Calculator2 – Best Handwriting Calculator App by MyScript

Members of the Paperless Community often ask me what my go-to apps are. Today I’d like to highlight one of my favorites—an app that I use almost every day: Calculator2 by MyScript.
MyScript is the maker of the handwriting app, Nebo. What makes Nebo such a great app is the unique handwriting recognition algorithm it uses. Calculator2 follows in Nebo’s footsteps.

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Does Going Paperless Help Reduce Costs?

Are you overwhelmed by all the paper packed in drawers and desks in your office? The right technology has been available for some time now, but many companies are still on the fence about taking the paperless leap.
Is going paperless cost effective? What other benefits does it offer? Yes, old habits die hard but hopefully, once you read this article, you’ll be one step closer to going paperless.

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Is Going Paperless Safe?

Going paperless has a great number of benefits, ranging from cutting down on clutter to enhanced efficiency in the workplace. But one question remains – is it safe?

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Microsoft got it Right—Handwriting in Word and Excel with Apple Pencil on iPad (Pro) 2018

So, how does Microsoft stack up when it comes to note-taking apps? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m not a fan of Microsoft OneNote for a couple of reasons.
First you have to log in to use it. Second, you only have OneDrive to synchronize.
However, the latest update from Microsoft has provided another option for taking notes by hand. Microsoft has added handwriting capability to their Office apps.

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Must Have Accessories For Apple Pencil and iPad Pro 2018

On this website, I talk a lot about note-taking apps and going paperless.

However, apps aren’t the only things I review.

Today I will cover something equally important to your paperless note-taking success. I’m going to talk about the hardware side of note-taking on your iPad Pro or the new iPad 2018.

I will tell you about all of the things I’ve tested, what you really have to look for when you’re choosing hardware for note-taking, and what I’m using to take my notes.

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Are We Using Too Much Paper?

Even though we live in an electronic age, the consumption of paper worldwide remains surprisingly high. In fact, the demand for paper is expected to

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Is Notability Finally the Best Note-Taking App?

When you visit my website,, you’ll notice that I keep a list of my picks for the top three note-taking apps to use with your iPad and Apple Pencil.

For a long time that list has consisted of GoodNotes, Noteshelf 2, and Notes Plus.

But…I’m excited to say that the latest update to Notability has been a complete game changer. This update has skyrocketed Notability into the first place position as my favorite note taking app.

In order to make it onto the list, there were two features I wanted to see inside the Notability app. For a while now, users of Notability have been sending their feedback for suggested improvements, and it looks like the developers were listening.

The following 2 updates were the changes I felt that Notability needed to take it to the top.

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