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Dario Amara

Tom is a true inspiration.
His most friendly approach, wit and style is such that listening to him review applications and technology is like sitting at the kitchen table listening to a family member speak of their discoveries and experiences. I particularly like his honesty, down to earth approach, his humour and his passion for all things tech. I also really look forward to his reviews and recommendations.

Dario Amara

Chairman at Collier Homes

Newell Eastland

Tom is an engaging speaker who talks more like your next door neighbor.
He loves the benefits of using technology to go paperless. His reviews cover the features of the technology, good and bad, at very helpful depth. I count on his reviews to help guide me in my search for the optimal user experience.

Newell Eastland

Senior specialist security compliance

Javier Martin

I am proud to be in Tom’s contact network.
I've been watching his videos and reading his blog related to productvity (Tom Solid) and I think he is doing a great job helping many people for "paperless culture” based on, for example, good annotation software and good hardware tools, it's important this evolution in our culture, very important. I have a multitechnology approach to job and life and try to read as much as I can and a good tool is helping (and will help) me to learn faster and organize better all this information.

Javier Martin

CTO-Braincracker at Going to my future (2N R&D)

Rhonda McKown

Tom is addictive.
His reviews of all sorts of Paperless tools are thorough and I enjoy hearing his own opinions about how he uses a particular app or device. I really haven’t thought about how easy and invaluable going paperless could be until I saw one of Tom’s videos. His charm, the set of his videos, tools and the way he explains how things work is inspiring. I know Tom is highly educated, such as myself; however, you would have never known it by the way he connects with the audience (he doesn’t talk “above” the audience). Also. I feel PART of his movement. Thank you for this opportunity.

Rhonda McKown

Safety Loss Prevention Manager

Why PaperLike is The Best Screen Protector for Your iPad

I tested loads of screen protectors (and tempered glass) on my iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhones. Either, most of them were very bad to put on (could not avoid air bubbles) or they reduced responsiveness of my input resulting in a bad user experience. But finally….I found two screen protectors that I now use in combination on my iPad Pro 12.9 and it just works very nice!

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Stylus Alternatives for Apple Pencil

As you know, the #PaperlessMovement is all about going paperless, paperless note-taking and productivity. Today I think it is time to talk a little bit more about the hardware side of note-taking. I will tell you my personal opinion about those alternative styluses that are offered by Wacom and Adonit you can buy instead of an Apple Pencil. I tested them for 6 months and came to a brutally honest conclusion.

There’s No ALL-IN-ONE App. Here’s How You Can Fix That.

The more we rely on our computers, tablets, and phones to communicate, do our work, and collaborate with others, the more we see areas where we could use a good app. Apps help us solve problems in our work and daily lives by focusing on a specific function, and doing it exceptionally well. An app like a ToDoist or Things 3, which both are all-around scheduling and task management tools, can help you keep all of your projects and appointments neatly organized. …

Can Your Company Survive in a Digital World?

In the world of business, everything is being influenced by the digital revolution. Technology and the internet have either contributed to the explosion or disruption of businesses around the world. There’s almost no business out there today that can get away with not being digital, at least, not for long. “Virtually every Forbes Global 2000 company is on some sort of digital transformation journey.” -Michael Gale, partner at PulsePoint group and founder of Strategic Oxygen. When I say “going digital”, what exactly …

Do Plastics Have a Place in the Clean-Energy Future?

Plastics play a huge part in modern life. Without plastics, we wouldn’t have the technologies, innovations, or comforts that we enjoy and benefit from. Plastics are a major part of our electronic devices too. If we didn’t have plastic for cases and components, our tablets, phones, and computers would be made completely from metals, leaving us with tech that would be impractical, heavy, and prone to overheating. Plastics are versatile, inexpensive, lightweight, strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They have high thermal and electrical …