in your workflow today!

When to Use Video

  • Answer customers’ questions with a video. (This is Tom’s preferred method when supporting members in the Paperless Movement community – a video is far more effective.)
  • Report an error message to your IT department / or an outsourced company and show them exactly what type of problem you’re having.
  • Support your Team virtually with clear instructions that explain how to complete a task.
  • Your team’s SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Clear visual, interactive documentation that your team can always refer to.

Sometimes an image isn’t enough, with more of us working remotely having quick effective methods of communication in our toolbox is a must. The video shows the exact steps. Hearing the person’s tone of voice can help prevent miscommunications, it can also help you understand the intent and give you the means to refer back to a specific point. All in all, MUCH quicker than a lengthy email!

Easy creation of Work Instructions and Explanations

To be productive we need workflows, systems, and processes. In the podcast, Tom shares how Snagit is crucial to the Knowledge Management or Document Management part of his workflows. For those that follow the ICOR® Framework system, Snagit sits snugly in the Control aspect of ICOR®, managing your data, or your Input. For Tom, using a platform like Notion is a great space to create and build workflows, being able to incorporate annotated visuals, and video screen grabs enrich and simplify the process. You can:

  • Screen record using Snagit
  • Annotate and Save clips as a Gif in Notion
  • Drag and drop into Notion (or any platform that supports images) 
  • Share your documents or build your workflow with ease!

In fact, Snagit can be used with any platform that supports images and gifs, even those that don’t support videos. Internally, we think gifs are a great way to convey information really quickly.

9 Super Smart Snagit Features

1. Search Your Screenshots on Snagit

You can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on individual screenshots, Snagit will show you all the details about your screenshot. With all this data it becomes a knowledge management system for all your screenshots. You can set up your own schema of all the tags you want, and label them however you want. If you’re a researcher, or someone who doesn’t like discarding info in case you will need it later, this is for you – you get to create your very own knowledge Management system for your screenshots.

2. Snagit’s Video creation Editor

  • Snagit’s screen recorder lets you quickly record yourself working through steps. Create an area and hit record!
  • Or grab individual frames out of the recorded video and annotate. Save your video file as an mp4 or animated GIF.
  • You can easily edit the video without having to open any additional video editing software.
  • Easy, finished, quick videos that are ready to use!

3. Using Presets in Snagit to accelerate your workflow

Accelerate your workflow with ‘Capture Presets’. You can save time by creating a custom preset to automatically remember your capture settings.

  • Save commonly used capture settings, i.e. do all your images need to be resized?
  • Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand.
  • Automatically add effects or share captures to a specific location or application.
  • Pro Tip: To assign a keyboard shortcut, click the Add Hotkey (Windows) or + Shortcut (Mac) fields and press the desired key combination on the keyboard.

4. How to Share Your Snagit’s Screen Recordings with Others

You can easily upload Snagit screen captures using Techsmith’s Screencast, all with one click. With your Snagit account, you can automatically organize and share content to Screencast, for free.

5. Repeat Last Capture

If you want to take a stream of screen captures, for example on a zoom call or video training all you need to do is, Repeat Last Capture or [ CTRL + SHIFT + R ]Rather than drawing the screen capture area each time, once you have defined the setting, you can Snagit! It will use the settings of the last capture. The capture goes right into your Snagit Library without opening up the application window. This allows distraction-free capture. Simple but powerful!

6. Copy to Clipboard in Snagit

Snagit gives us lots of different options to share our images with the world, but sometimes we want to do something simple like; just copy to our clipboard. This is easy to do! Go to Snagit’s ‘capture window’ and toggle on: ‘copy to clipboard’ – from the ‘all-in-one’ tab or the image itself.

7. Screen Capture websites

Snagit’s scrolling capture allows you to take screenshots of entire web pages, long documents, and any other window on your screen that requires the use of scrolling to see everything in it.

These panoramic captures can be used instead of making several captures, you’ll need to painstakingly stitch together afterward. It’s a unique feature to standard screen capture tools. We love this option and use it for many of our course tutorials, you can see how Tom does it here.

8. How to grab text (OCR feature)

For those instances when you can’t copy and paste from a screenshot, an image, a scanned document, or a pdf, Snagit allows you to ‘Grab Text’ instead!

With Snagit, it only takes a few steps to quickly grab text from an image, through OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It analyzes the letters and words in an image and then converts them to text. Phew! No more wasted time typing everything out! Especially, when you can see it’s already in typed text on your screen.

9. Batch process your images

For those of us who take a number of screenshots, this is a huge time saver. This hidden feature lets you convert your images in a batch and modify them on the fly, for example, make all your images web-ready, or convert them to the same file format. Boom, another powerful time-saver!


The numerous time-saving features Snagit processes can propel your productivity prowess?

It is one of Tom’s must-have productivity tools! An on-the-go tool our team uses on a daily basis, eliminating the need for several disjointed tools.

Using screen capture is a super quick and effective means to get your point across. Whenever you have something that is done on the computer that needs to be explained, using simple screen capture techniques or easy-to-use screencasts, in essence using Snagit, really is the most effective way to communicate.

If you’re interested in trying Snagit, we have a member-exclusive discount for you. Plus, within the Community, we have even more exclusive discounts, chats with the Experts, and Masterclasses on your favorite productivity tools too, come and connect with us there!

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