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Digital Note-Taking Like a Pro

Creative research, digital note-taking, and document scanning are essential parts of most people’s daily routine. But this can create friction which is the enemy of productivity. Identifying effective workflows, conventions, and appropriate automation allows you to use the best tools for each step of this input stage.


Knowledge & Document Management

Effective Knowledge & Document Management is the ability to identify, organize, store and share information. Essentially the more time spent searching for relevant information has a direct impact on productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to have a system that you follow to manage your knowledge management.


Task & Time Management

To optimize an OUTPUT phase for you, you will want to create a system that manages your tasks or projects with the least amount of effort, frustration and resources. Understanding the nature of what you want to accomplish and identifying which tools will help you manage tasks and projects with more efficiency and effectiveness will result in greater productivity.


Workflow Automation & Optimization

Workflow automation and optimization will help you streamline inefficient parts of your day and free up your time for big-picture items. By spending more time on your actual tasks and reducing time spent keeping track of them, you’ll be able to hit your deadlines faster and balance your time better between work and life.


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