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How much time have you wasted looking for information scattered across several notebooks and apps?

Most of us write on the go, using paper notebooks, tablets, or laptops.

It feels great, to jot down important information.

But, the moment we need to make use of this information, later on. We wind up having no idea where to find it. Leading to note-taking fatigue and feeling overwhelmed.

If you are a Business Professional, you’ll know that taking notes at a designated time, almost never happens. You’re either in a meeting, traveling somewhere, or tackling multiple tasks at the same time. Your entire day is spent collecting information.

Unorganized information leads to some major issues:

Picture this. You are in a meeting with a client or colleague and they are looking for swift answers. How do you efficiently find the information they are looking for?

A study by Asana shows, Managers lose 62% of their workdays searching for information! So what’s the point of summarizing something important, if you struggle to find it later on?

Organize your information in a centralized Knowledge Management System and you’ll increase your and your teams efficiency by up to 60%.

But this is easier said (or noted) than done…

To leverage the vast amount of information you (and your team) collect every day, we need to establish an effective Knowledge Management System. Easy to access and simple to use!

The Butterfly Effect
of Note-Taking

Usually, it starts with a simple note.

Something you want to jot down to keep in mind. But, each and every note you take could affect your overall productivity!

This chain reaction is what Tom calls the Butterfly Effect of Note-Taking.

Bear the big picture in mind whenever you take notes.

Wrong note-taking can lead to a tornado of overwhelm. Done right, it can protect you against this and even provide you with a clear view of the information landscape.

In order to build an ever-growing and useful knowledge base, we need to look beyond note-taking. At the Paperless Movement®, we look at your overall productivity setup end-to-end using Tom Solid’s tool-agnostic ICOR® Framework.

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