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Tom Solid - Founder of the Paperless Movement® and developer of ICOR®

How much time have you wasted looking for information scattered across several notebooks and apps?

You see, most of us do their writing on the go, using paper notebooks, tablets, or laptops.

It feels great, to jot something down when inspiration strikes or when someone says something profound. But, the moment we need to make use of this information, later on, we wind up having no idea where to find it. Leading to note-taking fatigue and feeling overwhelmed.
Business professionals will know that taking notes at a specifically designated time, almost never happens. You’re either in a meeting, traveling somewhere, or tackling multiple tasks at the same time. Your entire day is spent collecting information which, if not organized, leads to some major issues:
The short answer is:
“When you’re having your revelation, just know the best place where to store it, so that you can find it later.”
But this is easier said (or noted) than done…

To leverage the vast amount of information you (and your team) collect every day, we need to establish an effective Knowledge Management System, easy to access and simple to use!

The Butterfly Effect
of Taking Notes

Usually, it starts with a simple note. Something we quickly want to jot down so we keep it in mind. But be aware, that each and every note you take could affect your overall productivity! That’s what Tom calls the Butterfly Effect of Taking Notes. Take this knowledge to your advantage!

Wrong note-taking can lead to a tornado of overwhelm but done right, it can calm a developing tornado down providing you with a clear view of the information landscape.

In order to build an ever-growing and useful knowledge base, we need to look beyond the taking and storing of notes and look at our overall productivity setup end-to-end.

This is where ICOR® can help you…

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ICOR® stands for INPUT, CONTROL, OUTPUT, REFINE and is a tool-agnostic approach that helps you to define and optimize your (digital) productivity systems end-to-end, without the need for expensive and time-intensive professional 1on1 consulting.

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Comprehensive tool-agnostic course with Action Lessons and Templates to build highly effective end-to-end Digital Productivity Systems.

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But Paperless Movement® members unlock so much more:

Learn how to use your tools like a Pro!

Access ALL of Tom Solid’s tool-specific courses! These online courses are about concrete how-tos and tool-specific training that you wont find in their manuals.

Who is Tom Solid?

Hi, I’m Dr. Thomas Roedl also known as Tom Solid.

I’m the founder of the Paperless Movement® and on a mission to help every struggling paperless pioneer, become a highly productive digital pro.

For 16+ years, I have worked in big industry and academic institutions helping numerous executives, and teams solve cross-department productivity challenges.

Challenges, I realized, so many other industries and individuals experience too. And I discovered a common pattern. It always came down to disorganized information as the main problem for low performance and overwhelm.

In 2021 I left my corporate job to help people and companies full time, on a global scale, to level up their productivity systems.

But that’s enough about me. Who are you? What is your story?

How would you like to be more productive?


Helping each other to improve 🚀✨

"Those who travel alone, travel fast. But those who travel together, travel far."

If you’d like to level up your entire productivity system with the support of like-minded business professionals, then join the community to get perspective and feedback on your strategy, tactics, and ideas in a secure and closed environment.

See what our members say!

Rick Haynes

Sales - Hitachi Healthcare

I think that the Paperless Movement is something that is here to stay. And if you wanna get up and running in a hurry there’s no better way to do it than to be a Paperless Movement member and have Tom Solid as your digital guru!

Dr. Tamer Shahin

Founder of CEO Entrepreneuer

Awesome community! Really engaged and the response and expertise from Tom Solid is second to none. Not only does he know his stuff, he is really passionate about it and it shows in every bit of the site. Highly recommended if productivity matters to you.

Danielle Heer

Sr. Finance Professional

This platform includes excellent resources for improving efficiency and productivity in a paperless world. Tom offers plenty of information about tools to help you on your journey, and I find superior merit in his systems approach and emphasis on not just “toying” with technology but really leveraging it for better results. Tom’s membership provides outstanding value.

Stefan Diasti

CEO of Raven

Tom has seen, first-hand, the productivity and efficiency gains of going paperless, improving note-taking and utilizing the latest tools and technologies available. When Tom launched the membership, I was among the first to sign up! ICOR® Mastery has been an asset for rolling out best practices within my company.

James Pearce

Engineering Manager

Great and timely advice, and a great helpful community. The most important site for your paperless journey.

Dr. Shannon Tabaldo

Founding Director of iDEAL

I reached out to Tom with questions and asked for advice and he has been so gracious with his time and talent when he replies. And he ALWAYS replies!

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